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Milcawgo US   Feb 1

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FAWM noob. Appreciate everyone here moving forward.


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  • @deadhead Mar 1

    Congrats on hitting 14 in your first year!

    In the End was a ton of fun to work on! You also did really well on it - I never would've known you were new to recording if you didn't say so.

    Also thanks for commenting on almost every one of my songs haha. I listened to most of of yours, but comments don't come easy for me. I do like what I heard though 🙂

    Definitely stay in touch. I'm here every FAWM, and you've got my email if anything comes up outside of February.

  • @bobjestes  Feb 26

    Greetings from your Kenosha Fawmer!

  • @pianoonthepatio Feb 26

    Hey! Thanks for listening and commenting on Distant Escape II. I'm glad you resonated with the Mario bros sounds!

  • @davewermers Feb 18

    Thanks for listing and commenting on "Nothings Better Than You".

  • @erbaer  Feb 17

    I'll have something on 'Plotting Turtle' by tonight.

  • @porrectus  Feb 17

    Thanks for the comment on No Words

  • @cheezeboy  Feb 17

    Thanks for the comments on Nameless!

  • @ceilidh  Feb 16

    Thanks for your comments on "Low Expectations" - the music is now posted for listening.

  • @beat  Feb 15

    Thx for listening.
    Ja, only the portable lil thing... in 2017 I published a whole album wich was done only on my iPad. And, you can find a couple of artists here on FAWM who produce on iPads. @frozenlonesome, @pantsofdeath, @carbonatesonmars, and I think @modmiranda as well @electrocelte do a lot on small devices. And these are only a few of them that I know of...

  • @paulmauled Feb 14

    I'm happy to give it a shot man.

  • @cheezeboy  Feb 14

    Thanks for the comments on Open!

  • @arkka  Feb 11

    Thank you!

  • @daveyboy103  Feb 11

    Thanks for your kind comments, I will take a listen to your stuff later 👍

  • @acousticmaddie  Feb 11

    I indeed take "Scary" as a compliment. Thank you <3

  • @heidiserwer  Feb 10

    Hi there! Tried to listen to your last two songs and I think the links are broken.

  • @carleybaer  Feb 9

    Hi! Nice to see you! I hope you have fun 😀

  • @heidiserwer  Feb 9

    Hi and thanks for stopping by my page. Your comments on "Puzzled" are very thoughtful!

  • @klaus Feb 8

    Hi Jike. Thank you for listening to "Whatever You Do". I hope you have a good time in Fawm 2021.

  • @deadhead Feb 6

    I'll have to try the steak and wine pairing myself! Thanks for listening to my song!

  • @jessicagraae  Feb 5

    Thanks for your comment on my song. Punk is a great compliment.

  • @skittycat  Feb 5

    Thanks for the comment on Testing Times. I wasn't sure about tackling the subject matter in a song but once the idea rooted I had to go with it. Better out than in sometimes.

  • @frozenlonesome  Feb 5

    Hey , thanks for checking out Many Steps To Go. Glad you liked it. 😀

  • @erbaer  Feb 1

    Hey! Great to see you!