Jay Africa 9


Newhall, C US   Jan 2010


Artist Bio

Influences:   Belle & Sebastian, Stevie Jackson, Better Than Ezra, the Decemberists, the Shins, 80's-90's alternative, pretty much anything and everything really


I'm a Southern Californian looking to make and perform music.

When I first participated in FAWM back in 2010, I had a concept for my material thought out (a continuing story told over the course of 14 songs). I skipped 2011 to write a rock musical adaptation of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night for a friend, then had another go at FAWM in 2012, being more open in regards to the subject matter that year. I gave it a shot at 2013 and didn't quite make it, but succeeded again in 2017!

This is my fifth go at FAWM and this year I'm doing this with a collaborator: my wonderful partner, Julia. Let's go!

Listen to some of the songs I composed for previous FAWMs by following the links below.

* FAWM 2010, "The Prophet"
* FAWM 2012, "Life Love"
* FAWM 2013, "Lovely"
* FAWM 2017, "Download Confessional"

Also, check out the music I wrote for Twelfth Night