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97239 US   Feb 2018

Artist Bio

so excited for my second FAWM! last year was an amazing experience and i've been writing much more since the impetus of that project.

my songs are lyric driven soundscapes with one foot in the folk songwriting tradition and the other in electronic music.

i'm not really about the production/polishing of sound during FAWM. definitely more in it for the songwriting and getting an audio version of my idea out there.

update 2/29 WHEW i'm glad that's over but also wish the next FAWM wasn't a year away (and yeah... i know about 50/90... maybe this year...). i am very behind on listening and commenting on all of your beautiful music. bring on MACM (march album commenting month)!

3/26 update: hospital work during the pandemic has curtailed my dreams of leaving lots more thoughtful song comments. i hope you are all staying healthy and at least a turkey vulture's wingspan away from other people.

Songs (14)

#1 even the moons have left now 6
Feb 4
#2 icarus 4
Feb 6
#3 i'm going to go run in the forest 5
Feb 11
#4 we all fall down 3
Feb 11
#5 internal migration 2
Feb 13
#6 on a night with no stars 6
Feb 16
#7 what the fear is made of 4
Feb 18
#8 romeo the outdoor cat 2
Feb 19
#9 go away 3
Feb 23
#10 memento mori 5
Feb 26
#11 little moon 5
Feb 27
#12 the best day 1
Feb 29
#13 caesura 2
Mar 1
#14 not for you 1
Mar 1


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  • @metalfoot  Mar 1

    I have genuinely enjoyed listening to your stuff this FAWM! Cheers and I wish you all the best in your musical endeavours.

  • @drewhottmann  Feb 14

    Thank you for your thoughts and encouragement. You make me want to cry!

  • @looprication  Jan 18

    Hey there! I loved your quirky style in previous years, hope you'll be back again.