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Helsinki FI   Feb 2013  

Artist Bio

Influences:   Sanguine Eagle, Wolves in the Throne Room, My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost, Bolt Thrower, Katatonia, Fields of the Nephilim, Napalm Death, Nasum, Feastem, Darkthrone, Immortal, Addaura, The Decemberists, Terrorizer, Carcass, Bauhaus, Fields of the Nephilim, Joy Division, Frozen Soul, Obituary, Asphyx

My intention is to reject limitations.
I expect not to succeed.
My intention is also to listen through my watchlist and return comments but it's slow going.
That I expect to succeed.

Last year I managed 11 songs, which I consider a good enough effort considering how little time I had with work and several bands' rehearsals. This year I've got a feeling I've got even less time although a lot of the band rehearsals have been put on hold. But we'll see.

What I'm using in these recordings (I'll update the list as I add to it):
Focusrite Scarlett 8i6
Focusrite Scarlett 2i4

Røde NT1-A condenser microphone
Audix f50 dynamic microphone
Behringer B 906 dynamic microphone

Halonen Custom Les Paul style electric guitar
Fender Big Apple Stratocaster
ESP LTD MH351-NT electric guitar
Ibanez SR305 electric bass guitar
Takamine acoustic guitar
Jackson Dinky JS32 electric guitar
Arturia MiniBrute 2 analog synthesizer
Schecter Diamond Series Damien Elite 7 electric guitar
Serpentine Guitars (later renamed Kemp Guitars) custom electric guitar

Hughes & Kettner Attax 50 guitar amp
Ibanez GA1G guitar amplifier

Boss HM-2 distortion pedal
TC electronic Eyemaster distortion pedal
Behringer TO800 overdrive pedal
Лель SD-180 overdrive pedal
Digitech Death Metal distortion pedal
Boss DS-1 distortion pedal

Bias FX2 amp sim
Ugritone Riot Drums
u-he Tyrell N6
Drumforge Classic
Retro Boy
AAS Player
FamiSynth II
EZDrummer 2 (electronic kit)

Some words about past years:
(2013 & 2014 I didn't do anything)
2015: 14/14
2016: 7/14
2017: 15/14
2018: 1/14
2019: 2/14
2020: 11/14

Check out my band, Ever Circling Wolves, at because!
Also my other band Loputon Suo (founded and fronted by fellow FAWMer @emplate) at because why not.
Also also check out my other other band Pihalla Liekehtivät Oravat at


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  • @marthie 1 week

    thank you for listening!

  • @yarimurray  2 weeks

    I saw on one of your comments to another FAWMer that you might be looking for a reamp solution. I highly recommend IK Multimedia's Axe I/O. Easy to get great guitar tones, free Amplitube 5, and easy reamping in one box. I haven't used the mic preamp yet but pretty good value and good sonics.

  • @dreamscuba  2 weeks

    Thanks for your comments on Ummagumma.... Much appreciated.

  • @berni1954  3 weeks

    You asked about the threat of Nuclear war. That threat hung over my youth. We never thought we'd get past our 20s. There were too many incidents that could have started ii from The Cuban Missile Crisis, through Nixon putting the nation on a high DefCom status for a routine "bear" flight over Alaska during his last days (did he plan to take the world down with him?) to the siting of Cruise Missiles in East Anglia (where I used to live) during the Reagan Thatcher years. Each new aggressive posture meant the doomsday clock moved closer to midnight. Curiously, you are right to worry. I just read that the Doomsday Clock has moved closer to midnight than at any time during the Cold War - due to the missile research I mentioned. Will humanity ever learn?

  • @yarimurray  3 weeks

    Thanks for listening and commenting on That Sound In Your Head. I'm still listening until the site closes down in a couple of weeks. Looking forward to hearing your stuff.

  • @sunnymae  3 weeks

    Thank you HH for stopping by to listen to Timeless Time. I appreciate your comments very much. Cheers!

  • @thesoundof 3 weeks

    Hei kiitos! Ymmärrettävistä syistä suomeksi oli jotenkin niin helpompi riimitellä kuin englanniksi. Siksi osittain tuntui siltä tuon valssin kohdalla että ne sanat kirjoittivat välillä itsensä. Tosin potki se vähän vastaankin mutta huomattavasti vähemmän kuin englanniksi kirjoitetut biisit.

