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76131 DE   Jan 22

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Influences:   allday-situations, Stories told of people, happenings, experiences, wishes, dreams, thoughts,..... Bjork, Florence and the Machine, Roxette, Radiohead, Portishead Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, CSNY,......, Songwriting-Challenges and Challengers, FAWMLINGS,acoustic musicians who just hare their music in private places,........, My father and mother <3

I am Lain, a musician located in the south-west of Germany. This is my first time on and I am excited to experience what is happening here 😀


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  • @haim  Feb 26

    Hi. How is it going? Will you try to finish 14 songs? I'm in the same position as you right now. 5 songs in 2.5 days.. You should try a skirmish you'll love it.

  • @repsurepa Feb 21

    Hi! Thank you for your comments! My guitar is Taylor GS mini! I've enjoyed playing it, so I can recommend it : ) works well for a goodish guitar!

  • @dutch1967 Feb 19

    Thanks for listening and commenting on Upside Down In Love! I started out with a totally different beat for the song; the kickdrum in the intro is all that's left of it. Turns out I can't do electronic popmusic. I kept adding weird little guitarphrases until I realised I shouldn't try to do different just for the sake of different. EZDrummer has the greatest beats, just gotta know where to find them, clean them up a bit, maybe edit for the right groove, et voila.

  • @misterd Feb 18

    Thanks for listening and the kind comments on my experimental song - It was something different for me to try so its great to know that this wonderful FAWM community is so receptive to all kinds of experiments and ideas- Thanks a lot Lain . I appreciate it .

  • @larryw Feb 18

    Hi thanks for the lovely comments on Butterflies it sounded ok even with the bad notes!!

  • @sunnymae  Feb 18

    Hey Lain!
    So glad you've been writing and enjoying being in this beautiful FAWMily for the month. I finally have a little time to catch up on some listening so I'll be checking out some of yours. Happy writing 😮)

  • @jackketch Feb 16

    Just to warn you, I think when I originally recorded it my guitar was detuned so it's in something like Ab major, and the chords I played were these: A/D/A/A, A/D/Bm/E, Bm/E/F#m/D, A/D/A/A . I think the guitar was probably detuned by a semi tone also.

  • @jackketch Feb 16

    Hi Lain, thanks for your very kind comments on my song 'I'm waiting for you'. I would absolutely love it if you had a go at recording it! I've edited the original song with the chords now - it's the same chords throughout. I can also transpose it into a different key if you want (just learned how to do this - revelation!) Cheers, Darryl

  • @dutch1967 Feb 15

    Thanks for your comment on The Breeze. One of those songs that has been brewing for a while, FAWM helps me set all other things aside and focus entirely on writing.

  • @allwedoismusic Feb 14

    Thanks so much for the kindness on my songs! Excited to listen to some of the music you've shared!

  • @caitlinpieper Feb 13

    Hello thanks for the nice comments on my songs. I record everything on a little Zoom H2 Handy Recorder. I put my son's baby sock on it to eliminate some room noise. I use GarageBand on my Mac to mix the layered parts. Thanks again for the nice comments. Looking forward to listening to your stuff now too 😀

  • @jessi14  Feb 13

    Hallo Lain! Bei dir ist ja schon Bergfest, 7 Songs in 14 Tagen. Herzlichen Glückwunsch und viel Spaß beim FAWMen! Grüße aus Göttingen

  • @haim  Feb 13

    You are my friend and it's totally okay. I like your music and style and I enjoy commenting. love back. International peace.. I'll listen to your rap asap! Greatttt!

  • @haim  Feb 13

    Thanks.. I think it's really nice that you finish songs even when you think they are unfinished, I have the other problem, of not finishing a song because I want them better... Somewhere between would be the best I guess... But I really think your way is great because this way you just get a lot of new experience. Sometimes I also write like that but for a year or two I'm a bit slower. We should just be happy for writing music.. Bad or Good... Enjoy the process and try to get better and better. I really want my songs to give message and be good.. It will come, I believe in it. Just take time and practice.

  • @haim  Feb 13

    Hi! thanks for commenting, yeah it was spontaneous, took me about 20 minutes to write. I recorded it with my phone while the drums are played in the computer. You definitely should if you feel like it, It's funny, I couldn't post my next song because I thought it should be perfect, and then instead I posted this rap which is far from perfect it's the opposite, and it released a lot of pressure out of this fawm. But at least I did something... Waiting for your rap..?

  • @kenjku  Feb 11

    Oh and Happy 1st FAWM!

  • @kenjku  Feb 11

    Hello and thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed it 👍🏻

  • @auditasum Feb 11

    I haven't released an album yet. I'm trying to digitally distribute one by the end of this year... at least that's my goal.

