07013 US   Jan 2013  

Artist Bio

Influences:   2019: We are inspired by other music, like nintendo music and pop music and Anger. 2018: Are you ready to rock? Its going to be like the video game guilty gear except we are bad 2017: (we forgot to write stuff here) 2016: It's quiet! Too quiet.... 2015:Uh oh lets do this. 2013:I am not sure, honestly we have no clue what we are doing. We are a just two guys and one's got a ukulele and I think distortion sounds pretty cool, and we think there's a time and place for it. 2014:We did every song acoustic, and in the same room. Completely different song writing style. Feel free to comment as critical as possible. Our goal is to eventually just make music people actually want to listen to.

JohnnyJustice, is me Jonathan Justin. Gus Gonzalez plays ukulele and I sing.

Jon is the vocalist, bassist, and sometimes rhythm guitarist. He considers himself a screamer (in bed and for music)

Gus plays electric ukulele with some bass and guitar thrown in. He also adds flare to the music with his skills as a producer with tools like FL Studios and Garage Band and his right hand for jacking it.