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Helsinki FI   Jan 2013

Artist Bio

Influences:   this and that, those and these, crackers and cheese

Klaus is in, Klaus is Finn, Klaus for win, Klaus don't know where his finger has been.

I live in Helsinki, Rock City. We have snow and frozen reindeer meat. Yummy yum yum!

FAWM 2013: 14 songs ( 4 collabs )
FAWM 2014: 0 songs ( had to move )
FAWM 2015: 0 songs ( family problems )
FAWM 2016: 8 songs ( 3 collabs )
FAWM 2017: 7 songs ( 2 collabs )
FAWM 2018: 14 songs! ( 10 collabs! )
FAWM 2019: 398 songs. That's right! I'll say it again slowly this time so you understand:.

..three...hundred...and...ninety...eight...songs...My personal all-time record. I can't believe I did it.

Or...or...I'll do about 14 songs. It's either 14 or 398. Could go either way, you never know. These things do happen.

My favourite song from last year's Fawm: Chakra Shimmy, lyrics by @pambowen1:


My artistic motto this year: "You can't wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club soda."

Have a good Fawm 2019 everybody!


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  • @timfatchen  Mar 5

    ...and I haven't dropped in once! Fixing that Right Now.

  • @jwhanberry  Mar 2

    Thanks for listening to "Shootout At Knob Creek". I'm sorry to hear that your country's firearms laws are so onerous. I know it varies country to country. I understand that the Czech Republic is the most easy going. They also have a reputation for building fine firearms. In the U.S. it varies from state to state. California, New York and Illinois as well as Washington D.C. make it much more difficult to obtain firearms and some are prohibited. I live in Kentucky. We can have any commercially available guns and whatever capacity magazines. Our legislature just passed a law allowing us to carry concealed weapons without a permit. I live out in the country so I just shoot in the yard. Great living in a free state. Come visit sometime.

  • @phoenixash Mar 2

    Thanks so much for the comments on my track!

  • @jwhanberry  Mar 1

  • @spirulence Mar 1

    Klaus, it is humbling to get your reviews on my work - it's been a rough ending of February and your heartfelt remarks really cheered me up - thank you! I owe you some thoughts on your work. 😀

  • @pbtaylorjr  Mar 1

    Hey Klaus. Thanks for more comments. I kinda quit fawming about a week or so ago. I just lost all my energy for writing and then I lost my energy for listening and commenting. But I kinda kept an eye on things here and there and came back today to try to give one last hurrah of comments to my favorite fawmers. I have always had attention problems with hyper focus and then boredom or whatever. So I usually knock out my fawm songs in a burst when I can capitalize on them. I also knock out like 75 comments in the first week and then drop off the face of the earth. Anyway. Great hearing from you. As always I love your songs and your comments. Keep being Klaus!

  • @sherrycanary  Feb 28

    Hey Klaus..thanks for taking time to listen and your wonderful comments on my songs.
    I love your work. Maybe next year we can collab again!

  • @igg Feb 27


    You're on.....Barbed Wire Secrets awaits your mastery!

  • @kahlo2013  Feb 26

    Klaus! I LOVE your demo on Games! The pace and style you chose is absolutely perfect. Your vocals deliver the sentiment perfectly. And yeah that bridge is really awesome! I’m impressed and so very grateful!

  • @ferry0123 Feb 25

    Thanks for your kind comment, Klaus. Be back at you for favors in return!

  • @cindyrella  Feb 23

    That'd be great! Whenever you can, no hurry.

  • @pamgrisham Feb 20

    Thank you for commenting on River So Deep, Klaus.

  • @pbtaylorjr  Feb 19

    Hey, Klaus, thanks for all the comments! You can call me Philip by the way, but PB is OK too if that's what you like. Heart Attack was full on mockery of boy bands. I tried to make it as cheesy and terrible as possible and somehow it's been a big hit! Oh, the irony! Haha.

  • @cindyrella  Feb 19

    Thanks for listening to our Mickey Jones! 😀

  • @kristi  Feb 18

    Okay! Sounds good! Thank you!!

  • @kristi  Feb 18

    Hi Klaus! No one is working on "I Say Whoa"! I would love to hear what you do with it!! 😀

  • @fuzzy  Feb 18

    Thanks for the comments.
    And a comparison to David Lynch!
    Wow, thanks!

