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NO   Jan 2010

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Oh noes! There is too much (mostly good!) things going on so I won’t be able to FAWM this time around ! Wish you all excellent people the best of FAWMs!

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  • @johncrossman  19 hours

    I'm hoping that bio message is from last year, but alas, the people believe it is a 2022 message and so I must as well. You'll be missed! Bork bork? (is this old fawmstock reference working? :) )

  • @deena 1 day

    What?! Oh, no! You will be missed here. Everything you do is an inspiration. However, I am very glad there are so many mostly good things going on. xoxo

  • @balancelost  3 days

    Thanks! I recommend atheism!

  • @adforperu  4 days

    Well, hi!

  • @gm7  4 days

    Looking forward to your music again this year. Great stuff you have done with Kelly!

  • @aesthetic72 4 days

    Happy FAWMing!