kembole 12


Kouvola FI   Feb 3

Artist Bio

30-something dude working from home. Very modern appoach to making music, crazy about Slate vst. Guitars and basses through the Overloud TH-U and drums on Alesis e-kit (mostly input to quantization, if at all) and the sounds come from Slate SSD5.


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  • @hmorg  Feb 28

    Thanks for the comment! If I manage to get the band started I know what I'm saying the genre is.

  • @oceanjasper Feb 28

    @kembole Thanks for the unknown mortal orchestra "recommendation", I am flattered by the comparison

  • @hmorg  Feb 19

    Thanks for the comment on "The Dead Mountain", I'm glad it hit the spot although there's very little tracker in there.

  • @socaa Feb 4


  • @ericdistad  Feb 3

    Welcome to FAWM! 😀