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Whitby GB   Feb 2018


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Influences:   I wish I'd written "Little Palaces" by Elvis Costello, "Rain Roll In" by Eilen Jewell, "Tangled Up In Blue" by Bob Dylan, "The Great Affair" by The Chemists (under-rated Birmingham indie band that I was in, circa 1990), and Laura Marling's "Suite" from "Once I Was An Eagle".

Keepin' it unreal in the pubs of Whitby (occasionally London) since 2004.

If you want to call me by name, I'm Jon Horne. If you like the words, more of them are available in bookshops, Amazon, and Kindle Store.


If you like the noises, click the Bandcamp link.

Last year's songs can be found here: https://jonhorne.bandcamp.com/album/c...

I'm always interested in collaboration. No promises, mind.

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