itoarazi 6


Massachusetts USA   Feb 2018

Artist Bio

Influences:   I have MYRIAD influences, but instead of listing artists, I shall instead list genres: 60s psychedelia; early 70s prog rock and glam rock; metal; shoegaze; electronica; drum-n-bass; grunge; bossa nova; jazz (of the standard, avant and SOMETIMES fusion varieties); 80s new wave; ska and its offspring, reggae; folk; klezmer; bhangra...I could really go on.

A guy. A guitar. Some keyboards. A computer. A boatload of synthesizers, both hardware and software. Myriad genres. A vast vocabulary. Some noise.

You've been warned.


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  • @kovbleu  Mar 1

    You are so welcome! I'll check out more soon too! If rock is your thing I have some that style is all over the board so I try to tag appropriately. LOL Kind of a chameleon when it comes to writing/singing.

  • @roy  Mar 1

    All of your work is astoundingly good. I would love to figure out a way to try a collaboration with you some time, if you would be the least bit interested. Give some of my tracks a listen, especially anything I tagged for my "1984" project; I'm all over the board stylistically too. I would be honored to produce something with you. I have a boatload of instruments, real and virtual, to work with, including a real honest-to-god acoustic piano (though strangely I did not end up using it this year in FAWM... at least not yet. Only a few hours to go until FAWM ends as I write this....).

    Hit me up here or on soundcloud at or, if you so desire, to continue communication.

    Whatever you decide, I am convinced you are a modern musical master. Continue doing what you do and touch the world in any way that you can. The world needs you.

  • @lanasolyluna Mar 1

    Thank you so much! Glad it resonated with you.

  • @gbg2016  Feb 24

    Hey. I'd be up for another collab if "Be Dissatisfied" doesn't spark anything.

  • @itoarazi Feb 24

    I know I've been quiet here. I've been busy with DJing gigs...but more WILL be on the way. Mark my words.

  • @fonte  Feb 2018

    Cool. I don't have anything specific in mind, but if you have any ideas lemme know - if you have a beat or something that didn't go anywhere feel free to throw it my way and I'll do likewise. How's that for a half arsed plan ! 😉

  • @fonte  Feb 2018

    That's very honest of you re the lyrical process! Personally I am all for taking credit when I don't deserve it 😉 I think we may be on a similar, if not the same, page musically so let me know if you'd be up for some kind of collaboration, no worries if not, I don't hold grudges!

  • @gbg2016  Feb 2018're in Worcester (which some people seem to think is western MA. In the Berkshires we tend to disagree).

  • @fonte  Feb 2018

    Haha thank you so much for your comment on 'fruit' that was exactly what I was going for even though after a while of jamming it out I couldn't see the wood for the trees!!

  • @wistah  Feb 2018

    Welcome! How did I miss that you were on board here? I'll be back to listen soon. Awesome that you are doing FAWM!

  • @fonte  Feb 2018

    Excellent! I await in anticipation 😉 and thanks for the kind comment on 'stay' those are some big names to mention to me so much appreciated!!

  • @fonte  Feb 2018

    I want more!!