Samuel Davis Jr 8


33756 US   Feb 2016  

Artist Bio

Influences:   Hip Hop, Trap, EDM, Future Bass, Deep House, Electro House, Future Pop, Future House, Electro Pop

2020 is my 5th FAWM.

This year FAWM falls in the second half of a larger challenge for me. I am currently doing a Sync 60 challenge and my goal is to create 3 licensable hip hop tracks a week. This will be my main goal going into FAWM 2020. Not looking for any colabs this year. I need to focus all my energy on sync licensing, loosing weight and getting healthy.

Happy Fawning everyone!

Feb. 29 Update
I guess 8 songs is all I got this year. Not thrilled with it but I had a lot of unexpected shit happen during February. Hopefully the rest of 2020 goes better.


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  • @nahlej381  Mar 2

    Tracks sound tight man!

  • @brownium  Feb 26

    Congrats! I see you hit 14 on the other 14 in 28!

  • @jeyemusik Feb 10

    Thanks for taking the time to listen to my track and for the feedback... that's actually been edited down quite a bit but then brevity isn't my strong suit. Will return the favour tomorrow - it's quite late here.

  • @chucknamaste Feb 10

    What kind of guitar is that? D’angelico? Really love that light blue burst

  • @gslade Feb 2020

    Just listened to your three tracks. I like your style. Hope to hear more.

  • @andygetch  Jan 2020

    Hey Samuel, lets do this!

  • @tsunamidaily  Jan 2020

    have the best FAWM this year!