Deb Flanders 12


Madison, W US   Jan 2016

Artist Bio

Influences:   Joni Mitchell, Laura Nyro, Judy Collins (among others) were playing on my college turn-table. Now, Sara Jarosz, Chris Thiele, Bonnie Raitt, Alison Krauss.

Pianist, guitarist, budding ukelele-ist, and lifetime singer who thinks music is one of God's best ideas!

Hey, who knew that just a few short weeks after FAWM 2020, the S#$T would hit the proverbial fan! Can't wait to see how everyone will process 2020 in musical form. Can't wait to see how I process it all - keep it at arms length, or put it under a microscope? Guess we'll find out! Let the inspiration flow...


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  • @oaksnprairie  1 day

    Glad you liked my music! I have done little listening since mid March, but now you've inspired me to check out more music before it goes.

  • @andygetch  6 days

    Hi Deb. BTW my wife's name also is Deb ๐Ÿ˜€. Thanks for the 'Hey Andy' comment! Still checking in and now doing the Prequel, sorta, along with poetry month on the FAWM Slack chat. I am looking forward to 50/90.

  • @jeff9  1 week

    Thank you, Deb, for the sweet words about โ€œJulianโ€, my collab with @oswlek.

  • @gregwere 1 week

    Well done Deb, you win the chocolates - the first person to guess David Attenborough on 'When David Dies' - thanks for your lovely comments. Someone else suggested David Suzuki, which I found ironic - another great David - environmentalist.

  • @audrey  3 weeks

    Thank you for listening to my music and for all the lovely comments. I truly appreciate it. Have a great year until next FAWM. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • @danvaillancourt  3 weeks

    Thanks so much for your amazing and thoughtful comments Deb!!!

  • @zecoop  4 weeks

    Thank you for the very nice comments - I continue to enjoy your music too! I got my second dose two weekends ago - it was pretty emotional, even getting the first. Suddenly you are actually taking a step in the right direction! I am very proud of the plant I work at, even though I don't work on that specific project. Tons of hard work by a lot of people!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • @richaaaay  5 weeks

    HI Deb, thank you so much for the generous and encouraging comments on my music. I just had a very nice listening journey through a number of your songs. Such talent, guitar, piano, dulcimer, synth and beautiful vocals. Great stuff...Very diverse spectrum...

  • @sunnymae  5 weeks

    Hey Kadmad!
    I'm still around and catching up with lots of listening! So much amazing stuff to listen to and fatten my playlist up with! So glad you enjoyed "Invocation" and our Lauro Nyro connection!

  • @sunnymae  5 weeks

    Thanks for your feedback on as the house burns down. I'm glad you happened upon my page and now I'm on yours! ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—

  • @jeff9  5 weeks

    Very kind of you to drop in on "Pardon My Love" Deb, and thanks for the nice comments.

  • @hummingbear  6 weeks

    Thanks, Deb, for all the wonderful comments! And thanks for your music. If I hadn't gotten lamentation out of my system, at least a little, I couldn't have moved on to other things. Are you going to be doing more songwriting during the year?

  • @crisp1  6 weeks

    Thank you so much for the wonderful comments about my collaboration with Theresa -- Never, Never, Never. Very sweet!

  • @arinushka 6 weeks

    Thanks for the comment! I'm glad you like this bears'-boogie-woogie!

  • @arinushka 6 weeks

    Thank you for listening 'To sleep' and thank you for your comment. Nice to meet you here and share songs!

  • @hbusse  6 weeks

    Ha, yes, my daughterโ€™s song lyrics are I think the result of listening to one too many female pop star songs... not necessarily real life experience, ha! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • @theseanovan  6 weeks

    Hello! Thank you for the comments on a few of my songs a little while back. My girlfriend loved the lyrics and the music to "Faded Heart." Can't wait to sit down and hear some of your music.

  • @kristi  7 weeks

    Hey, thanks for your very nice comments on my writing and for your comments on my collab w/Corey Stewart on A Long Time Ago!! FAWM helps with getting some writing down on paper!

  • @jonmeta  7 weeks

    Deb, that's one of the nicest compliments I've ever had: that this is the kind of music you'd like to listen to. That's very affirming and encouraging.

  • @hummingbear  7 weeks

    If you look at the songs list you can see the total # of songs, then look at the total # of zongs. Many songs have been posted this weekend, and this usually means fewer listens. You're right, everyone's busy making music. Hope Lament gets some listens during the week!

  • @hummingbear  7 weeks

    Uff da, I almost forgot how to set it up as a collaborative effort, but I just got it marked.

  • @hummingbear  7 weeks

    Deb, it would be my honor if you'd put Lament to music. I've barely started FAWMing this year, but hope to engage more over this weekend.

  • @hazzard  7 weeks

    thanks for your comment!! i'm hoping to engage more here in this last chunk of the month. gonna go listen to your songs now!

  • @dantanz1 8 weeks

    Thank you so much! I appreciate your kind comments! Dan

  • @theodamus  8 weeks

    Thank you so much for your lovely and thoughtful comments on Birds and Cold! You are the second person this FAWM to tell me I play the guitar so it sounds like a ukulele - I really do! Iโ€™m only really picking up the guitar again this year after a lot of years playing ukulele in bands and for songwriting, and really enjoying getting back into it but the ukulele โ€œaccentโ€ comes through haha

  • @jonmeta  8 weeks

    Thank you, Deb! The Cabbage Bag song was a weird one but it came together surprisingly quickly, so there must have been something solid in there. Iโ€™m glad you enjoyed and thanks for the encouragement.

  • @beat  8 weeks

    Thank you for listening and for your kind words. Appreciate.

  • @gm7  8 weeks

    Thx you for your wonderful comment . Robyn did a excellent job on drawing out every word and phrase to match the music.

  • @feb21sundari Feb 12

    Thanks so much for your kind comments

  • @daveyboy103  Feb 11

    That's Superior Drummer 3 and my fingers on drums. on Upstream ๐Ÿ˜€

  • @hazzard  Feb 6

    arrived late & ready to listen ๐Ÿ˜€

  • @theodamus  Feb 4

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my first song of FAWM21! Sounds like we are both riding a folk wave this year ๐Ÿ˜€

  • @hbusse  Feb 2

    Thanks for listening to "Flutter"! Glad you liked it! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • @theresaj  Feb 1

    Well Iโ€™d be thrilled to pull off another year like last year! Thanks for the encouragement, itโ€™s very much appreciated. Looking forward to your music!

  • @jonmeta  Feb 1

    Indeed. My first song last year was "Be strong and let your heart take courage". It was mostly a note to self. I look forward to hearing your creations.

  • @hbusse  Feb 1

    Love your influences by the way. Are you familiar with the band "I'm With Her"? Sarah Jarosz, Sara Watkins (from Nickel Creek with Chris Thile), and Aoife O'Donovan... simply amazing...

  • @johncrossman  Jan 31

    I just checked my watch and... omigosh it's almost time! Are you as nervous/excited as the rest of these crazy folks, present company included?! Also, that's probably the first time I've ever typed "omigosh" (now twice!) and I don't plan to do it again. It felt a little weird.

  • @hbusse  Jan 29

    Hi Deb! Looks like youโ€™re FAWMing this year?

  • @hummingbear  Jan 27

    Hey Deb! Glad to see you back! It would take more than 14 songs to process 2020.