Kingwood Kowboy 33

Artist Bio

Influences:   All the now dead Hanks of REAL country music. Hank Williams Sr, Hank Penny, Hank Thompson, Hank Cochran, Hank Snow, Hank Locklin,

Good Timer Rhymer.

Songs (33)

#1 Write Me A Letter 5
Feb 1
#2 It’s An Old Cowboy’s Dream 1
Feb 3
#3 If You’re A Texan 2
Feb 3
#4 Across The Western Prairie 3
Feb 4
#5 Out Yonder In West Texas 1
Feb 4
#6 It’s An Old Cowboy’s Dream @ustaknow 8
Feb 5
#7 Number Ninety Nine On The Top Forty Chart 1
Feb 6
#8 Across the Western Prarie @ustaknow 5
Feb 7
#9 The Old Aeromotor Windmill 2
Feb 7
#10 Out Yonder in West Texas @ustaknow 6
Feb 8
#11 Boulder County Rose 3
Feb 9
#12 Boulder County Rose [FAWM 21] @daveyboy103  4
Feb 9
#13 Boulder County Rose @ustaknow 3
Feb 10
#14 A Painting From My Memory 3
Feb 11
#15 Along The Trail before Me 1
Feb 11
#16 Stream Of Brandy 2
Feb 11
#17 Men Are Rugged And Rowdy In The West 2
Feb 11
#18 A Painting From My Memory [FAWM 21] @daveyboy103  4
Feb 11
#19 The Cowboy That Was Me 1
Feb 11
#20 Why Did I Say Farewell To Texas 1
Feb 12
#21 Things I’d Like To Tell You 2
Feb 14
#22 September Sunset 2
Feb 15
#23 Number 99 on the Top 40 Chart @metalfoot  5
Feb 15
#24 Along the Trail Before Me @ustaknow 4
Feb 16
#25 Son Of Pancho Villa 1
Feb 16
#26 Searching The Seven Seas For You 1
Feb 17
#27 I’ve Become Used To The Laughing 1
Feb 20
#28 You Are The Chorus Of My Song 1
Feb 21
#29 Scraps And Shreds 1
Feb 22
#30 Love Came Upon A Blue Monday 1
Feb 23
#31 I’ve Got A Little Lonesome And A Lot Of Blue 1
Feb 23
#32 Translations please. You Are The Chorus Of My Song 1
Feb 24
#33 Jij bent het refrein van mijn lied 1
Feb 24


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  • @daveyboy103  Mar 5

    I really enjoyed the process as I am not a country writer (or singer)

    I have some slide guitar to add to them now as well.

    I love your lyrics.

  • @ustaknow Feb 26

    Hey, - time here is coming to an end for now 😀 And so it goes, happy trails, and riding into the sunset.
    - I got a copy of "Cowboy Songs, and Other Frontier Ballads", John Avery Lomax; I am sure you're aware of.

    So, now, - I love to keep momentum going and will, 1) Guitar Chord out my wife's favorite Hymnal, sung songs and maybe a few others I can't figure out, interesting lyrics, (just put my own folk music to it, maybe a word change or two - all those pub dom hymnals 😀 wonderful!).

    And, 2) I just feel the "cowboy trails" songs could be so useful "anywhere, anytime", (well, I could be wrong, but feel that), - I want to see what I can come up with to continue the flow started here with you, (another great year! 😀 ).

    I love history, of any kind, since it seems to all be connected anyway (esp via music, context), - Cowboy Trails, 1500 year ago Egyptians and even 2021-Americana (it ain't what it used to be 😉 ) hahhh.

    - Happy spring!, it's'a'com'n.

  • @metalfoot  Feb 15

    Glad you liked it!

  • @ustaknow Feb 11

    - added some backing vocals; however one may only list one collaborator in this software here, so:
    - That, with her 3 vocal backing tracks.

  • @daveyboy103  Feb 11

    I think it came out very well given country is not a natural genre for me. The chorus is particularly strong although I am not sure if it was your intended chorus.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the process and may have a g9 a few more of yours too. It’s always good to stretch yourself I think.

  • @daveyboy103  Feb 9

    Hope you like what I did with your words

  • @ustaknow Feb 5

    So far I copied over, to do initial pass - It's an Old Cowboy's Dream; Across the Western Prairie; Out Yonder in West Texas; Boulder County Rose; Along the Trail Before Me; - I guess that's it, for now.

  • @ustaknow Feb 5

    Hahh, yes, I know, - if I do it, "I'll have shot'em" to then get her. When she said, she can't forget him... I don't know, that sort of clicked in my head and maybe some humor, since she's fine being with him. (My humor may be a bit sideways I guess too 😀 ) Anyway... - you're writing differently this session. I find that interesting.

  • @ustaknow Feb 3

    I don't see the link to that very nice web sight you had. Anyway, - same deal, just do it and credit you. And, if need to modify, that's okay, - just checking since see different text here.

    How ever you like it, is fine with me, just let me know.

  • @ustaknow Jan 10

    Hey, happy new year! 😀