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San Jose, US   Jan 31


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Influences:   Producer Dojo Class of 808

Hi whats up everyone, my name is Jamie from the SF Bay Area, I've been attempting to producer for roughly 9 years now. Spent way too much time watching tutorial videos and not actually producing so I forced myself to finish songs and finally start releasing music on Soundcloud 2 years ago. Looking forward to improving my production skills and hopefully find "my" sound this year. Then pick a better name and rebrand haha. I'm mainly a house guy but I love it all. I'd say I'm intermediate with Ableton and currently learning Logic Pro X as extra credit. Excited to finally be in a community with other active producers and like minded individuals.

Songs (7)

#1 TIME 4
Feb 3
#2 Oye 3
Feb 10
#3 PAIN 3
Feb 14
#4 Strike 2
Feb 17
#5 The Melodic 1
Feb 27
#6 Lost 1
Feb 28
#7 Oh 1
Mar 1