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Influences:   I don't even know. But I am a member of the Max Martin Appreciation Society on Facebook.

This is my second FAWM after doing it in 2014 and skipping it in 2015 (which I regret).

I started writing about 17 years ago, and have been a regular writer on and off. I played the violin for ten years, the piano for five, and sang in my church and school choirs. I have dabbled in guitar.

I have not written anything substantial in a long time, but lately I have been trying to start up again. However, every time I have tried to write, I have felt like I'm unclogging a toilet. I have never experienced this level of frustration. It's going to take a lot of dedication and perseverance to push through it. My goal for this FAWM is to unclog the brain toilet!

I appreciate and definitely seek constructive criticism.

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