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Kalamazoo US   Feb 2013


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Influences:   love, pain, sadness, hope......................................................................


This will be my 8th FAWM. To be honest, I wasn’t sure I was even going to attempt it this year. But I hopped on a while ago to archive and I listened back to all my songs from last year. It gave me a little glint of hope. And then being on here again the past couple days and just seeing all of your avatars chirping away with the excitement of catching up and forging ahead this year really helped. So I bought my rock hands.

I’ve picked up my guitar maybe 3 times since last FAWM. Other than an outdoor mural project I did this year - I’ve barely left my house since March. I’m very grateful that I’ve been able to work remotely and I know others have much harder situations. But I’ve been battling with my anxiety/depression and mental fortitude more this past year than any I can remember in my life. I know we are all struggling in our own ways. Working as a creative – it’s taking every ounce of my energy to produce artwork for others and I am so exhausted.

My well feels dry. My inspiration nil. But I know I would regret it if I didn’t at least TRY. I look forward to hearing all of your beautiful music and I hope it will inspire me and help pull me up out of the stagnant darkness. I’m entering this FAWM with no other goal than to attempt to write. I’m usually racing toward 14+….. but if I get anything done at all this year I will call it a win.

Sorry for the bummer intro – it’s just where I’m at right now and all I can do is be honest. Lol

One actual positive musical thing I did this year was release a video in June. You can check that out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GgOISyfcqZM It was my first stab at creating/editing a music video. The song was “This Promise” – which was my 1st song written for FAWM 2020.


Here’s a bit from the past about the different projects and the wonderful people I make music with...

I'm a singer/songwriter from Kalamazoo, Michigan. I tend to write about the human condition and the myriad of emotions that come along with being here. I’ve got a few different bands/musical projects I’m involved in and everyone I’m making music with is on FAWM so let me break it down real quick….

In 2019 I started a band/duo called Static of a Stranger (<--band name literally came from a song written during 2017 FAWM with said title…sweet) This project is with the talented @slawbleu – who I’ve been playing music with in some form or another for over a decade now. Due to Covid – we haven’t been able to jam in the same room for a year now and it’s killing me. But you can check out our duo at:

Treading Bleu is a group that started way back in 2011. Within this band I play guitar (acoustic and electric) and sing. All of my bandmates also participate individually in FAWM which is AWESOME and we try to do some cross-collaborations every year amongst the four of us. @ZeCoop @guatecoop @slawbleu. You can check out that music here: https://www.treadingbleu.com/

Last, but definitely not least - a few years ago I started a side project called The Homesick with my friend and old lead guitarist from a previous band I had when I lived back in Richmond, VA. He’s on FAWM as @anthill. We'd always talked about doing a long-distance project to continue writing together, but it never happened (until FAWM 2016 - 10 years later!) We wrote 4 solid songs in 2017, several more in 2018, and a couple in 2019, and a few last year. We’re currently working with an engineer doing remixes and adding real drums to our songs in the studio right now and hope to finally bring this 4 year long album to fruition this year. We have a few FAWM early version singles released on Bandcamp. You can check those out here:

Aside from guitar I also play bass, drums and experiment with some keyboard / synth stuff. I might break out a ukulele, or dust off the French horn again too. You never know.

My style varies - I don't like to be tied down to a specific genre. What I love about FAWM is that it has given me a place to experiment and try things I wouldn't normally do. This year I’m just hoping I can manage to create some things. They may be good. They may be not so good. But I know I’d regret it forever if I didn’t at least try! FAWM has been a very special place for me the past seven years. I’ve written some of my very favorite songs here. And I’ve met some amazing and talented folks from all over the world. I really look forward to hearing everyone’s art and if anything - I’m looking forward to a lot of listening!!!


Music websites:
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqKh7zl4Lk4xmS_BTLGUIeg

Thanks so much for listening!



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  • @nancyrost  6 weeks

    Mod here - did you mean to flag your own post about copying and pasting? If so I can remove it, but thought you might have flagged in error. Thanks.

  • @karlsburg25  Feb 9

    Its just lovely to hear your music lovely. always gives me a lift. And i been so tired but think i may finally have the banging bouncy tune i started on friday, (then couldn't face bang and bouncy over the weekend) done. Pheweee . Big hugs to youx

  • @apolez3 Feb 6

    Hey, I have a Punk song I'd like you to participate in a collab with a few girls singing possible more or different' tell me what you think.. I'd like you to sing. As of now I think someone might want to work on the music but not 100% sure yet. https://fawm.org/songs/111195/

  • @guatecoop  Feb 4

    Hey there, thank you for your very kind words. I appreciate it! It is fun to get back to doing whatever comes to mind. I'm sure that you feel the same. We will be talking.....