  • @wrenarcher  3 weeks

    Hey HH! (I looked through as many of your links as I could and couldn’t quite pinpoint a name so... HH it is)

    Anyway, I wanted to say thank you... so very much for your absolutely amazing, humbling words on my song “smoke follows beauty”. I didn’t really think of it as singing to a ghost but I guess that’s exactly what it is. I’m really touched at the compliments and kind words. Thank you so much. ~Wren

  • @skibum1066  3 weeks

    Thanks for your generous comments on "Love is the Light". I listened to some of your songs, Cannibal Kings, Jokivarsi, and Nahkakantinen eepos. It's pretty intense stuff. Very different from what I write but I'm intrigued. It's very well put together and your command of your instruments and technology is impressive. Thanks again

  • @audrey  4 weeks

    Thank you for the kind comment on What Might Have Been.

  • @guatecoop  4 weeks

    Haha, yeah 24 minutes would be something! Thanks for listening to Support and Assault. I’ve thought many times over the last 5 years or so that doing an epic song like that would be fun, but just never did it. I think that some of those 70s album side songs influenced me a great deal. Thanks again for the comment!

  • @nadine 4 weeks

    Thanks a lot! Should I call you Howling Horse then 🤔?

    By the way... the real instruments instrumental (what a word!) version of wrench is online now. I dunno if we can finish the song in the next weeks but this is as close to the finished version we can get without vocals.

  • @nadine 4 weeks

    Just read your edited comment on "All Hallows Eve". Thanks a lot 😀 I can't get this mecha techno viking out of my head. Can I quote you when I upload that song? One of the funniest comments I ever received 🤣

  • @tamsnumber4  4 weeks

    Congrats on your trophy!

  • @tamsnumber4  4 weeks

    Thank you for your comments on my song "I am Frankenstein", I really appreciate it!

  • @quork  4 weeks

    Thanks for your listens and comment, much appreciated.

  • @highmountain 4 weeks

    Howdy, Howling Horse! Thanks for Wanted Dead or Alive comment! Humor and grit... Came across a lot of it from your quarters. Eino Leino, Lassi Sinkkonen, Aleksis Kivi, the Kaurismäki brothers... That's some kick-ass folks. On being a desperado: as they use to say - it's not just a work, it's a life style.

  • @farmyardorchestra 4 weeks

    Thank you very much for your kind comment! The "arthouse movie score feeling" might have come from that the "piece" was improvised blindly - in the dark. 😀

  • @emkaydeebee  4 weeks

    That feeling of belonging is so valuable! Hopefully I’ll see you over on 50/90 - hopefully we both make it there!

  • @emkaydeebee  4 weeks

    It’s been a bizarre 12 months for us all, and it’s fascinating how that as impacted on us all in such individual ways... for some fawm was like releasing a creative dam, for others it was a place to reclaim their secure space within their creativity... I’m hoping to do a little of 50/90 this year. Fawm made me realise how much I have missed connecting with other musicians and how much I need that connection in my life.

  • @emkaydeebee  4 weeks

    Torille! I think one of the joys of fawm is stepping outside of comfort zones and trying something different, to explore things like your natural voice, or for me, my punk voice! And having tried it, it’s perhaps less scary/stressful to try it again one day?...

  • @emkaydeebee  4 weeks

    I was in the National Festival Orchestra, and it was a SingLive gig (few hundred singers singing showtunes/hits etc). One of the musical arrangers was a big SA fan, and he arranged a couple of their songs for full choir. Tony came and joined for a gig at Sheffield Arena. It was a great audience that night! (Going back about 15 years now...)

  • @emkaydeebee  4 weeks

    Hey thanks so much for your comment on Trigger You! You’re from Finland? I once played on stage with the lead singer of Sonata Arctica - one of the highlights of my career probably!

