Holly Lanasolyluna aka Sushi Neko Roll 22


Tokyo JP   Feb 2014

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Influences:   Lots and lots and lots. All of you too.

Hi, I'm back again for FAWM 2019. I am going to try to use a different toy synthesizer for each song I do this time around to rotate through my big collection. I will post a little timeline below of what I'm working with. You can find my stuff on Soundcloud under "Holly Lanasolyluna" or "Sushi Neko Roll." I also work as @santadharma with my husband Tomo. This is going to be my 6th FAWM.

2/4...Some things in the works, lots of little bits of song ideas, but not ready to share them yet. Tascam tape recorder is being a little weird, life has been a bit hectic, but hopefully we (@santadharmaband) can get on track soon. Will be listening today on my train commute!

2/7 working on some solo weirdo tracks, stuff I wouldn't normally do, but I get bored of it and decide it's poop and then don't post it. Might just throw a bunch of weird stuff at you guys soon. At least one solid @santadharma song on its way, but Tomo is too damn busy to record the banjolele it NEEDS.

2/8 posted a weirdo song; you guys are so awesome to support my weirdness. Tomo has got the flu. Boooo. Hopefully can avoid catching that. A couple brighter songs on the way.

2/13 Tomo has still been so sick so not much @santadharma going on, unfortunately. I've been hanging on by a thread, not sick yet, hopefully will stay that way. This is the time of FAWM where I wonder, how the f do I do this? 7 more songs?!?!

2/24 I guess I technically finished, but it feels like a cheat since it's mostly just because @balancelost did something cool with something I made. See if I can squeeze another thing out with @santadharma !

2/28 Thanks everyone! I will try to remember to do what I said I was going to do which is put a list of all the synthesizers I used for each song. I had a great time, but I'm reminded how I really need to do non-Tomo collabs, so I will probably reach out to some of you early next FAWM.

3/6 Finally have a little bit of down time today, so will catch up on listening. Thanks everyone so much. Your comments are so encouraging. <3

Songs (22)

#1 Tick F-ing Tock @santadharma 32
6 weeks
#2 Pop Idol Apologizes for Being Attacked 25
6 weeks
#3 Dancing Veggie Pop 20
6 weeks
#4 Happy Food @balancelost  29
6 weeks
#5 The Perfect Description of a Particle of Dust 12
5 weeks
#6 Egoless Ego 20
5 weeks
#7 No Wall 10
5 weeks
#8 $hitty Romantic Folklore @santadharma 17
5 weeks
#9 Dawning @zecoop  37
4 weeks
#10 Nonattachment @santadharma 15
4 weeks
#11 "National Emergency" @santadharma 15
4 weeks
#12 Pastillas @santadharma 6
4 weeks
#13 Casio Hearts @santadharma 7
3 weeks
#14 The Sound of One Hand Clapping @santadharma 5
3 weeks
#15 Mindfulness at the Disco @santadharma 8
3 weeks
#16 Facebook is a Black Hole @santadharma 9
3 weeks
#17 Hanami @santadharma 6
3 weeks
#18 Namaste AF 9
3 weeks
#19 Monochrome Rainbows @santadharma 4
3 weeks
#20 Once Upon a Time @santadharma 2
3 weeks
#21 Thought It'd Be Simple @santadharma 2
3 weeks
#22 Words That Stick @santadharma 7
3 weeks


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  • @splittybooms  1 week

    Hey - no not me singing, on 'No Excuse' - no way! lol
    Singing isn't my thing at all. And the synth is just one of the sounds from Reason, not sure what it was called.
    On your comment for 'Hold Me' - yeah I was in a slump creatively, as for a few weeks prior, I felt I couldn't create anything that sounded good to me. I was frustrated with my skills and had some pretty crummy feelings about my music in general - as most of us creatives usually find ourselves at some point or another. But you're right - FAWM knocked all of that out the window! And thank you for the things you said about it.

  • @splittybooms  2 weeks

    I'd be 100% down to collab next go'round! You are a legit awesome artist who makes music that is right up my listening alley. It gives me something to look forward to knowing that we can make something awesome next year! Thank you for all the comments on my tracks, too - getting encouragement and real insight from so many peers and artists that I admire has been...well, awesome.
    If I don't see you or @santadharma around, have a great year and take care!

