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Largo USA   Feb 2016  

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Feb. 28th...

The last day of FAWM. I had a lull in activity last week as life happened (as it does.) Not going to hit 21 songs but 17 is nothing to scoff at. I am proud of many of the songs created this February, and some may be used in other projects after some polishing. I had some great collaborations this year and hope to work with these fellow writers in the future both in and out of FAWM. Thank you everyone for the encouragement and inspiration that has made this yet another successful FAWM.

Feb. 13th update...

I had to take a few days off from FAWM to repair some of my gigging equipment and do some family stuff. I'll be spending the next few days trying to catch up on listening, commenting and of coarse writing more songs. It's only the 13th and I already have 9 songs done so I'm not too worried. Will just have to push harder to reach my personal goal.

Feb. 4th update...

Four days into FAWM and already have 5 songs down. I think this will be a very successful FAWM. Band in a Box seems to be helping me whip these songs out easily this year. I've decided to set a personal goal of doing at least 21 songs this year. As usual I have not followed through on my pre FAWM plans. (I don't know why I even try lol) Still, I have some great songs so far and hopefully I will end up with a few keepers.


Jan. 20...

Here comes another FAWM. Yay!

I'm looking forward to writing at least 14 new songs this year. I just barely made 14 last year but I'm not quite as busy this year so game on.

I think i will be focising mostly on pop country tunes this year to try to finish writing for a band album to come out late spring.

I am open to colaborations if you have country lyrics and dont mind it possibly being released on an album with rites split appropriately. If you want to collaborate on something send me a message or an email.

FAWM on!!!

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