Holly Lanasolyluna aka Sushi Neko Roll 0


Tokyo Japan   Feb 2014

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Influences:   Lots and lots and lots. All of you too.

Hi, I'm Holly Lanasolyluna. I make mostly one-take, bedroom recordings from looping retro toy synthesizers and improvising lyrics. You can find my stuff on Soundcloud under "Holly Lanasolyluna" or "Sushi Neko Roll." I also work as @santadharma with Tomo, who barely is on here at all, but contributes a lot to our sound and vision. This is going to be my 5th FAWM (participated from Tokyo, Tanzania) Last year I had newly arrived back from living in Colombia, and was semi-homeless, bouncing around between friends' and families' houses in Japan and didn't get as much done as I wanted to. Now I'm living in a 60s house in Koenji (Tokyo) and hoping to find a way to balance a busy university teaching schedule and FAWM.
Some tools in my music box: Yamaha Portasound, Casio SK-1, Casio PT-30, Omnichord, Monotribe, Kaossilator, Wavedrum, Mini Kaoss Pad, Buddha Machines, Casio CZ 101, Casio HT 700, Casio SA 46, Voice Live Touch. New addition is my RC-202.

Update: been so so busy with work but hope to make it to 14 and still manage to return the karma. Thanks for all your support.

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  • @kovbleu  1 day

    Can't wait to hear your awesomeness this year!!

  • @zecoop  5 days

    So excited to be back here... Let's plan something together again. It is ALWAYS a highlight of my FAWM. 😎