Holly Lanasolyluna aka Sushi Neko Roll 17


Tokyo JP   Feb 2014

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Influences:   Lots and lots and lots. All of you too.

Update: 2/25...I'm having a pretty hard time staying focused these last few days as there's a lot of hysteria going on with coronavirus. Sorry I'm so behind at listening to everyone's tracks. Hopefully can still push past the finish line...

Hi, I'm back again for FAWM 2020. I was recently listening to some of my really old music and kind of digging the super minimal lo-fi, amateur sound, so I might play around in that direction this year, like even more lo-fi than usual. As usual, going to try to use some synthesizers in my collection that I never use, and also use this opportunity to make a better log of the weird stuff I own--lots of Casios, Yamahas, Korgs, etc. You can find my stuff on Soundcloud under "Holly Lanasolyluna" (https://soundcloud.com/holly-lanasoly...) or "Sushi Neko Roll." I sometimes post videos on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoFN...) but I'm more active on instagram due to the ease of using it on crowded Tokyo trains. I also work as @santadharma with my husband Tomo. This is going to be my 7th FAWM.

Don't panic if I don't post in the first few days. It usually takes me a few days to get over my damn ego and say, Fuck it, here goes nothing 😀

Songs (17)

#1 Never Read the Comments Section @santadharma 46
Feb 3
#2 Magic Music Mountain 28
Feb 4
#3 Cell Phone Face-off 20
8 weeks
#4 80s Japanese Cats @santadharma 19
8 weeks
#5 Dear Friend: The Tale of the Coyote and the Badger @santadharma 18
8 weeks
#6 Songs to Lose Some Sleep To @santadharma 19
8 weeks
#7 Cumbia de la Paz @santadharma 12
7 weeks
#8 Nocivo (Toxic) @santadharma 16
7 weeks
#9 Mermaid Café (also with guatecoop) @zecoop  24
6 weeks
#10 Equestrian Superstore (Lanasolyluna version) @vomvorton  17
6 weeks
#11 Coronavirus Doldrums @santadharma 17
6 weeks
#12 Two Trash Bags 4
5 weeks
#13 Resting Bitch Smiles 2
5 weeks
#14 I'm sorry I threw a head of lettuce at your head 16
5 weeks
#15 Consensual Nipple @santadharma 11
5 weeks
#16 Robots Smoking Shisha @santadharma 7
5 weeks
#17 Alternative Timelines @santadharma 10
5 weeks


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  • @candle  4 weeks

    Sorry, my weekend got away from me, but I got caught up today (I'm actually home sick which has allowed me some great time to listen to some awesome FAWM songs - including yours!). Thank you again for all your kind comments. I really enjoyed your songs this year & I hope that the coronavirus situation gets better for you both. Take care!

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @fuzzy  5 weeks

    Your tunes are a newly-discovered highlight of my FAWM!!
    Congrats on the win!!

  • @candle  5 weeks

    Thank you for all your great comments, especially the most recent one on my Turtle song. I would love to go to a beach in Okinawa, especially if there were turtles. My brother had two pet turtles when we grew up. One passed away after eating something she shouldn't have & the other was given to a reptile sanctuary when my brother moved out east. I sort of see this song as a bit of a tribute to those turtles, in a funny kind of way.

    Also, I need to catch up on listening to your songs. That's my plan for the weekend.

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @spunky4455 5 weeks

    Yeah, gotta always watch for elephants haha. Thanks, Holly, I'm creating more of this type of music in the future. I've been to several places in Southeast Asia but curiously, never to Chiang Mai. Someday soon!

  • @zecoop  5 weeks

    Yeah, I was just joking about vom being a dick. He's the best. Other than you. YOU are the best. 😀

  • @vomvorton  6 weeks

    Cleaner schmeaner, sounds great to me! Thankyou, I have posted it!

  • @karlsburg25  6 weeks

    Absolutely no worries lovely. I haven't sat down to record it yet as distracted myself be recording another song tonight but as soon as i done i will send. x

  • @karlsburg25  6 weeks

    By the way i have a song that i know i can't sing. Not recorded it yet just a demo . But do you fancy giving it a bash? no worries if not as of course i know there's little time left x

  • @karlsburg25  6 weeks

    Don't worry i am in the same boat. And Thailand was incredible as always. So tough coming back but a joy to have musical instruments around me for FAWM for the first time in 2 years!! Yay x

  • @vomvorton  6 weeks

    Yep, MP3 sent!