  • @atitlan  Feb 18

    Thanks for your comments Klaus. Always good to hear from you. You're right about the pace of FAWM - it's very difficult to keep up once you fall behind especially if your recording time is hit and miss, as mine is. 50/90 is definitely a lot more forgiving.

  • @lvgd09  Feb 17

    Hi Klaus, I google that poem by Robert Frost and the real title is "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening". Yeah, so I changed the name of my song because that is the real name of the poem. Thanks Klaus.

  • @francessmith  Feb 17

    Thanks for your kind comment on Farndon Field, Klaus.

  • @rainchaser  Feb 16

    Thank you for your kind comment on "I've Heard It All! Say It Again!! Any mic will shine on the right preamplifier. My SM57 was ran through a Focusrite Scarlett audio interface. So I guess it was quite of a match for the SM57.

  • @cindyrella  Feb 15

    Klaus when you get a chance have a listen to my collab Mickey Jones? It turned out great!

  • @lvgd09  Feb 13

    Hi Klaus, yes @faststrings and I have been internet friends for over 10 years. We've talked on the phone but don't know each other. I think lives a couple thousand miles from me.

  • @hummingbear Feb 13

    Thanks for your kind comments on Bike Ride, I really appreciate your opinions.

  • @faststrings Feb 12

    Hey Klaus, thanks for the comment on my song I appreciate it.

  • @ferry0123 Feb 11

    Hey Klaus, thanks for your kind words on my third entry. Surely, much appreciated! Yeah, you'll get the update for the album, you just provided exta encouragement to finish it. I'll get back to your second tonight. Looking forward to hearing it!

  • @billwhite51 Feb 11

    thanks for listening and leaving such thoughtful comments. the leopards sexual indifference to the lioness is a red herring, thrown in at the very beginning to confound the listener. its not really out of place because it comes right at the beginning, and by the end of the first chorus, the listener has realized it was a joke that has little to do with the song, although on reflection it does not seem odd that the zookeeper is concerned about how much the leopard eats and that he may be an annoyance to the lioness that could arouse hostility in the lion.

  • @cindyrella  Feb 2019

    Thanks so much for your nice comments on my song!

  • @ferry0123 Feb 2019

    Thanks Klaus. Always nice to hear from you.

    Man, did I have to laugh about "..three...hundred...and...ninety...eight...songs...My personal all-time record. I can't believe I did it". Still do, reading it again 😀

  • @lazyafro Feb 2019

    Welcome back and happy FAWMing!

  • @francessmith  Feb 2019

    Hello Klaus, thanks for your comment on Silver Ship. I wrote that using a weird version of A major, (don't tell the harmony police). I have small hands and G chords are so much easier to play, but it is too low for my voice, so me and my guitar have compromised, and I'm abandoning the rules of harmony this year, I'll see how it goes.

  • @oneslowtyper  Feb 2019

    You're always welcome to "grab" anything I write, Klaus. Your musical skills and imagination are top-notch, as far as I'm concerned. I'd be more than happy to collaborate... ANY TIME!

  • @kristi  Feb 2019

    Hi Klaus! "Where Is Love" is all yours! Have fun!! 😀

  • @aprilm  Feb 2019

    Hey! Great to see you again!

  • @rayboneor  Feb 2019

    Given that I'm the Die Antwoord of the Napoleonic era, I do indeed understand your monumental accomplishment. I had to use scientific notation to talk about the number of songs I wrote in 2020

  • @ttg105  Feb 2019


  • @lvgd09  Feb 2019

    Hey Klaus, when you get a chance, I couldn't stand it and developed my audio for "Freezing Your Ass Off" and used the Dropbox hack. The song sucks a little bit but I got a song on the board with audio now. Thank you.

  • @philmcmill  Feb 2019

    Hey, greetings! Good luck this year! It's good you'll stop before 400, otherwise it might look like you're showing off.

  • @tunecat Feb 2019

    Hi Klaus!!! I'm back!.. ....

  • @robs  Feb 2019

    I wonder what the Klaus-Machine will come up with this year!

    Veel plezier en maak er wat van! (Ik zet de Engele vertaling er niet achter, je zoekt het maar op met een internet vertaalsite)

  • @cynthiawolff  Feb 2019

    Your one witty dude..
    Have a great fawm

  • @gemhughs Jan 2019

    Well, get your beauty rest & tear 'em up tomorrow...
    I'm looking forward to hearing some more of you great tunes!

