Karan 18


DE   Jan 2009


Artist Bio

Influences:   Thoughts between waking and sleeping. The radio. Newspaper headlines. Overheard conversations. Trees. Everyday weirdness. Hikes through the jungle of the internet. Crows. Rainbows. The seven seas.

11th year FAWMer , coffee-addicted singer/songwriter, playing and singing solo and in the German band "Singvøgel", stubborn user of her mother tongue for lyrics (don't worry, I'll provide translations), intending to have as much fun as can possibly be squeezed into the shortest month of the year.

Check out my Singvøgel bandmates:
@sentense (who also accompanies my solo program with percussion)


How I work:
Mostly with my guitar, sometimes lyrics first, sometimes music. Recording with a Zoom H4n, mixing with Mixcraft. Occasionally I use Band in a Box. I am not very tech savvy, so don't expect professional productions here (they'll come later, in collaboration with people who know what they're doing). 😉

Pronouns: she/her

Songs (18)

#1 Das Lächeln / The smile 22
7 weeks
#2 Imbolc Blessing (Brigid's Mantle) 22
7 weeks
#3 Schneeglöckchen läuten / Snowbells chime 12
6 weeks
#4 Claudia 9
6 weeks
#5 Etwas anders / A little different 8
6 weeks
#6 Finstere Zeiten / Dark times 6
6 weeks
#7 Ich bin verliebt in Beethoven / I am in love with Beethoven @sentense 18
6 weeks
#8 Nervenkostüm / Suit of nerves 10
5 weeks
#9 Wasserrohrbruch-Blues / Water pipe breakage blues @sentense 14
5 weeks
#10 Das Kind in dir / The child in you 5
5 weeks
#11 Heute macht die Muse Pause / Today the Muse takes a break 21
5 weeks
#12 Ferne Freundin / Faraway friend 9
4 weeks
#13 Wie du / Like you 10
4 weeks
#14 Bitte mit Taschen! / With pockets, please! @sentense 11
4 weeks
#15 Sara ist frei / Sara is free @sentense 8
3 weeks
#16 Schmetterling 8
3 weeks
#17 Im nächsten Leben werd ich ein Baum / In my next life, I will become a tree 6
3 weeks
#18 Das Vertrauen der Vögel / The confidence of birds 8
3 weeks


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  • @tamsnumber4  2 weeks

    Thanks for commenting on my collab song "Move On", I appreciate the listen!

  • @timfatchen  2 weeks

    Karan thank you for your comment on "Through Glass". It is quite strange and touching, isn't it? Stephen's lyrics just pulled things out I didn't know were there. And that vision of them bravely ready to fight, with strange monsters beyond the horizon. And doomed to keep sailing on. I need to re-record the vocals for this one.

  • @audrey  3 weeks

    Thanks for the kind words about my song Stepping Down.

  • @dragondreams  3 weeks

    So do I! 😀

  • @dragondreams  3 weeks

    Lovely Karan. Thank you for your time and encouraging comments. And thank you too for setting the Pachelbel challenge! <3

  • @janeg  3 weeks

    FYI, @ekunyi has now added a demo for My Name is Not Juliet. Thanks for your comment there!

  • @scottlake  3 weeks

    I don't know if we will get to collaborate this year Karan. Perhaps you need some harmony vocals added to one of your songs?

  • @tamsnumber4  3 weeks

    Congrats on your trophy, what beautiful music you make!!

  • @chrishope 4 weeks

    thanks for listening, you're one away..well done

  • @mikeb 4 weeks

    Thanks so much for the listen and comment on my Pachelbel challenge song!

  • @berni1954  4 weeks

    Schön danke for your positive comments on my Prostate Blues.

  • @timfatchen  4 weeks

    Nandus! (Called Rheas here). No I don't think we've got any wild populations but I believe there's still a small wild colony of ostriches who escaped from an ostrich farm sometime in the 1940s,though I've never seen them. I think there are still lots of emus runing wild escaped from farms in the USA , once the emu-meat craze subsided (yes I'll eat emu, but it's not particularly nice. on the other hand, emu oil is an amazing treatment for arthritis--cant' cure the condition, of course but it absolutely takes away the pain. The oil is VERY expensive but you dont' need much at all, so I use a cream with about 1% emu oil to keep my hands working. It's hugely greasy, though!

  • @dragondreams  4 weeks

    Thank you, lovely Karan. 😀

  • @timfatchen  5 weeks

    ...and you're nearly there too!

  • @timfatchen  5 weeks

    Karan thank you for the Pachelbel Challenge. I had seen it and thought I'd have a go but I'm out of time! There are three songs (instrumental) waiting to go up, I haven't completed another difficult collaboration and there's a new one demanding to be recorded from this morning! No time! No time!

    I'm taking stuff with me on the ship and I will put up four or five placemarkers, but they'll be for entire suites I think! Just for me to get them on record because the majority of listeners will be gone by 5 March, as you and I know all too well!

  • @clioem 5 weeks

    Thanks so much!

  • @reklov 5 weeks

    Karan, sorry: Ich habe deine nette Begrüßung total übersehen! Vielen Dank dafür! Bist ja wieder ganz schön fleißig. 😀

  • @tamsnumber4  6 weeks

    Thanks for listening and commenting on my songs "Tempting Time and "Vagrant Sea", I really appreciate it!!

  • @lain 6 weeks

    Thank you for your comments on my songs. I am happy you liked them 😀You inspire me to keep thinking about more German songs to be written 😉

  • @tageule 6 weeks

    Hej Karan, danke für dein Lob für "Selkie". Bin bestimmt 10 cm gewachsen dadurch...

  • @audrey  6 weeks

    Thank you for listening and commenting on my song Birth.

  • @jorh 6 weeks

    Thanks for your kind comments, fingers crossed for music 🤞

  • @timfatchen  7 weeks

    Hi Karan, thanks for the applause on "You've stolen your story". It's intriguing, I love that modal early repeated chord change First-Seventh but I was trying oh so hard not to slip oh so easily into Nina-Simone's "Sinnerman" introduction! so keeping away from that, the rhythm becomes a bit less syncopated and goes Brechtian! I think it's a function of a piano, I never seem to get it on a guitar.

  • @wurzelfrau 7 weeks

    Happy FAWM, Karan, bin schon ganz gespannt!

  • @ryuu 7 weeks

    Yay! Toll, dass du wieder mit dabei bist!

  • @dukemeyer  7 weeks

    Hey! Willkommen im vertrauten geschützten Bereich! 😁 Bin schon sooo gespannt auf deine Lieder! Die es jetzt noch nicht gibt (obwohl du schon so viele schrübst)!

  • @nuj4x 7 weeks

  • @petra777 8 weeks


  • @timfatchen  Jan 18

    Good to see you back. (and kudos for the first FAWMku too!)

  • @axl  Jan 16

    Moin Karan. Und Glückwunsch zum Zehnjährigen! 😀

  • @tootoobee  Jan 15

    Hi Karan, einen SUUPER-kreativen Februar und viel Spaß wünsche ich Dir für FAWM! 😀

  • @tamsnumber4  Jan 15

    Hello Karan! Excited to hear your music!