  • @balancelost  2 weeks

    Thanks! That's very kind. I'm living in Kyoto with my wife @yukinsain806 and she's helping me settle in. Mainly trying to get a handle on the language for the moment. I'll be fine as long as I don't have to count any objects!

  • @balancelost  2 weeks

    Yeah, I moved here in November. I'm not doing shows yet as I'm still trying to figure out a solo set-up until I can find some bandmates. But I do have some venues in mind to approach once I get my shit together.

  • @sherrycanary  2 weeks

    Ps..Under what name will i fi d you on FB

  • @iwilleatyou 2 weeks

    No worries! If the Gods don't send Earth hurling into a big mass of fire into the never ending void, yes...let's collab next year. I'm willing to do any style. Also I am REALLY rushing through soundboard replies and not doing any commenting so sorry about not catching up to yours and Tomo's songs. Maybe later during the week I'll put some time to comment some more (if life/time permits).

  • @sci 3 weeks

    "I loved the original so I have to admit Iโ€™m an easy sell" <-- arguably that makes it a harder sell, since there's a fair chance I could have ruined the original. ๐Ÿ˜
    glad to know I didn't! thanks for the comment!

  • @moonraccoon  3 weeks

    Oh wow - I totally need a tin can uke now ๐Ÿ˜€ Technically I only fawmed 30 songs - 2 were rewrites, and one remained unfinished at FAWM's end. That one song that hit all 4 weekly challenges was purely accidental.

  • @kovbleu  3 weeks

    I have to catch up on listening - but congrats on an awesome FAWM!!! <3

  • @adforperu  3 weeks

    Ah thank you.. it's been another fun one, though I'm pretty glad it's over now. 22 songs, woah! I've got some catching up to do, and shall do over the next few days... your stuff always tends to jump the queue ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • @zecoop  3 weeks

    My dream is that you can work something out!! You have all the time you want. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • @wacha  3 weeks

    Thank you for your kind words on "Barbra" and congrats on your win!

  • @majordanby  3 weeks

    Thank you for listening and commenting. Sorry for being out the loop recently, I have some catch up listening to do.

  • @splittybooms  3 weeks

    RE: 'How It Goes' - thank you! To have a track communicate not only an era but also in a mood, really makes me feel good.
    You and your husband's music is one of my favorite finds, so your comments mean a lot!

  • @frozenlonesome 3 weeks

    Thanks for listening and commenting on Perfect Cup of Coffee. Glad you enjoyed it with a cup of coffee. ๐Ÿคฉ

  • @zecoop  3 weeks

    You... Are awesome. Congrats on your win!!! Can't wait to catch up. Thank you so much for all the listening and for helping me complete my FAWM. I really love writing songs with you and feel very lucky. โค๏ธ

  • @jsini  4 weeks

    Thanks for commenting!

  • @caterwauler  5 weeks

    Re Aggressive Retsuko : haha, the comparison fits very well.
    Thanks for listening and commenting.

  • @zecoop  5 weeks

    btw... if you DID write something for Yacht, I would very likely be willing to mark it as a collaboration. Even though the song hasn't really struck me, I do think that with the right lyrics/vocal it could become something modern and cool. No pressure, but somewhere deep down, I do actually have faith in that song. Just have no idea what it would be, lol.

  • @bodhisvaha  5 weeks

    hey, thanks for taking a listen to "I'm always looking to the future"

  • @itoarazi 5 weeks

    Thanks again! I put up another, much shorter track around the subject matter this morning. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • @candle  5 weeks

    Thank you so much for your great comments on Robot Revolution & Shadowspawn. You're not the first one to talk about Ray Bradbury & my music. Again, thank you so much!

    See You In The Shadowsโ€ฆ

  • @iwilleatyou 5 weeks

    Ok cool no prob ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • @jorh 5 weeks

    Thanks for your lovely comments on โ€œbeautiful generationโ€ it is much appreciated

  • @acousticmaddie  5 weeks

    Thank you for the kind comment on Smoke in his beard <3

  • @jsini  5 weeks

    Thank you kindly for commenting on my bucket song. Greatly appreciate it!

  • @iwilleatyou 5 weeks

    Just checked out one short episode. I admit I was entertained but I definitely got the message. Thanks for recommending it because I'm going to check out some more of this!

