Kate Y 6


Liverpool GB   Feb 2018

Artist Bio

Influences:   Prince, Diana Ross, The Jacksons, Sister Sledge, En Vogue, Freddie Mercury, Donna Summer, Whitney Housten, Mariah Carey, Norah Jones, Anything else and most otherpeople inspire and influence me.

Singing and writing songs. I play some song on my keyboard. I write poetry and short stories. I listen some classical music. This will be my 2nd FAWN.

Songs (6)

#1 Beads Rain On Me 1
2 weeks
#2 Enough is Enough (No More Abuse) 1
2 weeks
#3 Made a Deal 1
2 weeks
#4 Trapped in My Own Wonderland 1
1 week
#5 Footsteps 1
1 week
#6 Missing Pieces 1
1 week