karismitchell 4


  Feb 2017

Artist Bio

Influences:   I'm musically egalitarian. I like to sing along. I love a good guitar. Pop, rock, alt-country, boy bands, strong women, all of it.

Lyrics only. Trying harder to make good meter when I'm not writing the melody. Open to people finding a melody (and open to you tweaking the lyrics to make them work).

Songs (4)


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  • @rbmarty000 Feb 15

    Check out your new song.. very nice.. needs a nice female vocal though.
    That's 3 songs we've done.. and one I did during an open mic night with a band.

  • @rbmarty000 Feb 15

    I'm taking a look at Weeping Willow..

  • @rbmarty000 Feb 15

    here is my humble attempt

  • @rbmarty000 Feb 3

    I have a song that could use lyric edit.. I have it about a father speaking to his daughter who is about to go out into the world. but it could easily be a mother giving advise.


  • @deonnek  Feb 2

    Strong women and all of it, yes! Looking forward to hearing your songs @karismitchell. 😀

  • @rbmarty000 Feb 1

    Hi .. again.. I hope we can collaborate.. So far I've done two of yours that received hi praise from followers.. cheers

  • @hummingbear Jan 30

    Happy FAWMing!