Jordan 11


Amsterdam NL   Jan 27

Artist Bio

Influences:   The Cardigans, Rilo Kiley, Imogen Heap, Regina Spektor, Jewel, Sufjan Stevens

Long-time singer-songwriter, but I haven't really made much of an effort to do much with my songs. I'm mainly a singer, my guitar skills are pretty mediocre. I have an album of old material in the works, and now I'm trying to be more focused and dedicated on making new music and learning how to record and mix. I love writing lyrics; they're like open-ended word puzzles.

Constructive criticism is welcome, especially on song structure and instrumentation/mixing.


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  • @laotranati 7 weeks

    Hello, thanks for your comment on my song A veces

  • @sourcedecay  7 weeks

    Likewise! Really had fun with this. Sending you a message on songcraft also.

  • @emilyc 7 weeks

    Thank you so much for the kind words on Terra Firma. I agree that putting lyrics together is like an open-ended word puzzle and look forward to listening to your tunes.

  • @princesssavania 7 weeks

    Thanks for listening and commenting on 'The Glint'! I love your production ideas, definitely gives me some direction!

  • @imaginary1 7 weeks

    Thanks for the kind mentions! I appreciate them a lot, coming from another cool songwriter such as yourself...! Im glad you like them. The 60s vibe is mainly just a combination of the 4 track cassette recordings and then the stuff I digitally overdub is smashed with tape plugins. So it all sounds old and mangled ha ha.

  • @pinkyandclementine 7 weeks

    Thank you for commenting on my songs and the feedback is greatly appreciated ! 😀 I wish I had more to show for this month, but thank you for your kind words.

  • @jennakole  7 weeks

    Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments. Means a lot. 💗

  • @amelea 7 weeks

    😀 Glad you liked my creepy lyrics and references!

  • @metalfoot  7 weeks

    Prolific and/or a little nuts 😀
    Thanks for listening! I will try to get to some of your stuff over the next while. The kids are at school and I have the day off so it's a quiet time for recording.

  • @lizbrinker  Feb 17

    Thank you, @jordandarl ! I texted the phrase to a friend a few days ago after I broke my phone and felt completely hamstrung.

  • @hmorg  Feb 17

    Thanks for the comment on "Monolithic Halls"! I've been doubting my lyrical skills lately, like why can't I come up with stuff as good as I did 10 years ago, but it's moments like this that I realize it's just been lack of effort and inspiration and that I am still capable when I put my head and heart into it.

  • @amelea Feb 17

    Thanks so much for the comments on Straight Chartreuse and Blue Valentine. I love that "Valentine alternative" lyric too and was considering having that be the name instead since there is that movie Blue Valentine but I've kind of been going with a color vibe so far for fawm, and made more sense with the "you're too busy being blue" chorus. Is the movie good? (If you've seen it). Maybe I should watch it so I know what weird scenes people are thinking about when they listen to my song hahah

  • @sourcedecay  Feb 16

    Thanks for the comment on "Swimming in the Sun"! I got the same feeling that it could be put to a movie scene (and I did make a looping video clip to put it to on my instagram now (@jorge_vallentine). Gave me kind of a "Killing Moon" vibe from Echo and the Bunnymen or Bass Drum of Death's "Way Out". I think I wanna go more into that spacey fuzzy sound with more songs and see what happens.

  • @sourcedecay  Feb 14

    Sure, feel free to send me an email at and I'll try re-inviting you. Maybe I got your email wrong. Thanks!

  • @sourcedecay  Feb 12

    Awesome! I like using this platform for writing together. (It's like a shared google doc but for songwriting). I went ahead and e-mailed you an invite so we can work on something together there. If you have any other way you want to communicate though feel free to let me know!

  • @sourcedecay  Feb 11

    Thank you for your comment on "The Devil's Rain"! Do you do collabs? I loved "Scorpion Boy" and I feel like we have a similar enough style we could come up with something cool together if you're up for trying something out!

  • @heidiserwer  Feb 9

    Hi and thanks for stopping by my page and commenting on "Puzzled"!

  • @abudabard12514  Feb 6

    Thanks for listening to my crown chakra loop! Looking forward to hearing your creations 😀

  • @fuzzy  Jan 28

    Welcome to FAWM!!!

  • @tseaver  Jan 28

    Welcome, and happy FAWMing!