kable 8


Seattle US   Jan 27


Artist Bio

Influences:   Animusic, Disasterpeace, C418, Tipper, Mr. Bill, Adam Young, au5, Culprate, Anomalie, Jacob Collier

~10 years playing in the DAW. Slowly growing.

I currently work part-time at Nintendo while wrapping up college, so this is sort of a side thing. Have to do a lot of the production during the weekend!


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  • @louishong Feb 13

    This is an amazing experience, you really got it Kable. <3

  • @andrewjtaylor  Feb 10

    Cool! Next week I’m pretty free (school vacation). Weekend might be a little odd, but actually Saturday could be wide open. What DAW do you use?

  • @andrewjtaylor  Feb 10

    Hey Kable. I’m really apprehensive about this, because it’s a yet untested zone for me, but I’m interested in doing a pop-edm collab with you if you’re open - you the music (or i can generate on vox & gtr and you can EDMify it), and me the melody, vocals, and lyrics. Lyrics are my weak point as far as speed and confidence are concerned, but I’m getting there. Let me know what you think. Hearing your song “Kinetic Energy” on SoundCloud got me thinking of possibilities. I want to venture into the pop-end realm, but my synth skills aren’t there yet. Also, the song form is a bit different and I’m really familiar with the standard (I)V(V)CVC(C)BCC(O).

  • @lavishdude Feb 10

    Thanks for the kind words on our song, "Escape!" We had a good time on that one.

  • @kable Feb 1

    I don’t often do music with vocals. I might try it a couple times for this month, but I’ll stick mostly to instrumentals.

  • @nuj4x Jan 30

  • @fuzzy  Jan 30

    Hey, @kable, welcome to FAWM!!
    This will be such an awesome experience for you!
    Here's a tip, though; if you want to reply to someone's post, whether here on your Soundboard or on your song comments when the site really opens, go to that person's Soundboard and do it there; if you reply here on your own Soundboard they may never see it.
    A bit nonsensical, but that's how this site works.
    Happy FAWMing!!

  • @kable Jan 29

    @saltbearer lol I will try my best. I haven’t done this challenge before, and am finishing up school with part time work. So... here we go...

  • @saltbearer Jan 29

    ANIMUSIC, Tipper, Mr. Biokay Watched.

  • @kable Jan 28

    Thanks, @nancyrost!

  • @nancyrost  Jan 27

    Welcome to FAWM!