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Influences:   love, pain, sadness, hope......................................................................

Hello everyone. This is FAWM #6 for me!

I'm a singer/songwriter from Kalamazoo, Michigan. I’ve got a lot going on musically these days and everyone I’m making music with is on FAWM so let me break it down real quick….

My band, Treading Bleu, has been going strong the past seven years. With this group I play guitar (acoustic and electric) and sing. All of my bandmates also participate individually in FAWM which is AWESOME and we try to do some cross-collaborations every year amongst the four of us. @ZeCoop @guatecoop @slawbleu

I recently started a new duo project called Static of a Stranger (<--band name literally came from a song written in last year’s FAWM with said title…sweet). We are just getting rolling with shows and I’m super pumped out it. Many, many FAWM songs that I’ve written over the years that have been tucked away are now finally getting to venture out into the world because of this new musical project with @slawbleu.

Last but not least - a couple years ago I started a side project called The Homesick with my friend and old lead guitarist from a previous band I had when I lived back in Richmond, VA. We'd always talked about doing a long-distance project to continue writing together, but it never happened (until FAWM 2016 - 10 years later!) We wrote 4 solid songs in 2017 and several more in 2018 – a few are already released on Bandcamp. We’re almost done with our album so I think he's going to be back this year and I am looking forward to collaborating on some more tunes so that we can take that album to the finish line this year with @anthill.

Aside from guitar I also play bass, drums and experiment with some keyboard / synth stuff. Last year I got my first ukulele and wrote 3 songs on it while on vacation….so that will probably make another appearance this year. I might dust off the French horn again too. You never know.

My style varies - I don't like to be tied down to a specific genre. What I love about FAWM is that it's given me a place to experiment and try things I wouldn't normally do. It has worked out well over the years and I’ve come away with a ton of songs I really, really love that started off in ways I never would have tried outside of this challenge. My plan this year just going to be my typical approach - a variety of acoustic-based songs, mixed with more developed songs instrumentally, and then a few of the experimental synth type songs because I want to keep stretching out of my comfort zone as a songwriter and keep pushing myself as an artist. (Let's be real, I'm going to play, strum, beat, bang, sing, shout, whatever it takes to make 14.)

I have a few shows booked during February this year so I’m feeling a little stressed because that’s performance and practice time for the performances cutting into FAWM time, but I figure last year I was out of the country during 10 days of February and still managed so I should be just fine, right?!?!

I'm really looking forward to hearing what everyone comes up with this year!! Let’s do this!


Music websites:

Thanks so much for listening!


Songs (16)

#1 You Won 54
Feb 2019
#2 Another Way @anthill 30
Feb 2019
#3 Like Always 25
Feb 2019
#4 Tidal Wave @slawbleu  37
Feb 2019
#5 Black Sweatshirt 23
Feb 2019
#6 Here Again @anthill 15
Feb 2019
#7 Storm 16
Feb 2019
#8 Not Goodbye 20
Feb 2019
#9 Lightning 13
Feb 2019
#10 43 @slawbleu  12
Feb 17
#11 Friend or Foe 15
Feb 19
#12 Pieces on the Ground @guatecoop  21
Feb 20
#13 The Steady 18
Feb 22
#14 Until The End @slawbleu  12
Feb 24
#15 Snow 13
Feb 26
#16 Buried In A Nation @zecoop  18
Feb 27


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  • @tamsnumber4  Mar 7

    Thank you for commenting on my song "Doll", I appreciate the listen!

  • @lanasolyluna Mar 2

    I'm catching up too!!! Congrats on winning dear. Looking forward to listening to your tunes <3

  • @fearlessflight2014  Feb 26

    Thanks for your comments on Undertow which I wrote about my occasional depressive periods. I actually just posted a demo if you want to hear it. https://fawm.org/songs/96768/

  • @ryako  Feb 25

    Aww, thanks! Congrats to you, too! I'm so so so sorry I haven't gotten around to commenting on anything. I've thrown myself completely and utterly into this musical. I've got one more song to do to wrap the story up (and bust out more Tuvan throat singing), which is a huge relief. I'm so very exhausted, but wired. I've Xanaxed myself to sleep a couple of days in a row.

