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76131 DE   Jan 2019

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Influences:   allday-situations, Stories told of people, happenings, experiences, wishes, dreams, thoughts,..... Bjork, Florence and the Machine, Roxette, Radiohead, Portishead Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, CSNY, Bon Iver, Rochelle Riser, Emaline Delapeux, The Talles Man on Earth, .... Songwriting-Challenges and Challengers, FAWMLINGS,acoustic musicians who just share their music in private places,........, My father and mother <3 And Actually whatever music that straight touches my soul <3

Hey to you all out there!

I am Mira and this is my second FAWM I do. Last year I made it (I think) to write 7 songs, but even I did not reach rthe 14 songs, the magic of FAWM drew me in.
Working a full-time job that is costing me a lot of energy and time but I am working on getting a better balance.
So this FAWM I will just see what happens, not putting me under pressure, just trying my best to take time for myself and my music and hoping that FAWM will give me a lot of inspiration.

Since March 2019 I haven`t written songs in English as before I tended to mostly write English songs so probably this FAWM there will be mostly German Music here 😀

For 2020 I have one goal:

To produce one of my songs professionally and play on more stages than in 2019.
To play one small concert somewhere.

For FAWM 2020 I have one goal:

To learn how to record and mix a song. Including getting into my recording programme finally and setting up my equipment in a way that this is possible.

Let`s see what will happen.

I am ready to breathe in and out.

Wish you all the best for FAWM 2020 and I am looking forward to your music.

I am Lain, a musician located in the south-west of Germany. This is my first time on and I am excited to experience what is happening here 😀

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  • @karan  Feb 3

    Viel Spaß und Happy FAWM!

  • @irka Feb 2

    Hi! ja ich schreibe deutsch, habe aber paar Jahre pausiert hier. Will aber dieses Jahr mal wieder was machen. 😀 Bin gespannt

  • @tageule Feb 2

    Hallo Lain, schön dass du auch wieder dabei bist! Ich wünsch dir einen wunderschönen und produktiven Februar!

  • @larryw Feb 1

    Hi, I went in 2018 to Lahr, but I few into/out of Baden Baden, I think the album is out this year, so I will be at the release party in Offenburg.

    You have a great FAWM and we will meet for sure

  • @haim Jan 29

    Hi! Happy Fawm 2020! Enjoy this year! Hope you can finish the challenge this year!