journeyman 15


Astoria US   Feb 2020

Artist Bio

Influences:   16-bit video games, 90's grunge/alternative, hans zimmer, chillwave, cyberpunk, outer space, under water

different process this year:

the more i participate in FAWM forums, the less music i write.

this time around i spent 1-2 hours in an evening writing a framework, then put it out of my mind. i've just uploaded all the music on this, the final day. will later sit down and listen to it all!

a week later and have added some titles and tags to make things less of a mystery for any listeners. thanks for any feedback!


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  • @journeyman Mar 7

    @timfatchen i needed to step away for a bit after such an intensive month of work+songwriting. i always intended to add more detail, but if i'm being honest i very likely wouldn't have bothered if not for your comment. so thank you! just finished updating.

  • @timfatchen  Mar 5

    Suggestion: add a bit more to the songtitles (tags, if nothing else) I think you're being avoided because folk suspect you're another professional lot who've suddenly appeared at the fag end and dumped an albums worth hoping for sales or fans or something right at the tail end. That is NOT what you are, but people don't see the bio when they look at the list of songs. So help yourself to be heard with a few tags or enlarged titles. Or a wave in the forums.