Howling Horse 12


Helsinki FI   Feb 2013  

Artist Bio

Influences:   Many. Try and spot them.

My intention is to reject limitations.
I expect not to succeed.

So, last year I managed 2 songs, can't remember why. This year I'm back with a vengeance and aiming to come up with songs for my four bands and then some.

What I'm using in these recordings (I'll update the list as I add to it):
Akai LPK25
Schecter Diamond Series Damien Elite-7 electric guitar
LTD H-351NT electric guitar
Carvin electric bass guitar (unknown model)
Ibanez SR300 electric bass guitar
Fender Big Apple Stratocaster
Philips SHP2000 headphones (as microphone)

u-he Tyrell N6
Amplitube 3
Ugritone KVLT Drums Redux
UVI Workstation
Ugritone Riot Drums

Some words about past years:
2013: I registered, I guess. Did nothing, however.

2014: Decided to do something, managed half an intro, got fed up with the DAW (Music Creator 6, based on Cakewalk I suppose) and interface (Pod X3) I was using,

2015: Managed 14 tracks. I was doing vocational studies at the time and so had a lot of time on my hands and inspiration flowed. There are some things which might get used in the future, still. Album available at bandcamp.

2016: 7 tracks out of 14. I was interning at a shitty company and motivation, inspiration and time were scarce. Even so, I'm proud of what I managed, some of it was actually quite good stuff. Album (or EP) available at bandcamp.

2017: 15 tracks, including a collab with my at the time new bandmate @emplate. I'd gotten a job, joined a new band, things were looking up. Perhaps my most diverse year so far. At least of the songs has been adopted into an actual band's repertoire. Tracks availabale at soundcloud.

2018: Moved house 1st of March, wrote one song in early February, then concentrated on getting all my stuff packed up. Track available at soundcloud.

2019: Managed 2 songs, no idea why, can't remember if there was something going on that came in the way or if I was merely uninspired. Tracks availabe at soundcloud.

Check out my band, Ever Circling Wolves, at because!
Also my other band Loputon Suo at because why not.
Also also check out my newest (well, second to oldest but recently resurrected) band Pihalla Liekehtivät Oravat at


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  • @emplate Mar 2

    To be honest, I don't know either 😅 I guess the groove of some of the riffs reminded me of them. No idea why, though.

  • @emplate Feb 29

    Thanks for the comment on "Locking Jaws of This Ghastly Deathtrap"! Gnarly stuff was what I aimed for, so I'm glad I achieved that goal!

  • @sapient  Feb 28

    Oh man, thanks so much - that's so nice to hear!
    No, unfortunately it's now only available on streaming sites. The label didn't support it, so it tanked. I didn't even get one of the (extremely limited edition) t-shirts that came out with it... 😞

  • @emplate Feb 4

    Cheers for the comment on "A Frozen Glance", mate! Always a pleasure to violate your inner organs!