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Crozet USA   Jan 2008  

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Influences:   Americana, Country, Rock, Blues

2018: My first FAWM was in 2008 and I missed 2009, so this must be my 10th year!

acoustic guitar, banjo, ukulele, electric guitar, bass and percussion (cajon, too).. and maybe some BIAB, too.

Don't know about videos this year -- they are a lot of work! I did buy the ditto x2 looper in December and while it is not needed here (I can do multitrack recording), I may do a video of me using the looper if a good song candidate pops up.

14 is always the goal. Maybe even a collab or two, ... or three.

Collaboration: my default stance is that collaborations are equally owned by the joining parties, no matter the perceived contribution from each party. However, if I team up with a lyric only person and they want to go a different direction after FAWM, that is OK with me, too.

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