inger 8


8600 DK   Feb 2017

Artist Bio

Influences:   Writer of theatrical piano-based pop music. Inspired by everything from J.S. Bach to Jonathan Larson, from ABBA to Lykke Li, and from Kate Bush to the Smiths.

To have some starting point for FAWM 2020, I have picked 14 titles which are all images from my favourite childhood board game, Labyrinth. The titles are quite fantasy-esque, but the songs will be rooted in reality, I think... Please comment if you have suggestions for what any of these songs could be about!

1. The Moth
2. The Map - finished and uploaded 3 February
3. The Crown
4. The Fairy - written 15 February, uploaded 16 February
5. The Skull
6. The Spider - finished and uploaded 12 February
7. The Dragon - written and uploaded 7 February
8. Treasure Chest - finished and uploaded 10 February
9. The Bat
10. The Ring - written and uploaded 1 February
11. The Mouse
12. The Book
13. The Genie
14. The Ghost - written/reworked and uploaded 2 February


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  • @larryw Feb 8

    Hi thanks for your comment about my smile song, yes we should all smile more

  • @lisamarie777 Feb 5

    Haha! Your autocorrect of "farting" made ME laugh out loud! Oh my gosh! lolol Thanks for stopping by to indulge my inner child.

  • @kristian  Feb 3

    Your secret is safe with me 😂

  • @complexissimple  Feb 2

    The Treasure Chest could be a jewelry box. . . or a hope chest.