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Newport, RI US   Feb 2013

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Influences:   Schubert's my favorite composer, but I can only dream of crafting intricacies of the heart like he did.

15.2.2021 - Still nothin'. Second half of FAWM. Things are just getting busier. Thinking I probably won't manage to post a single track this year after all. Sigh.

4.2.2021 - No postings yet, though I have been fiddling with my concertina a bit. Maybe I'll craft one little tune in the next weeks...just one...

12.1.2021 - is up! Who knows what February will look like for me? I don't. But I'm currently shipboard in Rhode Island and I have a few instruments (none of which I actually play) and a few leaves of music paper, soooo...there are possibilities! 2021 is my ninth registered FAWM and, in that time, I think I have had a hand in creating something like six or eight songs. But hey, that's all water under the keel...

29.12.2020 - *Still* on a ship - 326 consecutive days and counting. Will there be a FAWM 2021 for me? Time will tell.

22.2.2020 - my eighth year registered for FAWM, but, sadly, reaching new depths of lack of productivity. I'm at work, shipboard in the Caribbean until late April. Although there is impetus for music, there's not much time for composition, and practically no ability to record or post. Alas, I'm on the sidelines for this one...but I'm still cheering you on!

FAWM 2018: My...sixth...year FAWMing? I think I'm up to four total tracks in that time. Maybe I'll scribble a fifth this year. Maybe.

If I can stop playing World of Warships.

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