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Sand Springs USA   Jan 2014

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Influences:   folks who write songs I like

It's FAWM!...again
Can't believe a year has passed
Made me think of "It's May" from "Camelot"

Tra la, It's FAWM the crazy month of FAWM
a tiny month...where ev'ryone tries to pump out 14 songs
Tra la, It's Here, that special time of year
Where tons of crazy, brilliant tunes happily appear!

It's FAWM, it's FAWM, we come to write our wrongs
where you can write them down in verse, (hope for the best), laugh at the worst
A Zong! "C'mon, That's a brilliant song!
It's FAWM, it's FAWM
Let's have another song!

Hello fellow fawmers...Again, I don't know where we find time for this, but
here goes nuttin' ;)
Met some fabulous talent here last year...looking forward to more of that, and re-connecting!
Not much production from me this last year, too busy making the mortgage :(
Hoping to drive myself to write the finishes to some old projects...
and whatever else comes to mind...
Cheers to all, an this next rounds on me

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