  • @acousticmaddie  Feb 25

    Thank you for the kind comment on my improviced piece.

  • @mikeb Feb 24

    Thanks for the comments on the 'Shelter' lyrics, not sure how this one is going to turn out, haven't even thought about the music or production yet. I've only got 1 song complete for the album at this point, 2 lyrics (including Shelter), and another collab with music, just haven't recorded it yet, The song finished (except for final mix tweaking) is a collab with @tamsnumber4 : https://www.reverbnation.com/mikebirc...

  • @sbs2018 Feb 23

    Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments on “I Wanna Go Home.” I read your story on your web site and am quite taken with you/your music. Will have to keep up with your projects outside of FAWM.

  • @jwhanberry  Feb 22

  • @evinwolverton  Feb 21

    Thank you! I really appreciate it. So often, I've locked up over paranoia about stealing from myself. Like anyone would give a shit : ). We're here to keep it moving. I think I'm just about caught up to the point where I can relax and listen more. Looking forward to hearing your songs.

  • @repsurepa Feb 21

    Hi! Thank you so much for commenting Luotsivene and Hunting! Actually I've been recording all the songs with just my phone, so I haven't been able to use any effects. But I've still enjoyed the sounds as well! I've had the middle pedal down while recording the song with the piano, so that probably explains the fresh sound of it! 😀

  • @circle Feb 21

    Hi, thanks for your comment on make a wish! To answer your question, I recently got a plugin called Little Alter Boy and I've pretty much been abusing it on most of my tracks. One setting in particular doubles the vocal and shifts the double up an octave, and then I play around with the formant shifter, drive and wet settings to basically make myself sound like a girl. I am probably using it too much! But it's really fun

  • @ohwell123 Feb 21

    Thank you for your comment on my song! I greatly appreciate it!

  • @wacha  Feb 20

    Thanks for the feedback on "Running Scared". I'm trying to experiment and push myself a bit more this year than I have in the past.

  • @cactuspie Feb 20

    FB is a gold mine of lines. That's where this one came from. And being old helps the perspective!

  • @davewermers Feb 20

    Thanks for taking the time to listen and comment on my song. It is much appreciated.

  • @guatecoop  Feb 20

    Hey there, I was asleep when you tried to get ahold of me!! I needed a night of rest to build up the energy for more fawming. Your vocals on that are GREAT! So dark! I’m surprised that you could fit yourself into that mix, as it was pretty dense. Great job doing that, and I don’t even have to remix it! What a nice surprise to wake up to. I’ve listened to it about 6 times so far, as you are doing so many cool vocal and lyrical things. Thank you! I’m glad that you just posted it. I wouldn’t have changed anything.

  • @chrishope Feb 20

    thanks for listening, will do same

  • @cactuspie Feb 19

    Aww, thanks for your comments. This song is very special to me! I've had the title for a long time. So many people encouraged me and lent a helping hand! We are all in this together. We're not competing, we're comrades! We each have our own voices. That's the message!

  • @majordanby  Feb 19

    Thanks for the feedback.

    Your songs are well worth listening to, all comments justified.

  • @piney  Feb 18

    Yay!! 🥰

  • @guatecoop  Feb 17

    I am just for the night and this afternoon. We did the 10x10, which was fun and new.

  • @mustanglola87 Feb 17

    you know how to flatter a girl. mazzy star AND stevie nicks hihi 😝 Thanks you're so sweet. I listened to a couple of your songs,I love your lyrics and your voice!!

  • @guatecoop  Feb 17

    Holy moly I need to listen!!! I’m behind! Good work

  • @caitlinpieper Feb 16

    Hello! Thank you for your nice comment. In answer to your question, currently I am in the process of recording my chakra meditation and that will be online by the end of this month 😀. You can keep track on my Facebook page Facebook.com/thecellodiaries as well as my blog caitlinpiepermusic.squarespace.com. Thanks for listening and happy writing to you ❤️

  • @cactuspie Feb 2019

    Thanks for you comments on my songs. and thank you for inviting me in!
    I feel energized to write for the first time in a long time.