  • @vomvorton  4 weeks

    Cheers! Most of the tape hiss is this plugin I think:
    But I also use this (more subtle) one a lot:

  • @metalfoot  5 weeks

    How the Periodic Table series came about:
    for my 41st birthday I wanted to do something fun so I was like, I know, I can write a song about the element niobium (41 on the periodic table). Then @stephenwordsmith challenged me to do the entire periodic table and, being the fool I am, I took it on. I'm glad to be essentially past the half-way mark (since once you get past uranium, most of the elements have lifespans lasting in the seconds, so there's very little to say about them!). Thanks so much for listening and your kind words.

  • @nadine 5 weeks

    I still haven't made up my mind concerning 50/90. This mainly depends the status of my FAWM re-recording / productions. On the other hand, I would like to try out collabs (3 months is a interval where reording and mixing could actually work!), on the other hand I don't want to show my raw versions in public. I'm also thinking whether it would be a good idea to post some final versions there since some of my collabs hang out there too, but this is somewhat against the rules...

  • @nadine 5 weeks

    eZ Drummer is a stunner! Never expected this screesh coming from a drum VST.

    I already guessed that this intro was done on purpose. Maybe you can throw around some effects or licks in the final version for inpatient listeners? Anyway- Great song!

    Hope to see you next year. If my day job allows it I will be in for sure!

  • @emmylee 5 weeks

    Kiitos kommenteista! Särökysymykseen vastaan että kaikki saundit suunnilleen arpomalla garagebandistä, en osaa vastata tarkemmin 😁

  • @mahtowin 5 weeks

    Thanks for your comment to "Fog-
    To me it is often very difficult to understand every word in an English poem or songtext. So I try to get the atmosphere.

    But about my own poems I can say, I try very hard to translate them into English , to find the right word to keep the atmosphere. I love English poems! Whitman or Cummings! So great poets! In this language there so many different words to use for one similar thing. Diffent to german, which is my mothertongue and my words come directly from my heart.

  • @jaegerin  5 weeks

    Thanks for the lovely comment on 'Look at the Stars' 😀

  • @ustaknow 5 weeks

    Hahhh! yes!, - thanks for that; I wonder too. For that, - it did not cross my mind until you said that, though. Yeah, I know many great people, but all 2000 miles away, - always, for some reason 😀

    Anyway, glad you got a good hit from it.

    That woman from India, you might enjoying knowing? - I've known her for a long time, via wifey. Anyway, she had a son and was living in the EU and took his bike (motorcycle) up the Alps somewhere. Unlike some countries, they don't make road with guardrails and etc., to keep you from not driving well. So, one day, went up, with rain and they never found the body, or even looked (where he left the road I was told). So, this, like 3 years -ish + later she finally played music of any kind. And I guess I was one of few she sent to, whom may "get" it and was the phone recording you hear in it. Oh, and she's 70 yo + ish, but very cool, young 20 yo - mind (husband too, - merchant marine with many stories 😀 ).

    I just happened to have a guitar next to me and - jammed. Then, grew, dubbed and what it is. 😀

    Anyway, maybe not important or such a great story, but - that was the story behind that. -- I tried to get her to join FAWM this year too; would not do it ("too old", etc... she said, as that goes, - oh well).

    But, amazing to me, - she sent it around her Indian Music community there, and was not krapped on 😀 😉 !! OMG, I'll take it! (Not bad for a westerner who's never played with an Indian, - how many ever have? 😀 ) They said, of the 4 mins+, "yeah, but about 2 min he seems to be getting it" 😀 yes, how that goes. I hit record and just start playing.

    Okay, happy FAWMOVER!

  • @berni1954  5 weeks

    Yes, the summers here are getting hotter every year and that is a problem for me these days. We try to go "home" to Ireland every summer. But, of course, that was impossible last year. I hope by this summer we'll be able to travel again.

    I have never been to Finland, but my wife did an exchange with a school there and loved it. I have been to Tallinn, so almost within waving distance of Finland 😁

  • @pumpkinhead 5 weeks

    Thanks for listening @hmorg
    Familjen is for sure from Skåne and they/he is just great. Have a great year and see you next FAWM.
    Peace <3

  • @berni1954  5 weeks

    Glad you liked my "Remakes" - The spark for that one was that FAWM had just started and I wanted to get the first song down as soon as possible. I had just seen this earlier version of "Freaky Friday" the night before with my daughter and we couldn't believe how poor the script was compared with the remake, which we both love and is a fond memory of her childhood.

