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19078 US   Jan 2012  

Artist Bio

Influences:   Jill Andrews, Sarah Mclachlan, Sufjan Stevens, Kate Bush, John Dowland, Johannes Brahms and countless other composers and songwriters

It's my tenth FAWM! I'm a singer/songwriter and voice teacher based near Philadelphia.

You can find my music by following these links:
Check out Blue Heart here:
Check out Sea Dream here:
Gypsy Blood here:


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  • @honeybadgerfolk Feb 27

    Yay congrats on 14 songs!

  • @timlaborie  Feb 26

    Jessica, thanks for listening to and for you comments on "Stirring a Pot on the Stove."

  • @skibum1066  Feb 24

    My win? What did I win? I haven't heard about it!

  • @skibum1066  Feb 23

    Your songs are all heart. The Lyrics are your soul reaching out. I like them all Thank you for sharing your heart & soul.Thanks also for your generous feedback on my song "I don't know you"

  • @bfwaite  Feb 22

    Hi Jessica, thanks so much for your comment on my Sparrow song! Yes, the top hat is totally the vibe. Thanks for the kind words about recording as well!

  • @gonefolk  Feb 19

    Oh and you literally have a super cool record underway w/ a 1/3 of the way still left to go ✌️

  • @gonefolk  Feb 19

    Yo Jessica! I’m slacking on the February tunes, but having a lot of fun checking in on my fav. Fawnstars, your top that list! I have been back to work the last few weeks, only temporary, but out of town and it’s a lot of overtime, not much time for tunes I do have another one finished gonna try and record tonight!

  • @goldarrow  Feb 19

    Thanks for the comment on the lyrics for Money in the Mail. Much Appreciated.

  • @tukayandryan  Feb 18

    Thank you for your lovely feedback on 'The Shadow'. Will listen to some more of yours this weekend for sure.

  • @standup  Feb 9

    Thanks for listening to Death Ray, that was pretty fun to put together.

    The guitar lines are basically pentatonic minor, but I’m emphasizing the flat 5, which isn’t in the scale but is always good for things that want to sound creepy.

  • @metalfoot  Feb 5

    A lot of people were having troubles playing my songs because I store them on a webserver my wife and I share and I didn't have an SSL certifcate for the site. But now I do so Chrome's refusal to play the songs is no more.

  • @markg  Feb 5

    I found Jesus in a tree,
    His beard was growing long and free.

  • @tseaver  Feb 4

    Thanks for the listen to my "Two Step Program." Yes, indeed, that is frailing banjo you were hearing.

  • @mikeb Feb 3

    Thanks so much for the listen and comment on my 'Week 1 Challenge' song!

  • @blindkiwi  Feb 3

    Middle name 😀

  • @writeandwrong  Feb 2

    I've been posting ☕☕☕ every morning! Did you take a break on FB? Hope all is well and I see you have two posted!! Gotta go check them out 😀

  • @dasbinky  Feb 1

    I look forward to more awesomeness this year from one of my favorite voices in this place! 😀
    Happy FAWMing!

  • @hoppiern  Feb 1

    Happy FAWM, my friend!! 💜🎉

  • @writeandwrong  Feb 1

    Hey, Jessica! Hope you have a fantastic FAWM full of faces and boob trees! Looking forward to hearing your creations this month! 😂 🎵 😂

  • @julieann Feb 1

    Hey Jessica...joyous music making to you🎶

  • @cts  Jan 31

    Hey Jessica! Hope all is well. Happy FAWMing!

  • @standup  Jan 24

    I kinda assume you’re here... happy FAWMing

  • @crisp1  Jan 21

    Can't wait to hear your music again! Happy FAWM!

  • @tamsnumber4  Jan 21

    Hey girl....give me something to entertain my ears!! Been missing you!!

  • @markg  Jan 14

    Looking forward to hearing your new songs this month.