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Sheffield UK   Sep 2016

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This will be my 5th FAWM - and I’ve been looking forward to this particular edition so much that I’ve decide to clear my entire schedule for the month! No pubs, no restaurants, no shopping...I’m that committed I’m not even going to visit family. Oh wait?!

I tend to write lyrics only. Occasionally i do come up with a half decent melody, but it’s a ‘needle in a haystack’ kind of situation. I also can’t play instruments - although I have owned a keyboard for the last 3 years, it turns out this is purely for decorative reasons much to my partners annoyance. I promise I’ll at least try to have started learning by next year!

Also a pre-warning, I often write in ‘character’ - so please do not judge me for anything that comes out of my mouth. Last year I managed to come up with ‘Variety’s a spice and my p*ssy tastes good, is it nutty and sweet like cous cous.’ I’m a gay man whose never eaten cous cous, so make of that what you will.

My favourite part of FAWM is collaborating with all the talented and lovely people here. If you like any of my lyrics and want to put them to music just hit me up. I’m more than happy for people to make change to my lyrics - Its normally the case that the other persons re-write is what I was aiming to say but lacked the skill to pull off haha !

Happy FAWM 2021 everyone 🥳

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  • @judypie  4 days

    Hahahahah I was in the shower actually, AKA, THE VOCAL BOOTH 😂

  • @judypie  4 days

    Haha I was singing it just the other day 😁

  • @judypie  4 days

    Yas! Yas it is! Yayyyy, glad you’re in 😁 Hmmmm ready? Not really. But there’s 2 whole weeks yet right 😁

  • @judypie  1 week

    Hello? Hello?!