  • @guatecoop  Feb 2019

    Hey there! Thanks! You may want to wait for a remix of Uncomfortably Familiar. It isn’t right yet, but I will get to it tonight.

  • @scottlake  Feb 2019

    I know I’ve had you watch listed in the past, but I guess I had to re-up ! Will be back later this week for some overdue listening.

  • @acousticmaddie  Feb 2019

    Thank you so much for your kind comment on Once I was loved.

  • @jenfoss Feb 2019

    I’m back! I jumped in WAY too late, but us Michiganders have to represent 😉

  • @lanasolyluna Feb 2019

    How am I so behind on listening to your tunes?? On it ❤️

  • @cactuspie Feb 2019

    Listening is a way to get to know you better. I truly enjoyed and was moved by your music. Thank you for inviting me aboard!

  • @erucaesounds  Feb 2019

    Thanks for the kind words on Sodium Light, glad you like it.

  • @jwhanberry  Feb 2019

  • @tamsnumber4  Feb 2019

    Thanks for listening and commenting on my song "You Are Fragile", I really appreciate it!!

  • @mkd  Feb 2019

    Thank you for your comment on When I’m gone, really appreciate your dropping by to listen.

  • @tezzbass  Feb 2019

    I'm a midwesterner myself, and my folks used to live in Kalamazoo! I love Michigan. I'm always homesick as well, because I've lived so many different places. Homesick would be a great theme for a FAWM song, actually ...

  • @mishykatz  Feb 2019

    Thank you for the great feedback on Gettin Over You!!

  • @zecoop  Feb 2019

    ...and my comment was supposed to say that I "air guitared" the harmonics every time. Stupid phone, lol. I fixed my comment, but wanted you to know what my morning was like. Rocking out with breakfast 😁

  • @candle  Feb 2019

    Thank you so much for your comment on Slacking. I'm feeling better now (was back at work today), which has cut into my creativity & FAWM time. Oh well…

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @zecoop  Feb 2019

    Thanks for checking out the creepy subway song! I added some freaky EBow guitar and remixed, so now it is about 1000 times more creepy, in case you wanted to check that out, lol. I knew I wanted something like that on there, but ran out of time last night and just posted it. 😀

  • @goldbay Feb 2019

    Thanks for listening and commenting my piece! I am very happy that I found you like that! Love your songs and your voice!

  • @helenseviltwin  Feb 2019

    Gotta love it when stuff like that happens!

  • @majordanby  Feb 2019

    You are welcome. The liner notes are very moving.

    Thanks for commenting on Little Jewels Of Rain. Dan suggested that we repeat that line more when we were finished. Hey ho that’s FAWM. we can always revisit.

  • @stevenwesleyguiles  Feb 2019

    btw - Just listened to Stories Telling Themselves (@zecoop sent me a copy) and just loved it!! Great job! You have a killer voice!

  • @lanasolyluna Feb 2019

    Your voice is so pretty!!! Thanks sweetie.

  • @berni1954  Feb 2019

    Thanks for your comment on my song "Consequences"
    I have been a performer in some way or another, all my life, so that explains the confidence. But you should have seen the 34 other takes full of expletives and curses at myself to "concentrate, you ba**ard!" 😀

    And yes, the back and sides of that Uke are a work of art by nature herself.

  • @dasbinky  Feb 2019

    Thanks for the comment on Rust! Yup, real drum kit, I'm trying to use it as much as possible this year.

  • @mfasize Feb 2019

    hi really liked the track love us vocals wondered if u had any vocals I could put on a track

  • @zecoop  Feb 2019

    Thanks so much Stacy!! I would like to hereby take credit for the heat wave were are experiencing. I know the weather people "predicted" it, blah blah blah, but I think my surf song was the real catalyst. 😉

  • @leah0k  Feb 2019

    Thank you so much for the lovely comment - I wasn't sure if the little noises I added were too cheesy, so good to hear that you liked! Ha!

