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Kangasala FI   Feb 2014


Artist Bio

Influences:   H.R. Giger, Theodor Kittelsen, books, movies,

Hello. I'm JS6. Or Jussi. I'm a bedroom musician.

Sixth time already. Whoa! This year I'll try to do concept stuff. There, a public promise. There's no going back now. The concept stuff is marked with a star emoji ⭐.

The language will be Finnish again but don't you worry: I'm going to translate, as always, the lyrics to English so you Finnish-impaired know what they are about. Also, I'll try to make at least one song in English.

My Hall of FAWMe:

★ FAWM 2014: 14 songs ★
★ FAWM 2015: 14 songs ★ ⑴
★ FAWM 2016: 21 songs ★ ⑵
★ FAMW 2017: 16 songs ★ (³)
★ FAWM 2018: 14 songs ★

★ 50/90 2015: 50 songs★

⑴ including one collab

⑵ including two collabs and the epic "FAWM is down" collaboration

(³) including two collabs

I'll be Bach.


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  • @ustaknow Feb 5

    I tried your BandCamp link as-is and would not work so just copied and pasted the "jiivisa.bandcamp.com" only and came up. FAWM parses links, so, just say'in remove the "http://" for sure if there, and if have the "/" at the end? 'cause when came up, came up full URL as I comment and no "/" -- well, if it's important!

    So, derUgo!

  • @nuj4x Jan 25