OliverLilith Roachface 14


Portal To The Neuryde Dimension US   Jan 2017

Artist Bio

Hi, I'm Oliver Lilith (they/them/their), straddling the city of Chicago and the Neuryde dimension. Chicagoans call me Kat. The guitar is my baby Pelican, who I just designed and built last year at Chicago School of Guitar Making. I recorded these tracks in my lazy producer Mx. Ruff's bathroom by sticking my face in the mouth of a creature similar to a python and shaking my head vigorously until my fever dreams filtered through to become an edible powder that I tossed on the guitar pickups while shrieking

Genre: Idk maybe folk punk. Back when I was a kid and had my first solo gig, they randomly billed me as playing "contemporary country ballads," am I doing it right