    I thought. Hey, there's an idea for the first song and it almost wrote itself then. Many remakes are a disaster - but when the original didn't squeeze all the juice it could out of the material, then a remake comes along that does, well, we can only applaud the effort.

  • @nadine 5 weeks

    No apologies! I'm also writing walls of text and I like talking to people. Sometimes I also have issues with priorities in my hobbies. I came to the conclusion to let it flow. I'm in a musical phase right now, maybe the next months will be more artistic?! Don't put yourself under pressure. I really enjoyed my stay here!

  • @nadine 5 weeks

    Have you thought about opening a youtube channel as dirt box reviewer? Maybe this helps to collect more things 😁 This somehow reminds me of that 1000 OSC guy.

    What do you regret? You've won FAWM, you did some exceptional metal and dug into other genre (Note: I have to review some more of yours, but I had a quick listen to some songs!). It's okay to have phases where you stick to certain sounds, rituals or genre.

    I am in an experimental mood right now. Honestly, after producing trance, house, dance for about 14 years, I'm feeling a bit sick of it, since I've always listened to all kinds of music. Writing some pop and rock with my band was always fun. So why shouldn't I just let my ideas flow? When signing in to FAWM I had absolutely idea which topics and genre I will write. I like how it turned out and I am looking forward to collab and produce all this crazy things in a more listenable manner!

  • @nadine 5 weeks

    Your comment on "All Hallows Eve" made my day! I had so laugh so hard when I imagined that mecha bloke🤣 That's so metal (pun intended).

    You were asking about the distortion. It's a chain of guitar effect plug ins (including presence EQ and distortion), reverb and bitcrusher in a very weird combination of send effects. And there's a sidechain. I don't know why I came up with this wicked idea. Maybe because I was lacking of a easy to use distortion VST?!

  • @berni1954  6 weeks

    Glad you liked my "Light in the Darkness". We need all the songs of hope we can get these days.

  • @cblack 6 weeks

    I hadn't actually considered adding sparse percussion, no. My immediate idea was a full mix, or to just leave it a cappella. Sparse percussion might be a better option, actually.

    Thanks for the suggestion! Next time I do a song like this I'll give it a shot!

  • @berni1954  6 weeks

    Thanks for taking the time to explain the philosophy behind screamed lyrics in metal. You're right reading the lyrics certainly helped follow the words.

  • @nadine 6 weeks

    I think you both nailed that early Kent style very well! My favourite album is still "Vapen & Ammunition" followed by "Tillbacka till samtiden". I really regret not beeing in the concert when I was in Sweden.
    Hope you make some more music together. No matter which style, I'm open minded. You are so talented and skilled!

  • @emplate  7 weeks

    Jännä juttu, mietin jotain samansuuntaista!

  • @owl  7 weeks

    Thank you so much for the kind comments and recommendation! I am dealing with the aftermath of a family emergency that happened on the 27th so my listening/commenting may be over for this month (I still haven’t heard the final form of my own last 3 collabs!) but I’ll try to come back and listen to some more of yours if possible later on 😀

  • @nadine 7 weeks

    Thank you! Fry is a screaming technique often used in metalcore. As far as I remember, the vocal chords are closed and the sound is also supported by the diaphragm using resonants from the mouth. But well I do not know everything in theory ;-D Sometimes these things can be tricky...

  • @nadine 7 weeks

    First of all: Congrats on winning FAWM!

    Thanks for your long comment on my comment on "Monolitic Halls". It's not that I don't like growls, it's more that it's really hard to follow the words and this actually exhausts my ears, when I listen to them for too long. I'm having the same trouble with fry and shouts. On the other hand I really dig the mixture or clean and extreme vocals in one song!
    Honestly, there should be more extreme style vocalists like you who try their best on pronouncing their shouts, growls, frys, whatever style they prefer. When listening to harder styles of metal, I often come to the conclusion that everything is about sounding extreme and not delivering a great message. It's a pitty for these great lyrics! You're really good in what you're doing!