  • @karlsburg25  Feb 2019

    So somehow we must collab this year please please pleAse x

  • @karlsburg25  Feb 2019

    I gonna Listen ASAP but here is a belated hello as I am actually here . Yay . X

  • @deonnek  Feb 2019

    Looking forward to hearing more of your songs @kovbleu! And your bio is totally inspiring. 😀

  • @natrin Feb 2019

    Thanks so much for your comment on Snowfall! 😁

  • @lenigmusx1 Feb 2019


    I'm back but not sure how it's going to go... lots of craziness so time will be limited. I can't wait to hear your new stuff though. 3,2,1...

  • @cynthiawolff  Jan 2019

    Hello lovely!
    One of the best out there..can’t wait to hear your new work

  • @ryako  Jan 2019

    Hey, Stacy!!!! Nice to see you again! Hope you're doing fine and that you're gearing up for February! It's going to be crazy, I can feel it.

  • @haim  Jan 2019

    Hi there, hope your'e gonna have a fun fawm. See you around.

  • @tan482  Jan 2019

    Hi Stacy, I loved your songs last year! Really looking forward to hearing you this year!

  • @lanasolyluna Jan 2019

    Welcome back, dear. Looking forward to your songs 😀

  • @santadharma Jan 2019

    Hello! Welcome back. Looking forward to your stuff.

  • @pipewrench67  Jan 2019

    Yes, as my father says I'm back ..........and front, and sides.
    Glad your are partaking again as well.

  • @petra777 Jan 2019


  • @nuj4x Jan 2019

  • @wacha  Jan 2019

    All set, looking forward to hearing your stuff again!

  • @max  Jan 2019

  • @sapient  Jan 2019

    Thanks! You too! 😁

  • @acousticmaddie  Jan 2019

    Happy fawm

  • @slawbleu  Jan 2019

    Getting excited....okay, mostly nervous, but excited too!

  • @carleybaer  Jan 2019

    Yayyy I'm glad you're back too!!! Can't wait to hear what you come up with. And maybe we can collab or something? 😁

  • @majordanby  Jan 2019

    Aw, thanks! I’ve watchlisted you; not sure why I hadn’t already?
    Roll on February

  • @chipwithrow  Jan 2019

    And hi back to you! I loved reading your bio - you’re doing so many cool things!

  • @karlsburg25  Jan 2019

    Hey lovely lady, Yeah i am going to miss it massively but maybe I can work something out to do some more beach recordings. Have an amazing one and can't wait to listen in x

  • @wobbiewobbit  Jan 2019

    thank you ... have a goodun 😀

  • @petemurphy  Jan 2019

    Heyyyy, thanks for the note. I hope all is well with you, and hope you have a fun and productive February.

  • @letyourhairdown  Jan 2019

    😀 <3

  • @auditasum Jan 2019

    Glad to see you back as well!

  • @johnstaples  Jan 2019

    Hiya Stacy! Happy FAWM 2019!

  • @cts  Jan 2019

    Howdy! 😀

  • @piney  Jan 2019


  • @jacobeverettwallace  Jan 2019

    Stacy! I wouldn't know what to do with my February if FAWM didn't exist anymore. It's my favorite addiction! Glad you're back. Happy Fawming!

  • @metalfoot  Jan 2019


  • @fearlessflight2014  Jan 2019

    Great to see you back again!

  • @guatecoop  Jan 2019

    Oh yes my dear I am most certainly ready for this except that it’s like two weeks away!! Are you ready for all of this?

  • @zecoop  Jan 2019

    Once more with the madness... Ok... You got me... Many more times, but here we are for THIS time. Can. Not. Wait. Gonna be fun. 😎

  • @mdavisto  Jan 2019

    Well go on then, play something. I got dressed up for this.

  • @tamsnumber4  Jan 2019

    GET IN HERE GIRL and entertain me!! I waited all year for this!!!