Howling Horse 1


Helsinki FI   Feb 2013  

Artist Bio

Influences:   Many. Try and spot them.

My intention is to reject limitations.
I expect not to succeed.

So, last year I managed 1 song because I moved house at the end of February and spent most of February packing stuff up. This year I'm back with a vengeance and aiming to come up with songs for my three bands (I've made up a template project with guitar and bass modelings of amps and pedals I actually own physically (had to approximate the bass amp, though) and my aim is to manage with those.

What I'm using in these recordings (I'll update the list as I add to it):
Fender Big Apple strat
BC Rich Warlock bass
Addictive Drums

Past years' tracks can be found at my soundcloud, 2015 tracks are at my bandcamp.

Check out my band, Ever Circling Wolves, at because!

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