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Influences:   Tom Waits, Woody Guthrie, Leadbelly, Muddy Waters, Hank Williams, Billy Childish, books about maritime disasters

I am a History teacher and I love weird stories from the past. I listen to a lot of old music, particularly old folk, blues, country . I live in March, Cambridgeshire. I used to play in bands in the past but now play everything on my own, so expect some ramshackle guitar, bass and percussion (mostly hitting cardboard boxes when drum machines won't cooperate), and some croaking vocals.


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  • @spikedirection  8 hours

    Hey man thanks for your comment, I live in medway and like garage rock so being compared to Billy is a massive compliment, cheers.

  • @beepbeepmeow 9 hours

    Thanks for the Bladerunner comparison! I’ll take that any day. I forgot to put up liner notes, but I wrote the song while thinking about Bruno Ganz, who just passed away. (Wings Of Desire is one of my favorite movies—so life affirming). Thanks again for your kind words!

  • @jorh 10 hours

    Yeah I’ve never done it the other way round - writing lyrics to music - I’m not sure I’d be very good at it!! I always find that sometimes it’ll take ages to get the first few lines and then the rest comes out in 10 minutes 😂 thanks for the collab

  • @berni1954  22 hours

    Glad you like my Collab "Border Walls". I must admit that the vocals didn't sound distorted when I recorded them on my little Boss Br 80.

    But by the time I had transferred the WAV file to my PC and then edited the track in audacity and exported it as an mp3, the distortion was there. Rather than start all over, I guessed that for this particular heavy track a little distortion would sound "authentic" - glad you have put my mind at ease on that one 😉

  • @jorh 1 day

    Thanks for collaborating on a beautiful stranger - you 100% did it justice!! I love the mixture of the guitar and the piano sitting below it 😀 it has a really tender and lost-Worley feel - which is what I was imagining when I wrote it

  • @dreamscuba  1 day

    Thank you for your comments on “Always With Me”. Much appreciated.

  • @ceilidh  2 days

    Thank you for your comment on A Crabber's Life! I enjoyed a Bering Sea shanty from the local duo, Shanghaied on the Willamette, but it was more a general shanty and I was wanting one that contained the more gritty details of life on a crab boat, and finally wrote it. Always thought that many Dangerous Catch TV fans watched the show just so they could go back to their 9 to 5 jobs and tell themselves, well at least I'm not freezing my b*tt off and don't expect to DIE between now and 5 o'clock! Glad you enjoyed the music!

  • @jorh 2 days

    Sounds like a plan 😀 I was hoping to get that one out to music!! Also feel free to change lyrics where you see fit I’m not overly precious!

  • @lain 2 days

    Thanks for your comment on "Du" 😀 Very pretty, I would say it means "sehr schön" 😉

  • @ceilidh  3 days

    Music is up for Tai-ing Chi and other songs -- working on more... 😀

  • @jorh 3 days

    Yes of course - no rush at all 😀 I was just checking if you were still up for collaborating.

  • @audrey  3 days

    Thank you for the kind words on my song Something Wicked this Way Comes, and thanks for sharing the image of a chase over ice. I love hearing the different scenes it brings to mind for different people. It means a lot to me.

  • @ceilidh  3 days

    Demo is up now for A Crabber's Life and other songs! Working on more demos!

  • @jorh 4 days

    I hope you’re well. Have you had anymore thoughts about our random collab?

  • @acousticmaddie  5 days

    Thank you for your kind comment <3 I am a hugh fan of Tom so that is an honor to hear that.

  • @saulius 5 days

    Hi. Thanks for you kind word about my song Hugging The Shore To Shelter. I finally got a partial recording done. I'm glad I didn't give up on it - yesterday I almost deleted it because nothing was coming to me melodically. But I like what I have so far. It turned into a folk-rock, and that surprised me.

  • @ceilidh  6 days

    Haven't done the Seattle Underground or the Portland Shanghai Tunnels, though I've tried to find the Portland tour, but the instructions lied. My grandmother's home had a trap door under her kitchen table that led down to a cellar which was full of old school desks from when Chinese schools had to be hidden from the authorities...not sure if it linked with the underground tunnels.

  • @terimariesings  6 days

    Thank you for your kind words on Don't Go Now.

  • @jwhanberry  6 days

  • @jorh 1 week

    Nice to meet you 😀 of course - it's always great to collab, I've only done a few myself so looking forward to doing more.
    Thanks i'm glad you liked them - i remember listening to your song 'the holy 29' a few weeks ago and loved it! I've checked out some of your other stuff as well - they all have a great timeless quality.
    If you have already listened to a song and have some ideas maybe we can go with that one? Which one was you thinking?
    In terms of genres - i'm a big fan of most. A few of my other collabs have strayed into folk, and have always sounded great! A few have commented that some of my lyrics have a rock leaning as well - but haven't really played around with this genre. I'm happy to go with whichever you feel suits the lyric as my musical ability outside of lyrics is pretty limited haha!

  • @ceilidh  1 week

    Thanks for your comment on A Crabber's Life! I've been trying to get more folks in the Pacific NW interested in Sea Chanteys, and now that they've started to show interest I'm gonna have to come up with some. Your Ballad of a Stranded Sailor and I'm Waiting For You do justice to your naval bloodlines!

  • @ceilidh  1 week

    Thanks for listening to Sugar! As for Civil War medicine, at least diabetes is somewhat less likely to involve surgeons with unsterilized saws trying to amputate without anasthesia...although if left uncontrolled, the diabetes might still require amputations. Still, now that you mention it, there IS an echo of the less-than-sympathetic medical personnel in the lyrics!

  • @ceilidh  1 week

    Thank you for your comment on Tai-ing Chi! WOW -- just posted it! Trapped by snow, but working on singing into iPod to get some demos uploaded. Stay tuned!

  • @ferry0123 1 week

    Thanks for checking out my first entry. I like that it had that energy for you, Nirvana-minded I might have been a little while playing around on my guitar.

  • @jackketch 1 week

    @aeye Nope, I'm named after a 17th century executioner! I guess I must have a brother somewhere..

  • @aeye 1 week

    I gotta ask, is this the same Jack Ketch from Acidplanet? I saw the name and was like I know this name from somewhere.

  • @misterd 1 week

    Thanks so much for listening and your kind words for my song ‘it lingers in my mind ! It means a lot ! Cheers

  • @fuzzy  1 week

    Yeah, I intend to pick up "The Terror".
    Saw the series, and now I must read the book.

  • @orinoco  1 week

    You're welcome, glad you're enjoying it and writing lots.

    Have you heard about 50/90 yet? Now THAT is a lot of songs...

  • @balancelost  2 weeks

    Cambridge, eh? (checks map) The best I can think of are the Thrapston Three, the Ely Eleven, and my personal favourite, the Biggleswade Bunch.

  • @haim  2 weeks

    Welcome to fawm, have fun man!

  • @orinoco  2 weeks

    Welcome - Geoff here! You're making a great start, I've got some catching up to do this week 😀

  • @andygetch  2 weeks

    Hi. Welcome to FAWM and good start on song one! Looking forward to more 😀

  • @fuzzy  2 weeks

    Hey, welcome to FAWM!
    I used to be a history (and English) teacher as well, and have actually written songs about weird historical stuff.
    Based on your influences, I'm looking forward to hearing your output.