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Austin, Tx US   Feb 2014  

Artist Bio

Influences:   Art-nature-science-harmonies-drones-Prince-Bowie-Linda Perhacs-Kate Bush-tuneyards-Devendra Banhart-Alela Diane-Roy Orbison

Me & my voice, a ukulele, sometimes a banjo, xylophone. Random toys & objects. Collected noises. Aliens.

Let’s see what happens this time— I’m excited to dedicate the time this month.

I want to try new things and experiment with what sounds I can get. Half the time I’ll be with my recording computer, and half the time I may just have my phone, so here’s hoping something good comes up!
Austin, Texas & Guadalajara, Mexico

I made this from a few if the songs I did for FAWM 2014

I disappeared in the storm -- couldn't turn off the heater to record so I went back into old phone recordings and ideas -- it was fun. Hopefully, I'll get a couple more projects in 😀

Agh! Last day-- life got in the way and I'm sad that it's ending, but I'm going to post my half-written things in hopes that I finish and upload something in the next couple weeks. There is a lot of ambient noise where I live, so there will be dog barks and birds and cars and planes etc... Also, planning to listen more in the next month. I've been enjoying yall so much

Songs (7)

#1 bees in the buds 11
Feb 3
#2 goodnight moons 13
Feb 5
#3 orbit 6
Feb 11
#4 Last Night While I Was Sleeping @tangle  13
Feb 23
#5 tratarme como a un... ZONG
Feb 28
#6 translytic exercise ZONG
Feb 28
#7 poem response ZONG
Feb 28


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  • @kadmad202  7 weeks

    I love it when I come across someone here I'm not familiar with, and I have to say I'm absolutely charmed by your unique musical expressions. Wow! I think acapella is a tough gig, and you have pulled it off magnificently. Your harmonies are super creative and really set a particular mood for each of your songs. Finding you has been a real treat. See you next year!

  • @piney  Feb 28

    Thank you for the listens. 😀 a tribe sounds wonderful.

  • @dock  Feb 28

    Thanks for listening and commenting. "What if the Rain" was really enhanced with laytay's lyrics and voice!

  • @grenzgaengerin Feb 13

    Lovely Thanks for your comment on "Mein Stern"

  • @estebanlartigue  Feb 9

    Hola te vi en el foro espanol y pase a saludar

  • @klyma Feb 3

    Hi Kendra! I was listening to a Phil Norman song and saw you in the comments there. Remember you from KFF. Just stopping by to say hey. Hope you are well.

  • @grenzgaengerin Feb 3

    Thank you very much for your comment <3

  • @kendrakinsey  Feb 3

    @laytay i can’t believe it was 2017– I did it for the first time in 2014 — and time is a strange beast

  • @fluidvolt Feb 2

    hi thanks for checking in!! i was wondering if you were going to be around this year! looking forward to hearing your wonderful music☆

  • @laytay Feb 2

    songs in our brains!!!! indeed! just gotta get em out. I love you, Kendra! Thanks for introducing me to FAWM. In 2017. 🎶❤

  • @timothybracken Feb 2

    Thanks for listening, and feel free to use my song as an alarm 🤣

  • @frey Feb 2

    Thank you for the nice comment!! Can't wait to hear something of yours.

  • @alyssa2 Feb 2

    Thank you for the kind words on my song. <3

  • @tangle  Jan 30

    Eeeeee!! Kendra! Excited for music magic. ✨