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Can’t believe this is my 6th FAWM the time seems to have flown by.

A lot has changed for me musically over the past 6 years with a major change that happened in October 2018. I had been in a 5 piece rock band for 5 years and ‘due to artistic differences’ I felt that I had to leave. Luckily 3 of the band had already been working as an acoustic trio so we kept that going and that is a major musical focus for me. We are called ‘The Sacred Woods’. So I have been writing a lot of new material for that band as well as doing my experimental and sound art stuff but my challenge for this FAWM is going to be around the acoustic band.

I have managed 14 every FAWM but I am not going to push for that this year. Instead I am going to try and focus around an output of material that does not come easily…..the positive upbeat songs in a major key. Most of the things I easily and quickly come up with all all minor key and usually not very uplifting so the band could really do with some happy songs, so that is my focus, to write ‘some’ happy songs.

If you want to know more about me as an artist and musician you can check out my website www.julesbryant.co.uk and my blog https://sonicsentience.music.blog/

Would be happy to hook up with more people on Facebook, I love the family atmosphere that FAWM produces and I keep up with some past FAWM friends throughout the year. (FAWM friends are not just for February!)

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