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Toronto Canada   Jan 2015


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[Feb 6] Ohhhhhhh.... no songs yet. Still sorting out my recording set up and WiFi. Getting itchy to get going....


Year three for me!!! So excited to be back.

I am a working/touring muso who is based in Toronto Canada, however this year I am doing my writing in an adorable apartment in Düsseldorf Germany, while I finish up an album I have been recording there since this summer.

My first year I wrote one song.
Last year I wrote seven songs [Two of them I recorded on “Speed Of Light” (my D-dorf album), and two more will appear on another album I am recording in Toronto that comes out in 2018.]

Pumped to try for fourteen songs this year!
Chuffed to use the word “pumped” in my description.

Let’s doooooo this!

PS, I’d love to connect with any German / Belgian / Dutch / French FAWMers (or anyone else in Europe, really.) I’m here for two months and often travel back.

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