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Influences:   Beatles. Prince. Coltrane. Yes. Steven Wilson. Eleven. Les Claypool. Stevie Wonder. Iron Maiden. Queens Of The Stone Age. Queen. Rush. A bunch of prog bands. But none of my music sounds like that.

My old drummer gave me the nick name Gubna. Bass player for the most part, having performed in bands from 1991-2002 on bass, a stint in a punk band on lead guitar 2006-2007, then formed an improv trio in 2011 with some friends which is still going - albeit on and off. I also made weird electronic instrumental music under the moniker Spamystyle since 2013 which pretty much nobody has heard. (but my soundcloud is under waterforgiants3 cause I'm just using it for FAWM uploads).

I found out about FAWM in late Jan 2018 from some Tom Whitwell-related post, went and did it. Basically, I heard he recorded an album using a script and a small modular. That led me to something called "arbitrary restraints", which led me to FAWM. Because it happened in late Jan, I took it as a sign that I needed to do it. Recorded 2 albums worth (21 songs, plus another "album of songlettes" which I created in 4 hours on the last Friday of the month) in 2018 and 2 (20 songs, plus "a synth jam in the living room album") in 2019.

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  • @littlespiral 3 days

    bay area represent!

  • @hummingbear 5 days

    So sorry about your year of losses - may you process your grief and remember the joys through your music this year. Have a productive FAWM!

  • @ustaknow 6 days

    All the best this 2020 (read your forum post, on "why").

    I see you're instrumentally inclined (bandcamp links), but from the Forums post -- may have "something" to *say, -- say it! 😀 by word or Note; without silence, there's no music anyway! So, time to parse the noise...