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55437 US   Feb 2007


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Influences:   God, my wife, kids, friends, parents, my dog, weather, the stock market, and various T.V. series.

I'm an old grandpa trying to keep up.

Check out FAWM Documentary "Fast Songs" http://youtu.be/WPfQr3hh44I

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  • @sacraficialglam  Feb 1

    Why keep your hands in the car? it's only fun or interesting if they hit a pole and sever the hand. Am I right?

  • @toddnorem  Feb 1

    It's time for a comeback album. I can feel it. Not that you ever went away completely. But I'm getting "best one since 2009" vibes from you. A real return to form. "Could be FAWM of the year material" the kids will say.

  • @sacraficialglam  Jan 31

    “What do ya think this is? A board Meeting?”
    Signed, with hugs,
    Appalachian Jeff

  • @nuj4x Jan 30

  • @autoclamp  Jan 15

    I will not take a 'miss' on 'missile wings!' Get it? Get it? Ha! HA HA Ha Ha ha I'm very lonely send help.