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21042 US   Jan 2011


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Influences:   Brian Eno, Pink Floyd, Banco de Gaia, Atom Heart, Blue Man Group, Delerium, Fischerspooner

Heuristics Inc. is an electronic musician, originally from Buffalo NY USA but living in Maryland USA. Regular at Songfight, Tapegerm, Remixfight (when it was active). I am intending to do a mix of songs with vocals and some without. Maybe some collaborations, especially with my Songfight friends!

I've put together an album with my favorite tracks from the previous 7 years! The album is available here:
Download and physical copies available!

10th time doing FAWM:
2020: ???
2019: 18 songs: I AM A WINNER
2018: 15 songs: I AM A WINNER
2017: 14 songs: I AM A WINNER
2016: 15 songs: I AM A WINNER
2015: 15 songs: I AM A WINNER
2014: 15 songs: I AM A WINNER
2013: 10 songs
2012: 10 songs
2011: 15 songs: I AM A WINNER

Collaborations: I like doing collaborations. I think it's best if any monetary uses for collaboration songs are discussed before placing them into that venue. I also would only do that with songs where I was the main contributor unless we did it together.

Constructive Criticisms: if you have a helpful suggestion on how to improve a song, feel free to include it in your review, but don't get upset if I don't change the song 😀

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