JW Hanberry 34


Kentucky US   Jul 2009


Artist Bio

Influences:   Rock, Blues, bluegrass, jazz, metal, folk, funk, fusion, country, Bach, electronica, Musique concrète, TV Themes

FAWM 2020. FAWM 6 for me. It just keeps gettin' better.

Just released an album of eleven 2017 FAWM, 50/90 and SongSkirmish stuff. (I'm obviously a little behind) "Fast Lane Hero" streaming free at http://www.GuitarSlinger.com/fastlane...

No plan for this year as I'm working on some other projects. Whatever happens it's good to reconnect with old friends and co-conspirators. I'm open to learning so critiques are always welcome.

Have fun Everyone.

For my actual resumé go to http://www.GuitarSlinger.com and click on "Bio".

I'm a he/him

Songs (34)

#1 Go If You Want To 18
Feb 1
#2 Coyote 19
Feb 2
#3 Greater Good 7
Feb 3
#4 Put Your Heart In It 8
Feb 4
#5 Nothing Rhymes With Orange 11
8 weeks
#6 Reflection 9
8 weeks
#7 Unexpected 5
8 weeks
#8 Great Day 14
8 weeks
#9 Mister Gin 11
8 weeks
#10 Gold Statue 11
8 weeks
#11 In A Fog 6
7 weeks
#12 Cruise Control 5
7 weeks
#13 Energy 5
7 weeks
#14 What's The Question 5
7 weeks
#15 Fly Away 3
7 weeks
#16 The Day After 9
7 weeks
#17 Fish On My Dish 13
7 weeks
#18 Seventh Second Chance 9
7 weeks
#19 Feedback House 4
6 weeks
#20 Ain't Back 7
6 weeks
#21 Cold 9
6 weeks
#22 Real Life 5
6 weeks
#23 Gentle and Kind 11
6 weeks
#24 Books 4
5 weeks
#25 Competition 3
5 weeks
#26 Stop The Fighting 4
5 weeks
#27 The Waiting Game @sunnymae  6
5 weeks
#28 Pennies Ain't Made Of Copper 8
5 weeks
#29 Punctuation 6
5 weeks
#30 The Words I Speak 6
5 weeks
#31 Process 4
5 weeks
#32 New Beginnings 6
5 weeks
#33 In Summer 9
5 weeks
#34 Outa My Mind 12
5 weeks


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  • @sunnymae  4 weeks

    Awesome sauce JW! Glad she liked it.

  • @sunnymae  4 weeks

    Share away my friend!
    I'm going to change all my settings now that the month is over.

  • @sunnymae  4 weeks

    Done and Done. Posted both on the forums you suggested!

  • @sunnymae  4 weeks

    Well you gone and done it now! Hope we can get some folks to take a listen and enjoy it.
    This arrangement is just plain crisp and tight. Love the added fills and changes in the chorus. You got the funk Brother. This is a huge amount of work. I hope you had fun cutting loose with it. 😀

  • @sunnymae  4 weeks

    Holy Crow JW...you freakin' nailed it on The Waiting Game! Love how you carved out a chorus you could return to. I will edit the lyrics to reflect the adjustments that came so naturally. I'm glad you took the liberty of doing that. The beats are awesome, sexy, groove filled. That's a LOT of work and I thank you!! Let's do another next year.:)

  • @spunky4455 4 weeks

    Thanks for the info on Ghosthack. I think I'll explore it.

  • @sunnymae  4 weeks

    Okay with letting go of" all the while line."

    Isn't it ridiculous we can't tag each other and have to keep writing back and forth? There's something about FAWM that's quaint but quite archaic at the same time! Oh well.. 😀

  • @sunnymae  4 weeks

    It goes with the lines before it ending with "that hasn't come to happen" my intention would be to stop after "happen" take a breath and then say the word "to disappear"

  • @sunnymae  5 weeks

    I know you're crayzee writing, so if you just want to send some tracks, I'll do the spoken word. It can be tomorrow or during March. We have the placeholder so no worries.

  • @metalfoot  5 weeks

    Well, it was written in a hurry but yeah zinc is incredibly useful.

  • @sunnymae  5 weeks

    Okay you're in.