  • @ttg105  Jan 2019

    See ya tomorrow!

  • @yam655 Jan 2019

    398 is 28 and a half albums. You could start with a smaller goal and aim for a FAWM Squared, that's just 196 songs.

    I wish you luck!

  • @wolfkier Jan 2019

    Thanks for the warm welcome! Wishing you a happy FAWM19. Bring yummy stuff, my friend.

  • @jamkar  Jan 2019

    Klaus you are as colorful as ever. Maybe more so. I do look forward to your music making my friend.

  • @gordon  Jan 2019

    Hi Klaus, you too. I always look forward to your special take on pop music. Have a good one sir!

  • @gemhughs Jan 2019

    You're right... It won't be long (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)...
    I'm still getting my FAWM prep in order...
    Finishing up a spreadsheet to keep a record of comments.
    Question... Are you on the front end or back end of the start time for FAWM?

  • @sherrycanary  Jan 2019

    Wishing you a great FAWM too

  • @rickamorphis  Jan 2019

    Klaus I was undecided and then I got your message...now I'm in and it's all your fault. Have a good month man, I'll be dropping by.

  • @odilongreen  Jan 2019

    Thank you for your kind words on my EP & “Cowbell”!

  • @pearlmanhattan  Jan 2019

    tlhIngan 'oHbe' QaQ … 'ach chaq SoHvaD DavoqmoHDI' Quch!

  • @thetau  Jan 2019

    Focus... You are right, exactly what I need. Yep, it's time for a change... No longer will I be "Buttered all over the Universe." 😀

  • @odilongreen  Jan 2019

    Hello! I look forward to each and every one of your 398 songs! And please note: any fewer and I will be *very* disappointed in you! 😁

  • @thetau  Jan 2019

    Having once roamed the Outskirts of Alaska, I know well the Delicacy of reindeer, although I don't know if Rudolf would approve. Still, I do admit to being a carnivore, but I confess that I eat only Vegetarians. 😀

  • @tiller2  Jan 2019

    Have a great FAWM, Klaus!

  • @petra777 Jan 2019


  • @lvgd09  Jan 2019

    Thanks Klaus. I'll donate the $10 and take my chances with Dropbox. I know the hack still works so as long as they can hear the audio it's all good. I wanted your opinion though before I donate. Thanks for your help.

  • @jwhanberry  Jan 2019

    Hey Klaus. Glad to see you're back. Have a great FAWM 2019.

  • @nuj4x Jan 2019

  • @lvgd09  Jan 2019

    Hi Klaus, I was wondering if I can get some advice from you please. I know the dropbox hack and I think it will work. I'm getting ready to donate but I'd rather host my files on dropbox. So it's a matter of $10 donation or $25 for the file hosting. I really don't have the money but if you think it is needed your advice would be very helpful. Thanks!

  • @marthie Jan 2019

    Happy FAWMing 2019.
    Looking forward to hear what you come up with this February.
    I am planning to focus on songs for Easter in this year’s FAWM.
    Let’s play, write and listen!🎶🎶🎶🎶
    MarthieNel- #WOmanOnFire

  • @pbtaylorjr  Jan 2019

    Hey Klaus, thanks for checking out my album and saying nice things about it. Looking forward to hearing what you write this year. Happy FAWM!

  • @nikke88  Jan 2019

    Tervehdys täältä Tampereelta!

  • @kristi  Jan 2019

    Hey Klaus....with a "K"....we "K"s are mighty Kool! Ha. Would love to kollab...lol...let me know if anything strikes ya along the way! 😀

  • @wobbiewobbit  Jan 2019

    hi Klaus - have a good one, hope you hit that 398!

  • @lvgd09  Jan 2019

    Hi Klaus, it's that time of year again. I always like your songs and looking forward to your FAWM.

  • @ianuarius  Jan 2019

    Hehjuum, saas kattoo, olis neljä ideaa albumeille. Ehkä teen vain kaikki.

  • @musicsongwriter Jan 2019

    Hi Klaus, looking forward to hearing your amazing songs.

  • @chandra83  Jan 2019

    Same to you, good sir! 😉

  • @ianuarius  Jan 2019

    Shalt fertility thoust imbue likewise.

