kirjis 9


Santa Cruz ES   Jan 31

Artist Bio

Influences:   Meters Herbie Rick James Brown et al.

Bass since 1990, in six bands and some projects. Guitar and keyboards since 2015. Occasional mastering jobs for friends. Not even a half-time musician, a hermit stewing in my own juices. Hermit juice! I use Reaper in linux.


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  • @njihe Feb 25

    Hello there! Thanks for so nice words :3

  • @scottlake  Feb 15

    Yes! I will get you something this weekend.

  • @scottlake  Feb 15

    I’m wondering if you might be able to lay down a cool walk-down bass line for my current lyrics only song, Lucy..... something I could talk over to tell the story. I am enjoying your bass work and I think this song could be very simple bass and jazz kit with a gruff voice talk-singing the words. Let me know

  • @nuj4x Jan 31

  • @gbg2016  Jan 31

    hey there...just cruising profiles; your influences sound like my 80's (except the meters; I was a little late to them). have a great FAWM!