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Influences:   FAWMers for sure. Also Classic Rock and Blues players. Oh, and Eric Distad. :-)

Second Year!

I've been a guitar player for about 25 years. Last year was my first ever real attempt at songwriting. FAWM was super crazy, and super fun. I decided I wanted to do it again. I am clearly nuts.

My goals are to participate, to have fun, and to aim for 14! Maybe I'll get a few good ones out of it. 😀

Many thanks to all the wonderful FAWMers who made my first year so good. If not for all your encouragement, I would not be so excited about this year.

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  • @metalfoot  5 days

    I love spoons, I love forks, I love knives... because they help me eat food... 😁
    And I love that FAWM's about to start again. All the best to you and your songwriting this February as well!

  • @ericdistad  6 days

    Welcome back Jason! Let's do this!

  • @airbagtester  6 days

    Hey! Welcome back!