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97233 US   Jan 2008  

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Influences:   john darnielle, the mountain goats, the decemberists, neutral milk hotel, the new pornographers, radiohead, moxy fruvous, the thermals


END OF MONTH DEBRIEF: Well I did five songs, which is better than zero songs. I don't have the same drive for FAWM that I did a few years back, and my output all sounds bad to me. I feel detached from the process, other than the handful of friends that I've made from FAWMs past. It was easier to get comments years ago when the community wasn't as huge. This might be my last titular year because my creativity isn't as keen as it was before. It's all eh. ehhhhhe hhhhhh.


13th FAWM! Holy hell I almost forgot. This must be my ... xXxCURSED_FAWMxXx

Last year I fell off quick. Bad headspace! But I feel more connected now, so we'll see if I can pop out 14 song babies this year.


(mostly)Guaranteed stream dates+times (ALL PST):
Mondays - 5:30pm-9:30pm
Fridays - 5:30pm-9:30pm
Saturdays - 10am-?
Sundays - 5:30pm-9:30pm

Let's do some more Titular songs!

My completely random list of 20 song titles for 2021:

baron 90 prophet
23 chapters ago
2000 rockets desperate
01 balcony for the weekends
she shower
'a davy
lullabye met to terminate
04 her ashamed friend
47 warpath yr
feast separated satan
crab into the x-mas [HAHAHAHAHAAA]
your muse of track
05 never broke
02 i know the champion
03 brooklyn 1-2-3 illegal
woe of the broad jelen
remnants of lazy
hurry it cold
on the st tonight
frequency babooshka

holy hell, I love Titular


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  • @joshbelville  Feb 6

    @dragondreams @quork congrats, you made the cut. but holy hell everyone gave me such great takes, it was VERY hard to pick!

    DD I put your second solo back in the mix because obviously two solos at the same time is annoying, but it still sounds good I think. thanks!

  • @dragondreams  Feb 6

    Hi Josh. Email sent with link to a possible solo for "i know the champion".

  • @quork  Feb 6

    I sent the harp solo. Hopefully it came through and you can work with it, let me know.

  • @dzdandcunfsd  Feb 6

    Haha yup no worries! I burnt myself out on a more "standard" guitar playing long ago, I still love to hear it, just not when I do it 😁 but, yes.......this weirdo harp sounds intriguing too 😁

  • @quork  Feb 5

    I think your song cries out for harp. Of course, to a man with a harp everything sounds like it needs harp. 😀 I'm thinking something with lots of effects, that would go with your overdriven guitar tones. I'll work on something tonight or Saturday and send you what I come up with.

  • @rosedeschamps  Feb 4

    Feel like a collab this year?

  • @stevenwesleyguiles  Feb 2

    LOL. I like the title "I Know The Champion".
    That feels like a winner.
    Or, at least, NEAR a winner.

  • @johncrossman  Jan 29

    Yes, HLL, what @jackdawfactories said! Or whatever, we'll take it.

  • @jackdawfactories  Jan 29

    Bernald Sanders voice I am once again asking whether we might see a HLL or two this year

  • @evinwolverton  Jan 26

    God, you get the best stuff out of Titular. I'm eager as ever.

  • @carleybaer  Jan 26

    Portland Eastsiders in the house! I'm calling it early: Brooklyn 1-2-3 Illegal is my new favorite song 😁 happy FAWM!

  • @stevenwesleyguiles  Jan 24


    Also, GOOD SONGS?! You will have to wait a LOOONG time for that.
    SONGS on the other hand, *cracks knuckles*, I can provide in spades.

  • @charliecheney  Jan 16

    I love you Josh! Super excited to hear your wimbles and wombles this year.

  • @evinwolverton  Jan 10

    I'm so excited to hear your 2021 titles and what you'll do with them. I look up to you in this way.