hayamin 3


US   Feb 1

Artist Bio

Influences:   post-metal: OCOAI, Callisto | electronic: ??? | lyrics: The Mountain Goats

cool vtuber


- What is a vtuber?

A virtual YouTuber or VTuber is an online entertainer that uses a digital avatar generated using computer graphics. They were a growing trend that originated in Japan in 2016. Because of this, a majority of VTubers are Japanese-speaking YouTubers or live streamers who use anime-inspired avatar designs.

It doesn't have to be anime-inspired - other examples include a gorilla, a peanut, GameStop's stock chart, and many many more.

- Why do people do this?

People like the anonymity it provides, as well as being able to play a character if they so desire. Personally I've created plenty of content as my "IRL" self (and I have an account on here when I participated in 2013), I just like the aesthetic of being Anime

- What are you supposed to be

I am just some dude who thinks most music is pretty good. I like post-metal but also am learning how to goof around with electronic music

Songs (3)

#1 The Ghost of Eternal Pumpkin "Sourdough Baguette" Pie 5
Feb 3
#2 Receiving Push Notifications For Old Texts Meant For The Old You 1
Feb 16
#3 Taco Bell Baka Blast 1
Feb 16