  • @gindark Feb 2

    Thank you for your lovely comments, and wow, "Eliza Jayne" is so evocative! Have a follow! 😀

  • @majordanby  Feb 1

    Thank you! I hope I don’t let you down 😉

  • @apolez3 Feb 1

    Hey, thanks for the warm welcome in the forum, & Happy FAWMing. 2 u.. . and if you think at a point you'd want to collaborate or attempt to let me know 😀 we seem to be on similar wavelengths.. I"m all about being honest. and more.. watched This Promise. Loved the painting of almost in an Oriental writing kinda way, soft. went with the softness of the song.

  • @ndavies  Feb 1

    Hey, yeah I'm back. Glad you are too. Let me know if you'd be up for a collaboration!

  • @jacobeverettwallace  Feb 1

    Hey Stacy! Your intro sounds a lot like me this year. Not sure how much I'll be able to participate but I hope to hear some awesome stuff nonetheless! Happy Fawming!

  • @madthesinger  Feb 1

    Thanks for your note! I'm back and fingers crossed I will have some time for songwriting this year. Can't wait to hear what you come up with! 😀

  • @mdavisto  Jan 31

    Hey Stacy, just read your profile. Being depressed sucks ass, but I feel ya. I'm on 3 different meds just to keep me even.

    Thanks for posting that video, that was a good listen. I w
    thought I recognised it, and then when the harmonies came in I was like yeah of course, Stacy kills at harmonies.

    Anyway, just do what you can, OK? That's plenty.

  • @quork  Jan 28

    That song/video, sent chills up my spine (which is a good thing). Beautiful lyrics and music, powerful images. I love the harmonies, too.

  • @seemanski  Jan 28

    Hello to one of my favourite collaborators from last year, I loved what you did to that track. You are a wonderful singer and I feel your pain. I have struggled this year. It is absolutely soul destroying being stuck in the same 4 walls. I just keep waiting for this madness to end but it never does, hopefully this will all be behind us soon. I would love to hear your music, you are really really good.

  • @ampersandman  Jan 26

    Looking forward to hearing your beautiful voice again! Really hoping for you that you feel creative enough this year – go for it!

  • @ryako  Jan 26

    Hey, nice to see you're back! Sorry you've had a tough time, dear.

  • @carleybaer  Jan 26

    Hi! You’re here! I’m excited to hear you again 😀

  • @wobbiewobbit  Jan 24

    go for it! hope FAWM perks you up a bit. have a great one, will be keeping an ear out.

  • @karlsburg25  Jan 24

    I am so over the moon you are here lovely. Totally one of my all time fav FAWMERS and i so so hope we can find a way to collab this year. Thats mainly what i'll be doing as predict i may be too busy and less focused to do my own stuff. Anyway big hugs to you

  • @santadharma  Jan 24

    Hello, glad you’re back to share your beautiful songs this year.

  • @berni1954  Jan 24

    Hi Stacy, great to see you're up for the challenge again. I hope we get to collaborate again sometime.

  • @cynthiawolff  Jan 22

    Beautiful Stacy!
    Thanks for reaching out...

  • @tamsnumber4  Jan 21

    HELLO SONGSTRESS!! I cannot wait to hear your heart, soul and creativity in song.............

  • @gm7  Jan 21

    glad to see your back...Have a great 2021 FAWM!

  • @steffan  Jan 20

    Likewise! Happy FAWM!!!!

  • @cts  Jan 20

    ....aaaaand a big hello to you! Hope all is well. Have a great FAWM!

  • @owl  Jan 19

    Hello!!! Have a great FAWM!

  • @evinwolverton  Jan 19

    And I am you ☺️

  • @mikeb Jan 18

    Looking forward to hearing your FAWM 2021 songs!

  • @leslie  Jan 17

    I hope you're back again this year! Because I love Stacy songs and Stacy production and Stacy instrumentation. You are such the best kind of what it means to be an Artist.

  • @guatecoop  Jan 16

    Hello!! I sure miss seeing you! I hope that you’re doing well. Looking forward to hearing your music again this year, as you always have a nice variety and every one will have that Koviak touch. It will be great to “hang out “ with you via FAWM. 😁

  • @sciren  Jan 15

    2021 FAWM, go!

  • @aesthetic72  Jan 15

    Hello lovely. Can’t wait to hear your music again this year! Happy FAWM!

  • @zecoop  Jan 13

    Welcome back my lovely friend!!! I am mostly healed up, although I'll have to wait and see how my shoulder holds up. All the rest is mostly behind me now, thankfully. I hope you are finding some peace and rest and are ready to have some fun! I am going to try to get you something sooner this year - I want a collab. 😀

  • @mdavisto  Jan 10

    What is up that @kovbleu

    Back again for another go round in the blender. What fun, eh?