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Philadelphia USA   Dec 2014

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Former professional cyclist, now practicing medicine. My first two FAWMs I wrote a song a day. Last FAWM I got overwhelmed by work. This FAWM I hope to split the difference!

It was only three years ago that I decided to get into songwriting. I always heard little hooks and riffs in my head but was paralyzed by stage fright and inability to play an instrument. Now I can play a little and love love love writing songs! More than being a performer myself I would love to write for other artists.

For someone with so little public success, I have been subject to an astonishing amount of bullying and jealousy. I know that most of the people in this community are better than that! FAWM is the greatest gift I ever have had as a songwriter, and I am grateful that it is here I have learned so much about the craft.

I always appreciate feedback and constructive criticism!

And have a great FAWM!

All songs Copyright 2017 by Drew Walker

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