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Kouvola FI   Feb 2020

Artist Bio

"Don't ever let perfection get in the way of good enough. If you're not putting things out in the world, you're fucking hurting. Period."
-Kevin Hayes, son of Lili Hayes.

30-something dude working from home. Very modern appoach to making music, crazy about Slate vst. Guitars and basses through the Overloud TH-U and drums on Alesis e-kit (mostly input to quantization, if at all) and the sounds come from Slate SSD5.


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  • @dragondreams  Mar 5

    Can I ask a huge favour?
    Please may I have a copy of the collab track? Pretty please?

  • @nadine Mar 4

    Seems like I found a musical genius here. What a pity I just found you now! -> WATCHLISTED!

  • @thesoundof Mar 1

    Kiitti! Nyt kun kuuntelen uudestaan sitä lastenlaulua niin kuulen selkeesti mun äänestä miten vakava olen kun yritin pysyä rytmissä ja oisin voinut kuulostaa enemmän yliaktiivisen ja ylilyövän iloiselle ja pomppivalle niin kuin kaikki reippaat lastenlaulut yleensä on, mutta joo, kiitos!

  • @dunkerque Feb 28


  • @js6 Feb 28

    Congratulations on reaching 14!

  • @pumpkinhead Feb 28

    Yes it was a blast @kembole . Thanks a lot and see you in 11 months. All that remain now is post FAWM trauma. °_°
    Peace <3

  • @leka Feb 28

    Aattelepa ite

  • @hmorg  Feb 27

    Legalize it. And drugs.

  • @persaab Feb 19

    Kiitos kommentista.

  • @hmorg  Feb 17

    Kiitokset kommentista! Ne lopun piipitykset ja pörinät oli tarkkaan mietitty ja uskomattomalla pieteetillä toteutettu synasoolo, eli laitoin c#-nuotin soimaan ja vääntelin minibruten potikoita.

  • @pumpkinhead Feb 16

    Thanks @kembole for your kind words.
    I am fortunate enough to not work. I quit a year ago so that I can do what is important in life, like FAWM. It's not for everybody I know so I am very thankful. I am glad you liked the solo. I am not a big fan of blues solos (gets easily to just wanking) so I tried to do something out of the box. Take care bro'.
    Peace <3

  • @hmorg  Feb 16

    Thanks for the comment! I actually prefer the lyrics I wrote for our collab, but I guess these were of even quality.

  • @leka Feb 14

    Jotenkin osui tuossa kaikki palaset kohdilleen.

  • @juhol Feb 13


  • @dragondreams  Feb 12

    I absolutely love it! 😀

  • @karan  Feb 11

    Sometimes it's a blessing NOT to know the language a song is sung in! 😁
    I had something similar happen to me when I was young and didn't know English yet - there were some upbeat songs I loved for being so light-hearted, but when I finally found out what the lyrics meant, my breath caught. 😉

  • @pumpkinhead Feb 11

    My Canadian girlfriend laughed at your lyric on Split Yellow. She really liked it just as I did. 😀

  • @allwedoismusic Feb 9

    Keep doing what you're doing! I love the variety of music that you've shared and can't wait to listen to more!

  • @pumpkinhead Feb 8

    Thanks my friend. You made me blush. 😀
    Peace <3

  • @js6 Feb 8

    Kiitos rakkaudestasi!

  • @hmorg  Feb 7

    Kiitän kommentista.

  • @kirjis Feb 7

    Haluutko tuottaa jotain ilman bassoa mulle vai toisin päin? Vai molemmat? 😁 Voidaan jatkaa esim. s-postilla, <poistettu>.

  • @kirjis Feb 7

    Kiitti kommenteista! Hyvin voisin soitella jotain Flea-henkistä, laitetaan rojekti tulille.

  • @dragondreams  Feb 7

    Hi. 😀
    Thanks loads for the comment! I'm blown away that you liked my car-crash first takes!
    Collab? Sure! Let me know what you need from me and I'll do my best. 😀

  • @nikopee Feb 2


  • @pumpkinhead Feb 1

    I'm curious about what you will come up with next. 😀