  • @scubed  5 weeks

    Thanks very much for your kind comment on “The Copperhead”! I’ve come across copperheads in the wild a few times. On a hike in the Georgia mountains, we had to wait for the snake to move out of the middle of the trail before we could proceed.

  • @sunnymae  5 weeks

    Okay going to put you on for a collab on my page. Happy to have you do the soundtrack. If you're feeling the spoken word have at it. If not I'll try one.

  • @sunnymae  5 weeks

    Yeah... lots of folks coming down the home stretch to the finish line. If you're feeling a beat for my Waiting Game tune go for it whenever you have the chance!

  • @tamsnumber4  5 weeks

    Thank you for commenting on my collab song "This Time", I appreciate it!

  • @scubed  6 weeks

    Thanks so much for your kind words on “Waiting for the Supernova”!

  • @sunnymae  6 weeks

    Awhh..JW, you're my favorite ZONG buster!!! So glad you like my pseudo latin kitchen sink, use all the vocal tracks tune..She's Back.
    Much appreciated. Something I will work on during March edit month.

  • @treble 6 weeks

    Thank you so much for your supportive comments on my skirmish song I'm Back. Much appreciated.

  • @keithcuts  6 weeks


  • @chucknamaste 6 weeks

    Yep that’s the hand built jazzmaster I just put together! Hand painted with some renaissance art by my girlfriend’s friend 😀

  • @sunnymae  6 weeks

    Hi JW... thanks so much for your encouraging feedback on my second chances tune. It was a struggle to get through it but glad I got to the finish line.

  • @musicsongwriter  7 weeks

    Thank you so much John for listening to both versions and leaving your kind comments on both. I appreciate your support very much.

  • @treble 7 weeks

    Thank you so much for your sweet comments on my skirmish Sugar Song. Your folks had donuts every morning? My Mom are donuts i bed every morning. That's how the trouble starts I guess. 😀

  • @keithcuts  7 weeks

    They didn’t have the energy

  • @treble 7 weeks

    Thanks for your comments on Cruise Control. You mentioned you hadn't had trouble with potholes since you left Seattle. I grew up in Seattle and now deal with potholes on California roads LOL.

  • @scubed  7 weeks

    I appreciate the kind words on “The Unexpected.”

  • @acousticmaddie  8 weeks

    Thank you for your kind comments.<3

  • @scubed  8 weeks

    Thanks so much for your lovely comment on “King Midas”!

  • @snoozin  8 weeks

    Ha..your comment made me laugh! I'm trying to balance skirmsh and ideas I can spend more time on for a change. Nice to see you back JW. 😀

  • @johnstaples  8 weeks

    John, if I had to guess I'd say...crawdads! Every time my grandpa's spring was blocked it was...crawdads! Those pesky little bugs would get in and block everything!

  • @treble 8 weeks

    Thanks for your comments on Have a Great Day. Wow, yours put you all the way up to eight songs in eight days. Now that is great!

  • @yam655 8 weeks

    The "GPT-2" stuff, particularly when coupled with your _own_ lyrics, is like having a friend that's super familiar with your songs, but remembers them poorly. They're always mixing stuff up and getting stuff wrong, but in a way that's always inspiring you to write new songs. -- Like I said, it's fun!

  • @musicsongwriter  Feb 3

    Thank you so much for your kind comment on Dear Gosha and for sharing it. So sorry for your friend's loss 😞

  • @treble Feb 2

    Thank you so much for your supportive comments about my skirmish song, "Go." Hope you have a wonderful FAWM!

  • @hakk  Feb 1

    Nice to see you again! Have a great February!

  • @ampersandman  Jan 29

    Thanks JW for listening and your kind words on my album. Have a great FAWM 2020!

  • @gemhughs Jan 22

    Welcome back to FAWM ... Hope you do well again this year!

  • @klaus  Jan 22

    Hi JW. Just listened some songs from your album. Nice stuff and different styles. Good harmonies on the title song. Have a great Fawm 2020.

  • @kellylog99 Jan 21

    I love Bluegrass! Im excited
    Happy fawm!

  • @carlos Jan 19

    Hi JW! Thx for the Forum msg!.. have a great fawm and I’ll be listening in.

  • @zecoop  Jan 17

    Happy FAWM!!! Yayyyyyyyyyy

  • @metalfoot  Jan 16

    Hey there! Let's do this FAWM thing! 😁

  • @max  Jan 14