Jen Hajj 9


Idyllwild-Pine Cove USA   Feb 2014  

Artist Bio

I am a songwriter and folk singer, traveling the world, collecting experiences, and singing my heart out.

Songs (9)

#1 Ready or Not 1
Feb 3
#2 Clumsy Lovers 3
Feb 3
#3 Before Blue 3
Feb 4
#4 This is Gonna Hurt 7
Feb 4
#5 Manitoba 12
Feb 4
#6 Alexa 4
Feb 6
#7 The Skin You're In @benjo  5
Feb 10
#8 Cold Snowy Days 2
Feb 11
#9 Every Mountain Falls 3
Feb 16


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  • @sunnymae  Mar 1

    Hey Jen hope you had a great FAWM this year!! I always get so sad when it's over but now I can have fun listening to all the great music put there. I know you've got some great writes here and I'm looking forward to hearing them. ♡♡

  • @paulharrison  Feb 10

    Thanks for checking in and for your comments. Yeah, Cosy once told me she fairly often wants me to edge things up a step. Anyway, thanks for listening and I hope to stay in touch.

  • @benjo  Feb 10

    Hey Jen

    so sorry for late reply, not been able to get on till now and just bobbed in quick to reply
    I read your email just now and WOW smack in the face I didn't realize it was you, that did
    going back to queens, I love that song and still play it a lot
    yeah with the lyric changes you try something if you think it will work
    if you want me to do something
    I'll have to jump in when I can
    but yeah please let me know what you would like to do
    and thank you again
    father in law is in a bad way at the moment, and needs a lot of care, speak soon Jen

  • @benjo  Feb 10

    Hey jen

    so so sorry for late reply
    I've been very busy over the weekend looking after my father in law, he has parkinsons and
    dementia, and had a bad turn,

    I'm delighted you went for it and liked my lyric enough,
    thank you so much, your voice is lovely, it was a big lyric and you nailed it, well done jen
    and thank you so much


  • @jessi14  Feb 4

    Hey, i like your Bio, cause I love traveling. I really wanna go to Canada and your song about Manitoba inspired me so much! Happy FAWMing!

  • @metalfoot  Feb 4

    Thanks for the feedback on Hate! I had experimented with a chorus (with the lyrics I was given) and couldn't quite make it work but you're right it'd be more memorable with one. Thanks again.