    Pitää sitä häissä aina väännellä naamaa, eipä sen kummempaa. Mikäpä teillä on suunnitelma ensikuuksi?

  • @quintonbarnes  Jan 2019

    Hey Klaus! Nice to hear from you again. McCartney completely opened my eyes as a songwriter and shifted my perspective. I've never written the same since! Can't wait to hear what you come up with this year!

  • @petemurphy  Jan 2019

    Klaus! I hope you're recovering well. Wishing you a speedy full recovery and fabulous song writing in Feb.

  • @billwhite51 Jan 2019

    hey klaus. i am putting together an audio magazine, and would like to include your annabel lee from 5090 if you will permit, email me at BWhi51@yahoo.com for details

  • @downburst  Jan 2019

    Hi Klaus--nice to hear from you.Thanks for the nice note. I skipped 5090 last yea for various reasons, so I'm hoping top get back into a groove this time. We will see! I look forward to hearing your stuff.

  • @wyatt  Jan 2019

    Hey Klaus; I ll see ---not sure I can still write

  • @kahlo2013  Jan 2019

    Forever FAWM! May it be fantastic for you! Love your portrait!

  • @edwardsmusic Jan 2019

    Also, nice to see that you've reverted from "anti-Klaus" back to your human form!

  • @writeandwrong  Jan 2019

    There has never been and never will be a boring Mr. Klaus! lol You are as entertaining as they come!

  • @johnstaples  Jan 2019

    Hey Santana Klaus! Happy FAWM 2019! Cannot wait to hear what you have in store for us this year!

  • @oneslowtyper  Jan 2019

    LOL, your profile page does a good job at showing how funny you are Klaus. I am absolutely looking forward to working with you once again.
    Cheers my friend,

  • @toms  Jan 2019

    Thank you for your kind, kind words. I did keep a memento mori, a death mask of old FAWMku, in the form of a saved page, but I, too, miss that living, breathing, sinuous thing of evanescent beauty.

  • @oddbod  Jan 2019

    Klaus, he's in da haus
    Have a great February

  • @cindyrella  Jan 2019

    Hey Klaus! Good to see you. I live (now near) Columbia, Missouri. We had 14 inches of snow over the weekend and more this weekend. Beautiful, but hard on the tree limbs.

  • @edwardsmusic Jan 2019

    Hey Klaus. Thanks for leaving a comment on my soundboard welcoming me to this year's FAWM. In addition, thank you for commenting on my
    2018 song "Everything's Alright" just before the site got reset.

  • @tcelliott  Jan 2019

    Hello, Mr Creative. Good to see you around.

  • @metalfoot  Jan 2019

    Howdy again... perhaps this is the year for a Klaus-foot collab?

  • @ferry0123 Jan 2019

    Mr. Klaus! Bring the action 😉

  • @francessmith  Jan 2019

    Hello Klaus, thought your last minute deadline beating was great. Look forward to hearing lots of interesting music from you, during fawm.

  • @writeandwrong  Jan 2019

    @klaus , so good to be back here for FAWM and I cannot wait to see whatcha got kicking in Finland for us this fine February! Are you Anti- or fully-fledged this year, dear friend?

  • @fuzzy  Jan 2019

    I'm looking forward to some new music from you (but not that Anti-Klaus guy; he scares me!!).

  • @airbagtester  Jan 2019


  • @chandra83  Jan 2019


  • @gemhughs Jan 2019

    Thanks, Klaus, for your kind compliments & comments 0n "Love Your Guitar" & "Songwriting Man". Seems like traffic here has finally picked up recently...
    I look forward to hearing your new compositions this February.

  • @barbara  Jan 2019

    Thanks for the comments today! You're right; it is getting warm and fuzzy about. Your placeholder sharing was a nice bright spot!

  • @atitlan  Jan 2019

    Good to see you here again. Thanks for the bonus anti-Klaus tracks to help us on our way to February. Will FAWM 2019 be bringing us Klaus or anti-Klaus?

  • @fuzzy  Jan 2019

    SCTV; the finest in Canadian comedy.

  • @edwardsmusic Jan 2019

    Hi Klaus. Thanks for commenting on my song "Everything's Alright" (albeit commenting in 2019 on a 2018 song, at a time when the site is very close to being reset by the moderators)!