    I've been on a Katatonia concert last year and it was like listening to four different bands! These guys are so great live, but it took some years to love the doom and death stuff, when you got to know them in their cleaner phase around 2000.

  • @js6 7 weeks

    Fourteen baby yeah! GZ M8

  • @emplate  7 weeks

    Grim ave for the comment on "Gateway"! Yes, @povosos's compositions are so dark and dramatic that it's really fun doing vocals on them. I had a chance to really let myself off the leash with this one!

  • @povosos  7 weeks

    Thank you for your comment on Gateway 😀

  • @cblack 7 weeks

    Never used a DS-1, but they sound nice. 😀

  • @sapient  7 weeks

    Ha ha.. I know that feeling. I've been asked if I ever play live, and I'm like, "hell no! I'd have to learn the songs, and they're all too damn hard to play!" 😉

  • @cblack 7 weeks

    Glad you enjoyed it. And yes! You DO need a second Metal Zone! In fact, get a second pedal board, and cover it in Metal Zones! Bwahaha!!!

    Also, I didn't know you and @emplate were in a band together. Very cool.

  • @persaab 7 weeks

    Thanks kiitos kommenteista. John Cage oli puhdas sattuma. Yritin taistella biisiä alle viiden minuutin ja jopa alle neljän. Tiedäthän ei ole aina helppoa. 😁 jos olisin ajatellut Cagea tässä niin tuskin olisin onnistunut. Itseasiassa huomasin vasta nyt kokonaismitan. 🤭

  • @emplate  7 weeks

    Oh, and Cormac McCarthy! That's flattering!

  • @emplate  7 weeks

    Grim Ave for the comment on "Where the Trees of Iron Grow"! The lead guitar in the end is indeed great, I think @wizardbloodywizard actually has something in the vein of old Katatonia going on in there.

  • @emplate  7 weeks

    Thanks for the comments, much appreciated! I actually almost forgot the whole spoken part, but after recording vocals was like "shit, I was supposed to do this as well". Wrote quickly a few lines and started preaching.

  • @owl  8 weeks

    That all makes total sense to me! Love that your girlfriend gave you that inspiration and it worked out so well.

  • @ustaknow 8 weeks

    Great santa-track in the covid-thread 😀 hahhh. Always keep in mind, 😀 If write in "high" language, does an okay job. If get to idiomatic and gramerly, then, it's get even better 😉 (not, but funnier!).

  • @owl  8 weeks

    Thank you for the kind comment! I’m afraid I will disappoint you if you watchlisted expecting more metal, but you never know 😀

  • @darebear  8 weeks

    Thanks for the comment! It's only tagged nsfw because of the tags I used!

  • @blainev83  Feb 19

    Thank you for the kind words on “Matter of Opinion”. Much appreciated! I’ve been sober one day at a time for 6 months! Writing about it keeps it in perspective.

  • @samplebandit  Feb 18

    replying to your comment on 'The Secret':
    i used mediahuman audio converter to convert it to a 96 kbps avg .opus file. the most difficult part was speeding the song up slightly to fit into the 1.4 MB. it actually starts at 220 bpm and slowly down to 174 smoothly but you don't notice this because it's harder to tell with only pads playing 😝

  • @thesoundof Feb 18

    Eikä mitään suomalaista "tuo oli nyt vähän tuommoinen" juttua kun HYVÄ BIISI OLI. 😀

  • @juoppis  Feb 17

    Thanks! I actually did, but as I had to scroll the lyrics from the phone while holding it during recording, the scrolling+singing+smacking proved too much for me at that current time 😁

  • @emplate  Feb 16

    Thanks for the compliments, man! I guess I'll have to check out some of that Nachtmystium now, I think I've never properly listened to them.

  • @emplate  Feb 14

    Totally. But you have, at my place on a "beer and heavy metal" evening : D

  • @pumpkinhead Feb 8

    I only dug deep into their first album, Kent. It is one the albums I keep coming back to after all these years. I will now enjoy some indoor gardening.
    Peace <3

  • @xfloorpunchx  Feb 2

    Anti-Facist Black Metal ! I'm fucking in! Would love to collaborate with you !