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Austin USA   Feb 2015

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Influences:   Many - Beatles/Lennon, lots of 80's retro/new wave, Michael Franti, Bob Marley, Roy Hughes, Helen Jane Long, Goldmund, The Civil Wars, Deva Premal, songs with a good beat (cuz I really love to dance), songs with a message that really speaks to me and songs with passion, etc. There is sooo much good music, hallelujah!

WOW! FAWM #8 for me. I am a lifetime lover of music, in love with a musician who is ever encouraging me to grow my creativity and introduced me to FAWM as a way to do that. Excited to see what beautiful, fun, creative, inspirational pieces we all come up with. Happy Fawmin y'all!

Also, started a new year long training & certification program February 1st, so can see I may not make the 14.... Started wondering if I would even get 1, but working with my creative & talented husband is soooo much fun & helps make it happen. I am blessed.

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