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97239 US   Feb 2018

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Update: 2/25/19. I don't want FAWM to end! Thank you all for your inspiring creative energy, supportive and thoughtful comments and overall awesomeness!

I'm a physical therapist living in Portland, OR. I gave up trying to play the guitar for songwriting a couple years ago, and now stick to keyboard/synth and/or cello with voice. As far as my songwriting process goes, I usually wait for inspiration, so this is going to be an interesting challenge for me.


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  • @keithcuts Feb 18

    lol on the first two lines 😀
    "but with authority" thats great, funny, and actually true

    way to put out this funny and fully produced diddy demo in 46 minutes!

  • @treble  Feb 18

    Thanks for your kind comments on my skirmish effort Success with the I.R.S. Actaully, I think many of us will be singing the blues around tax time. 😀

  • @looprication  Feb 17

    I hear you. I lived in San Diego for 22 years, and most of my FAWMs were done in a condo there. I just waited until late at night to record vocals and hoped I'd be done by the time they banged on the floor / ceiling 😀

  • @thewaitingplace Feb 16

    Thanks for listening to "Active Listening" and leaving a comment! My buddy actually helped me complete this one in terms of the additional instruments and production. He played the bass and lead part on electric guitar. He added in the drums and piano parts digitally. I wrote the lyrics and completed both acoustic guitar and vocals. I appreciate your positive feedback on the lyrics!

  • @leomozi  Feb 13

    Thanks for your insight on "The Little Wraith." I hadn't envisioned the baby ghost as larger than life, but that's perfect!

  • @pocketnaomi  Feb 12

    Hey, thanks for your comment! Sounds like you'd be interested in collaborating? If so, I'd love to.

  • @crimulus  Feb 9

    #pdx !

    Surprisingly not many of us (at least not that I've seen) on FAWM.

  • @alyssa2 Feb 4

    Thank you for your kind comment!!

  • @krrisstin Feb 3

    yes!! about to record my first song @haim 😀 thanks for the nudge!

  • @haim  Feb 3

    Hi, have a fun fawm. Gonna see you post this year?