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Decorah, IA US   Jan 2018  

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Influences:   FAWMers for sure. Also Classic Rock and Blues players. Oh, and Eric Distad. :-)

2020 - My 3rd FAWM!

I never really wrote songs until 2018, my first FAWM. That was such an exciting experience for me. I never thought I'd be writing my own songs, and I did get all 14! So, I signed up again last year (2019) and had a lot of fun again. In some respects, my "success" of 2018 made me put pressure on myself for 2019. I may have tried too hard in some respects, but it was still a great time, and I came out with a couple of real keepers.

This year I feel a bit more relaxed. I'm not stressing or over-preparing. Maybe I'm just a bit lazy. Regardless I'm here again to take a stab at 14 songs.

Goals: Relax more than last year, try doing some vocal harmonies (I've barely dabbled in that) and have fun.

Thank you so much to everyone here who has been such an encouragement. Like so many others, I would not have continued without such a great community.

A quote from Red Green:
"Remember, I'm pullin' for ya. We're all in this together."


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  • @ustaknow 1 week

    Thank you for that, glad folks "get" me, my meaning.

    That challenge, it's easy, in that it's done in steps as I hope is clear in it's outline, - so one can build, do one, wait a week, do the next and etc.

    I'm surprised at the many I speak to that have so many other approaches, but not this. I guess the kernel of it is, if I speak a direct line to God, I may then more easily "sing" about it, "fall into" then a song of some deritive.

    So, as you like, - just say'in. And thank you again for the comment.

  • @valeriecox  3 weeks

    Hi there. Thanks so much for commenting on my Thankfulness song. 😀

  • @redlady8029  3 weeks

    Thank you for commenting and liking this song.

  • @quork  4 weeks

    Jason, thank you for listening to and commenting on my song. Much appreciated. I can't believe I haven't checked out any of your stuff. Will do so when things settle down.

  • @ustaknow 4 weeks

    I remember your carol of the bells when check you out last time. So, happy FAWM2020! again.

  • @mishykatz  7 weeks

    Thanks for the listen and comment so glad I got over to hear your firstfruits!

  • @kanttila 8 weeks

    Thanks for checking out my track and commenting!

  • @pipewrench67  8 weeks

    Thanks, for the song comments, it has changed quite a bit in the context of a 4 piece band (actually did some modifications at practice last night).

  • @tawny249  8 weeks

    Hey, thanks for the note. Yes, it's about the goddess Athena in Greek mythology. There was a historical ritual and procession that took place every so many years in Ancient Greece, which is what the song is about. Look up the Panathenaia on wiki for more info. I like writing about mythology. 😀

  • @ampersandman  8 weeks

    Thanks! Glad you liked it. Have a great FAWM!

  • @oddbod  8 weeks

    Cheers for listening. Nice to see you here. Have a good one.

  • @pipewrench67  8 weeks

    Thanks for the heads up on the broken link to soundcloud. Now fixed.

  • @candle  8 weeks

    Thank you for the listen. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @keithcuts  8 weeks

    Hey Jason listened to go free! Great guitar work and crafty songwriting. I can see why it was chosen! Good stuff 👍

  • @ericdistad  8 weeks

    Welcome back!! 😀

    Let's do this!