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  Jan 2009

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Influences:   Many and varied, with strong leanings towards prog rock. See the link below for a list of some of my biggest influences


2019 will be my 11th FAWM. Where does the time go, eh? I'm back working full time, so don't expect anything near the levels of craziness I achieved in 2016 when I recorded 31 full-production demos in the course of a month. But as usual I'll be throwing all of the contents of my studio at everything I write. I'll also be attempting to learn more about the arcane practices of producing, mixing, and mastering. So much to learn...

Thanks to my burgeoning guitar habit, my gear list was in danger of taking over this whole page, so I've moved it to my website. There, you'll find information about my musical adventures, plenty of pictures (including the occasional embarrassing band photo), tracks of mine that you can listen to, and videos of me doing musical stuff. It's all here:


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  • @max  8 hours

  • @jamkar 1 day

    Greetings and a happy FAWM Chris!

  • @andygetch  2 days

    Hi Chris!

  • @cts  3 days

    Mr. Chris?

  • @sapient  4 days

    For once I'm heading into FAWM with ideas and I think I need to work through them before commiting to much else... But who knows what might happen later in the month? 😁

  • @guatecoop  1 week

    Greetings to you! Yay Fawm is here again! Well, almost.

  • @candle 1 week

    Happy FAWMing 2019. Looking forward to hear your exploits this year.

    See You In The Shadows…

  • @zecoop  1 week

    Gonna love hearing that Parker 'fly' through FAWM... And everything else of course!

  • @silvermachine 1 week

    Wotcha mate. Ta for the Christmas CD, enjoyed it as expected.
    Like the jumper! oh yeah and the geetar, looks distinctly predatory.

  • @dragondreams  1 week

    Here we are again. 😀

  • @sph  1 week

    Hi there!

  • @fuzzy  1 week

    Have an AWESOME FAWM!!
    I look forward to hearing your musical output this February!!!