kidwell 14


Chicago US   Jan 2017

Artist Bio

Influences:   Blitzen Trapper, Donovan, Patrick Wolf, Patti Smith, Beatles, Doors, Velvet Underground, the sweet voice of nature and sometimes bloodcurdling screams and all that hippie shit, absurdism

I don't know why I'm alive (yeahh), and I guess that's all right. I live with a colony of cockroaches. As a kid I used to go swimming every summer next door to a nuclear power plant. At my day job, I sort names and numbers by their colours and flavours. I'm trying new recording methods this year. It's fun.

My actual history is that I was a very active member of one of the world's largest songwriter's societies from ages 15 to 17, going to every meeting, learning how the big-wigs judge which songs are "good" and blah blah... Then they kicked me out for accidentally being a jerk or something and I was like "Well hey, I didn't get what I wanted by being a good little rural church kid and joining National Honor Society and all this other cute-resume crap..." And I ran off to Chicago to learn from the shadows. Still wandering in the dark but at least I'm making something. I've known since before I even had labels for it that I'm Autistic, Queer, semi-furry, and a psychedelic chuck of WTF.

I write songs because it makes me feel like I have a reason for living. And I've believe you should help other people if you can regardless of what brought them to the situation they're in now. We've all screwed up so judge yourself first.

(Btw, joining NHS is a great story too. We were all seated in black robes with candles looking all fancy while the principal spoke about how great we were, and right then the kid in front of me looked down and freaked out cause her hair was on fire. I love that symbol cause I've been there.)

I also don't know what genre I'm playing. Have fun commenting what I should label my genre or similar musicians, etc.

For the final week of FAWM I was in New Orleans without all my usual gear, that's why it all has trombone instead of guitar and why I had to record the vocals into a busted Zoom recorder mic.

Sometimes I collaborate with @ggallagher , so go visit her page.