  • @vomvorton  6 weeks

    ...and the Captain has consented, so if you do come up with anything for Equestrian Superstore then please feel free to run with it!

  • @vomvorton  6 weeks

    Hey Holly! I'd be happy for any interested parties to mess with Equestrian Superstore! Just checking with @captainvulpine as the first person to respond that there are no objections...

  • @eargoggle  6 weeks

    Hey thanks for your comment on my acoustic track, "Drag". yes, those are most likely birds you hear- I had to put a warm coat on and go sit in the backyard and write and record that one since both kids and my wife were all napping in different rooms in the house and I had nowhere else to go!

  • @spunky4455 6 weeks

    Hi, thanks for the compliments on our collab, I'm now totally emboldened by the Prince vibe and I have 11 days left to do something FUNKY!

  • @valeriecox  6 weeks

    Thanks for checking out my song and leaving a nice comment. 😀

  • @emplate 7 weeks

    Thank you for your comment on "Käärme", appreciate it! : )

  • @tamsnumber4  7 weeks

    Thank you for your kind comments on my song, "Wash Me Clean"!

  • @iwilleatyou  7 weeks

    EEL! I love Sushi with eel even though technically I am a vegan. I cheat now and then when my body craves it. And ditto to enjoying yours and @santadharma's music this year.

  • @frozenlonesome 7 weeks

    Glad you like the fuzziness of Full Circle Nebula. After all, I describe my music as "ambient string-fuzz and generally pleasing electronic noise". 😀

  • @iwilleatyou  7 weeks

    Sorry but you can't come and listen to an EYEWILLEATU song twice without bringing some Asahi and sushi.

  • @hummingbear  7 weeks

    Thanks for listening and commenting on "Little House Beside the Sea." I appreciate it.

  • @zecoop  7 weeks

    Idea number one sent over... 😃

  • @teapot 8 weeks

    Thanks for such a lovely comment, much appreciated 😀

  • @toms 8 weeks

    Thanks for your comment. I've never used Google drive to host stuff here. Doesn't seem to be working for everyone. 😏

  • @zecoop  8 weeks

    I have an interesting one I’m working on for you (possibly). 🎶❤️🎵

  • @judypie  8 weeks

    Hahaha is it cute? Alright, I’ll take it 😝

  • @erucaesounds  8 weeks

    Thanks for you nice comments on Searching For Signals. Rock On!

  • @arthurrossi 8 weeks

    Hey! Thanks a lot for your kind comment on "California-blues"! I would feel very honoured… 😀

  • @gm7 Feb 6

    Thx for your kind words....

  • @judypie  Feb 6

    Haha yes, totally transatlantic! It makes band practise hard so we don’t bother with any of that 😝 Ah man, if we tour Japan then I hope we get to play at your house! 😁

  • @phoenixash Feb 5

    Thanks for your comment on my track with Fuzzy

  • @tangle Feb 5

    bahaha I'm cracking up at your autocorrect. Been there. My first name is Linky so autocorrect has a field day with that every. damn. time.

  • @zecoop  Feb 5

    Also... I'm guessing and kind of remembering that Weezer was a 90's band? I never listened to them, lol. I get a lot of comments that I sound (sometimes) like this or that 90's band... Blur, Suede, Cake, etc, etc... I never listened to any of them, haha. I was out of the music loop in the 90's listening to weird things while DJ'ing at a college radio station in Connecticut and raising my kids. 😀

  • @zecoop  Feb 5

    I really, really hope we can do a collab this year again. it is ALWAYS a highlight for me. I'm just starting to get my feet under me this year. It's a process that is taking some time, understandably, but I just need to get the instruments out and jam. I expect you'll see something!

  • @aneil Feb 4

    Thanks for your comment on she know have fun FAWMing

  • @owl  Feb 4

    thank you for coming by to comment and I'm sorry about the cheating but glad you enjoyed it anyway!

  • @karlsburg25  Feb 2

    Hello hello lovely lady and happy FAWM 2020 from Thailand

  • @kovbleu  Jan 30

    Hello Holly!! Can't wait to hear your magic. 😀

  • @pipewrench67  Jan 29


  • @postcardhelicopters  Jan 19

    ...year of FAWM.

  • @zecoop  Jan 17

    Hi Holly!! You know I can't wait to hear what you bring to FAWM... One of the all-time favorites. You AND Tomo. You both are amazing.

  • @auditasum Jan 16

    Hope to see you back this year. 😀