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Leonia, NJ US   Jan 31


Artist Bio

Hi! I live in New Jersey.

My main goal with this FAWM is to be more spontaneous lyrically and to not do as much editing.

I plan to generate song ideas by reading the newspaper every morning and capturing the thoughts that come as I'm reading.

If it's too complicated I'll make it simpler.

If I'm swimming and I start to run out of air I will swim slower, not faster.

It can be a downbeat or an offbeat but not both.

First idea, best idea.


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  • @radiobenedetto  Mar 1

    Thx for the tunes and the comments, Jasper. I enjoyed your stuff all the way through. I should tell you I stole the use of “steel jack” on my 14th song as it stuck in my head from one of your songs and I needed a rhyme on the last day. Thx for the inspiration! Don’t know if you saw the forum post titled “who’s sticking around in March?” But lots of folks are sticking around the message boards to listen to all the stuff they didn’t have time to during the mad dash. I will be around. Hope to see you as well! Congrats!

  • @davidtaro  Feb 26

    Hi Jasper - love that idea, would be an improvement for sure. Might have a go at re-recording post-FAWM (who am I kidding? 😂). Looks like you have one to go too, great job mate!

  • @radiobenedetto  Feb 5

    Been focused on writing (just posted another new one!) so just now getting around to commenting. I dig all three of your songs so far. You didn't list influences but at the risk of being way off base, I hear some Flaming Lips in Embroidered, a smidge of Neil Young in Invisible people, and dare I say a dash of pre-Joe Walsh Eagles on The Right Direction? Whatever it is, it's working for you.

  • @radiobenedetto  Feb 3

    Thanks for the feedback on “See,”Jasper. I may have to give the drum machine crew a smoke break or I’ll never make it to 14,lol. Looking forward to hearing more of your work.

  • @tseaver  Jan 31

    Welcome, and happy FAWMing!