  • @auditasum Feb 10

    I think this is my ninth FAWM! I can't stop.

  • @iwilleatyou Feb 9

    Aww BOO! I like the title Devil better. 😉 Music doesn't have to make "sense". It's about expression. It conjures feelings that logic could never conjure.

  • @misterd Feb 8

    Thanks so much for listening and commenting on my song ‘Tine and Space ‘ . You seem very wise and unique songwriter -you have very interesting songs with stories that are like little short moody movies -I wish you well ! Thanks again

  • @judypie  Feb 8

    All good ideas for fucks! Maybe we should do a remix! 😝 Thank you for listening 😀

  • @ampersandman  Feb 8

    Danke meinerseits auch. Freue mich auch über die netten Worte. Und ja, ich mache alle meine Songs downloadbar.
    Viel Spaß weiterhin! 😀

  • @tageule Feb 8

    Danke. Und - es könnte ein Polizist sein, oder jemand vom Jobcenter, von der Krankenkasse... Es geht mir da mehr ums Prinzip. Wie der Person im Song 😉

  • @lcad Feb 8

    I meant it like the song was so saturated with sweetness it dripped from every pore. It was a simile and a compliment to a lovely tune. Prost from Holland, looking forward to hearing more!

  • @haim  Feb 8

    Cool! I think I mix between things. Dong have a method i always use on every single time.

  • @roddy  Feb 7

    Thanks for your comment on my cigar box guitar instrumental. You asked how it was recorded. It was done on a Mac using Garageband with a Focusrite interface, a midi linked Korg keyboard for piano, organ and bass. The cigar box was plugged into the interface unit. The drums are played 'live' by using the keys on the Korg - it's so much faster than programming drums!

  • @trilby Feb 7

    Thanks for updating me on the demo, it was wonderful.

  • @haim  Feb 7

    M advice to you will be - just comment on other peoples songs, the more you comment on other people, the more you'll get people listening to your songs. I would say for every 3 comments you make, you get at least one in return. I'm really happy you are now here fully, and I can't wait to hear some good stuff from you. I miss your guitar playing.

  • @engebretsen  Feb 7

    Thx a lot for comments on Waiting.. i mostly use omnisphere sounds on that song. But also some noise elements with guitar. I will listen to you're stuff sooon..

  • @haim  Feb 5

    No problem. Waiting for your songs!

  • @haim  Feb 4

    Thanks lain for your comment on my song "You'll be alright". You are right, you didn't hear something like that from me because I think I never did something like that, so I'm very excited to read the comments. About soundcloud - I don't record on soundcloud, I opened an account and I just upload my mp3 to there and add a picture in the options, then share it here, very easy, if you want to do it just register to soundcloud, upload a song there and then add the link of that song to the new fawm song you are posting, you got that option in one of the fields.

  • @sunnymae  Feb 2

    Hi Lain! Welcome to this crazy group of artists!! I know this site can be confusing until you learn your way around and. We're here to help. You can use soundcloud or any cloud you use like dropbox, google drive, your website, some european cloud that I might not know the name of. Do a lot of listening and click around the whole site. That's what I did until I understood where everything is. Most play play. The first year I didn't know how to upload anything, but I wrote 14 pieces and recorded them on my phone. It was so important for me just to be in the energy of this group and be inspired to write while everyone was doing the same. Have fun!

  • @haim  Feb 2

    "Watchlisted you" means that someone is now following you, and every time you post a new song, they will see it on their main fawm page. For example: I have around 80 people I've watchlisted, so every time someone of them posted a new song, I'll know and I'll be able to listen and comment. You should watchlist people as well.. you can watchlist people that you like their style or that you are friends with or anything, just go to their profile and click on "Watch" on the right top corner. Waiting to hear your first song.. I'm counting on some pleasant tunes from you this fawm. Good luck girl! Glad you are here.

  • @deonnek  Feb 1

    Hey @lain! Love your influences. I'm a first-timer, too, and am hoping for a productive FAWM. Go us! 😀

  • @sunnymae  Jan 30

    Welcome Lain! Enjoy this crazy month full of creativity and self-expression. Looking forward to hearing your creations.

  • @haim  Jan 29

    By the way, when someone writes to u on your wall, you respond by replying to their own wall and not yours.

  • @haim  Jan 29

    Aaaaa there u r.

  • @krayzie003  Jan 29

    Welcome to FAWM!

  • @lain Jan 28

    Thanks @nuj4x and @oddbod for your comments😊 I am slowly Finding out how this is going to work Here..😁😁

  • @nuj4x Jan 23

    Welcome to FAWM!! That's so cool! I used to live in what WAS Augsburg, Germany! 😁

  • @oddbod  Jan 23

    Hi Lain, welcome to FAWM.
    Grab yourself a profile image and check out the forums.