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Influences:   john darnielle, the mountain goats, the decemberists, neutral milk hotel, the new pornographers, radiohead, moxy fruvous, the thermals

2.28: this was my 10th FAWM. It was a good one. This site is so great as are the people in it. See you next year!

2.19: I was going to do this "school shooting" themed album and then a school shooting happened in Florida. So I'm not doing that anymore.

TITULAR VOLUME 3! (20 titles from FAWM's Titular feature, I'll write 14 of 'em!)

2000 grenades of broad
stay out
no rapper (soup step)
dialogue stoned
04 i want to enjoy you:
your travelin' atlantis mater
missing expression of junkie
the reminder of a shooter
telling to 1-2-3
01 howling alone:
movie, baker million
infinity i eyed
minute of lies
justice of seven
little cheap fade
crickets from the law
02 prettiest:
magick at'97
remix smoking
what a frenzy

(God Titular is so awesome. These titles are awesome.)

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