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New Orlean US   Jan 13

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Influences:   Pinegrove, Gregory Alan Isakov, Big Thief

Guitar and voice are my main instruments, and I'm ashamed that I only play covers (albeit quite well). So I'm here!

I grew up singing folk songs at family gatherings, and played electric guitar in some Seattle bands (Bizarro, The Lilim, The Symptoms, Wet Nightmare) in my early 20s. For the past 7 years though, I've mostly been playing acoustic guitar and singing. New / old flames include piano, electric bass, and cajon and other drums. I love playing and singing with other people, and am trying to do that more often!

February is a busy month in New Orleans...but I'm going to do my best to complete all 14 songs anyway! That extra day should help...

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  • @unpronounceable Feb 14

    How's your FAWM, friend? 😀

  • @wobbiewobbit  Feb 5

    hi just checking if you got your call on the Auntie-Sin thread for your ANTI to https://fawm.org/songs/100280/ please let me know if you are on it else i will reshuffle since i havent heard from you.

  • @guatecoop  Jan 31

    Thanks, man. Fawm couldn’t have come at a better time. I might just end up with cathartic noise, which I’m usually very intentional, but we’ll see. Happy fawming to you.

  • @unpronounceable Jan 30

    Oh man, totally forgot about that song! Might have to bug you to send it back! 😝

  • @mctown Jan 22

    You can do it. Gather up some collaborators... will assist you on your path.

  • @unpronounceable Jan 17

    Hey friend! It’s Julie G from Seattle. Good to see you here! Looking forward to hearing your stuff! 😀

  • @johnstaples  Jan 16

    Welcome to FAWM! Hope you have a wonderful month filled with songwriting and fun in this awesome community!

  • @fuzzy  Jan 14

    FAWM is a crash course in songwriting for sure!
    Welcome and have fun!!

  • @guatecoop  Jan 14

    That is a great reason to be here! Welcome!