  • @iwilleatyou 5 weeks

    Hoo boy...ok...I'll check it out. Hopefully it won't get me too pissed off. Hit me up when you are ready for a collab. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • @zecoop  5 weeks

    Bwahhhhh hahahaha.... I dare you to make something, lol. ๐Ÿ˜€
    Super cool - I can't wait to hear the "real" collab. ๐Ÿ˜€
    p.s. - I've listened to a bunch of these songs, but apparently I didn't write a comment! I'll fix that.

  • @iwilleatyou 5 weeks

    I've never heard of Aggressive Retsuko. But if you want to do a metal song and need a collaborator let me know.

  • @itoarazi 5 weeks

    Absolutely! Mr. Bone Spurs won't get me down. He'll just further inspire me to create art to rail against him. I actually have a 15-minute experimental track in which I took horrible audio from his vile supporters and dissolved it into ambience over electronica. So, believe me when I say I loved "No Wall".

  • @mikeb 5 weeks

    Thanks for the listen and comment on 'Bridges'!

  • @owl  5 weeks

    thank you for the comments! For the #notacover challenge, just pick the title of a famous song (or have one assigned to you in the thread) and write something else with that title...

  • @zecoop  5 weeks

    I'm emailing you the second one - I really like how that one turned out. You can take your pick, or have both! (or neither) ๐Ÿ˜€

  • @zecoop  5 weeks

    I emailed you the song. It doesn't have to be this one of it doesn't click with you. It's kind of a downer, lol

  • @zecoop  5 weeks

    By the way, I'm starting to work on something that I hope to send to you. I made two different drum machine / drumkit combo tracks on my 8-track and turned the tape over to get reverse drums. I'm going to see what I can do with them, but they sound super cool. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • @zecoop  5 weeks

    Thanks!!! ๐Ÿ˜€
    Mrs Cooperider's Class
    Mattawan Early Elementary School
    56720 Murray Street
    Mattawan, MI 49071

    A little something interesting about where you are and about you. ๐Ÿ˜€
    I really appreciate it!!!

  • @dillonrichards 6 weeks

    Thanks so much for the feedback. Means a lot!

  • @candle  6 weeks

    Thanks for listening to my Ricky Martin's Corpse song. I think most people will miss the jokes, but I'm glad you still found it enjoyable.

    See You In The Shadowsโ€ฆ

  • @zecoop  6 weeks

    Thanks for checking out the creepy subway song! At first I thought about writing something for you with those drums, but I had no control over the song, lolol.
    BTW, I added some freaky guitar and remixed, so now it is about 1000 times more creepy, in case you wanted to check that out, lol. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • @judypie  6 weeks

    No, YOU'RE so cool! Thank you for commenting, can't wait to listen to your first track! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • @moonraccoon  6 weeks

    Thank you ๐Ÿ˜€

  • @majordanby  6 weeks

    You are welcome I really enjoyed listening and look forward to more.

  • @majordanby  6 weeks

    Thank you for listening and commenting. My guitar style is a little rough, so pleased how this turned out.

  • @frozenlonesome 6 weeks

    Welcome back and thanks for listening.
    Canโ€™t wait to here some new tracks from you.
    Gadgets - Beats are Bilbao, three instances of Lexington, two of Montpellier, and one of Wolfsburg. Cheers

  • @the7thnight 6 weeks

    Thanks for your comment! Looking forward to hearing your songs this year ๐Ÿ˜€

  • @susyblue  6 weeks

    Hi Holly, love your music hope to hear your lovely creations again this year!

  • @cynthiawolff  6 weeks

    As you know I am a huge fan of yours.(thanks zecoop]
    Would love to see you live sometime ..curious how you do what you do..

  • @zecoop  6 weeks

    Oh no!! Hope that works... ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  • @karlsburg25  7 weeks

    Hello amazing lady . Canโ€™t wait to wrap my ear around your little ditties this year . I in Thailand but hoping to get plenty of listening in x

  • @zecoop  7 weeks

    That's great! If it is working, I'll also plan to start one that will end up with you too, so we'll go around the world in two directions this year. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • @zecoop  7 weeks

    First, thanks a ton for sending a postcard! Second, do you and Tomo want to start a tape again this year? Or end a tape? Either way, let me know since we'll have to get moving on it to get it done on time. Last year's was so magical. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • @nuj4x 8 weeks

  • @kovbleu  Jan 19

    Can't wait to hear your awesomeness this year!!

  • @zecoop  Jan 15

    So excited to be back here... Let's plan something together again. It is ALWAYS a highlight of my FAWM. ๐Ÿ˜Ž